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Hi Everybody,

We collect a refrigerator magnet of each of the Royal Caribbean ships we sail on.  Somehow on our Rhapsody of the Seas (Oct 30, 2005) we forgot to get a magnet.  We may have been having too much fun.  Anyways, does anyone know how to get a Rhapsody of the Seas magnet?  We have future bookings on Explorer, Majesty, and Symphony and can't really budget a Rhapsody cruise just for the magnet.

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43 minutes ago, Jeff-n-Terri said:

Anyways, does anyone know how to get a Rhapsody of the Seas magnet?

I think there's two realistic options for you: hope to spot one on eBay or ask someone going on Rhapsody to purchase one for you. 

Royal Caribbean does not sell that type of merchandise off their ships.

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While I was on Mariner a couple of weeks ago, I somehow found a magnet for Rhapsody mixed in with all of the ones for Mariner.  At the time, my wife and I were considering booking at Next Cruise on Rhapsody next December.  I was going to buy the magnet, particularly if we ended up booking that trip, but we ultimately decided upon booking on Independence during the same window.  I wish I had bought it now and I could have sent it your way!

I just really need to find one for Allure now.

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