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  1. Thank you very much for that. I've been try to get my head around why there doesn't seem to be a board/forum for people to chat before embarking for a cruise they're taking. Rome and Pompeii are on our itinerary I would love to hear how you get on. So with the limo company do you get time to explore and get information about places you see on way through city?
  2. Yes I understood that part. One of private tours I'm looking at in Dubrovnik is 3 hours so was just making sure could fit it in
  3. Thank you very much. Was unsure as out shore time seems quite long compared to some posts I have read and was unsure if RC expect us to stay on board for a long period of time before disembarkation.
  4. Sorry i know this is old post but i have not much for european advice. we are travelling in December but we do wish to visit Pompeii and Rome which are on our stops finding prices with RC expensive for excursions can you offer any advice
  5. We are going on Rhapsody of the seas in December could pick one up for you if you don't get one before that
  6. First time cruisers. We are sailing around Mediterranean in December just a bit confused about shore time. We are docked for almost 10hrs most days but realistically how much shore time is this. I understand delays etc but how much time do we need to allow to disembark and get on board again
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