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  1. We are considering the Allure March 1st 2020 transatlantic. Does anybody know if the Refurb/Amplification will before March 1st 2020?
  2. Hi Twangster, We'll be on the Symphony with you. Actually right above you; deck 9 aft, above playmakers, about 5 cabins from the back. Funny, we looked at extending our vacation cruising out of FLL too, but I don't have enough vacation time banked, so back to work on the 12th. Hope to see you on board.
  3. Two weeks to go! Symphony's maiden transatlantic crossing. We have our shows booked, wine tasting scheduled, 5 night dining package, and of course the deluxe drink package. So Excited! Party across the Atlantic. Who else is going? Are there any RCCL Blog Events?
  4. We are sailing the transatlantic on Symphony, end of Oct. Shows are available, should we book in advance? Do we really run the risk of them all being full and not getting to see some of them? BTW, who is the Cruise Director for the Transatlantic? I've read over that blog post but can't follow it to a specific cruise. Thanks
  5. Anybody know if they are sending the C&A support overseas? Personally, I've noticed a significant improvement in quality of service for bookings when calling into the C&A number instead of the "regular" number. There have been several instances when I've found a good price on-line (say $500 each), but have a question or special request, so I call the booking line and "George" with a different accent tells me "all he can see is a $3200 each fare, please give me your credit card number". I've learned to only call C&A.
  6. Hi Everybody, We collect a refrigerator magnet of each of the Royal Caribbean ships we sail on. Somehow on our Rhapsody of the Seas (Oct 30, 2005) we forgot to get a magnet. We may have been having too much fun. Anyways, does anyone know how to get a Rhapsody of the Seas magnet? We have future bookings on Explorer, Majesty, and Symphony and can't really budget a Rhapsody cruise just for the magnet.
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