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Grandeur of the Seas Southern Coast/Bahamas, March 15-23rd "Livish"

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I think it lasted about 2. 5 hours ( It started at 6pm).  We were asked to meet at the R bar and got our first drink a glass of CAVA.  The table on grandeur is smaller and is off of the top floor of the MDR right outside the Galley.    I think their were 10 others dining with us.  Almost all of them on that night had a dining package or a drink package and got the special deal that we were offered in CHOPs on the first night.  Yes.  The desert was amazing! 


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Day #5 was miami.  The weather was nice in the 80's this day.  We did not arrive in Miami until late morning so I enjoyed sitting out in a shaded chair by the pool that morning. We were supposed to do our catemeran tour in the afternoon.  We took a lyft to the meeting place at the harborside marketplace several miles a way, but my DH started having stomach pains after we arrived and we were afraid to be stranded out on the boat with him feeling miserable.  It was very hot and humid in Miami.  We just took a cab back to the ship and I returned to my shaded seat by the pool to people watch and listen to my audio book with some afternoon cocktails.  Overall, it ended up being our only really good pool day.   We did not leave miami until later that evening the sailaway and nighttime view of the city skyline was gorgeous.  Enchantment was docked behind us for their sunday embarkation! 


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Day  #6 -Nassau

We did the bites of nassau food tasting and walking tour that we booked directly through the tour company.    The company had several walking tours that day.  Our tour was fro  11:30 to 2:45 and we were asked to meet the guide at the Christ Church cathedral on the corning of George and King streets. The meeting spot took us about 10 minutes to walk to once we were outside the port and was right across the street from the pirates of Nassau Museum.   Our first stop was our favorite.  We went to a small local restaurant and were served a plate of 2 conch fritters each with conch sauce and then a plate of Bahamian favorites: shredded seasoned chicken, beans and rice, macaroni and cheese, plantains, and a small container of coleslaw.  On the way out, we recieved a lemon flavored drink that we got to take with us to the next stop. Our next stop was inside a pet friendly little botique hotel that was called the , talking stick.  Here we were given a bahamian cocktail, and got to tour the roof of the hotel and one of the themed rooms on the top floor.  Our next stop was the Graycliff hotel.   We got to tour the hotel and grounds and then got a special tasting at the chocolate factory.  Each of us got a square of white chocolate key lime pie and a dark chocolate marmelade flavor.  Both were good, but I liked the key lime pie flavor the most.  I enjoyed touring the Graycliff.  We learned that a daypass to use the grounds and pool is only $35 per person and you get to apply $25 of it to food our drink for the day.   They said it is mostly quiet, except when the cruise ship dancers come for a pool day.  The dancers apparently also find this a great value!   We walked back across the grounds of the city capital and got a great view of the city.   We had 3 more stops.  The first stop was for a johnny cake and humus and tea.  The next stop was one of my favorites at a greek restaurant.  Here we got a cup of really tasty conch chowder.  We ended the day at the Tortuga rum factory with a piece of rum cake.  Overall, it was a lovely day in Nassau and I would return to some of the sites we went to on the tour.  After the tour, we walked to the Pirates brewing company and split a beer flight.  The only thing I was disapointed with is that I could not get any good wifi at any of the locations we went to on the tour, and was hoping to get some at pirates brewing company with disapointment!    I am glad we had this tour scheduled here.  It made the day much better here! 













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Cococay was cancelled at the last minute so our last 3 days were sea days.  It was fun and relaxing, but two cold to go outside.  I love lunch in the main dining room.  On wednesday I had the tuttie salad bar, but here are photos from my fish enchiladas on thursday and my tilapia on friday.  Overall, this was another great cruise!  I look forward to my next one in October for our 20th anniversary!  

Random observations:

  • The drink or beer card was never offered on this sailing!
  • I enjoyed the Grandeur fair yesterday which offered several stations with fun and games.  Cupcake decorating, bar games, and bed making competitions with the room stewards!  



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On 3/28/2018 at 1:12 AM, chrisb732 said:

I was on Grandeur last summer and it was great! Is Mega 4 still the band that was playing by the pool?

No.  It was real vibes.  I didn't think they were that great.  Usually, I am more impressed with the music overall, but it may have been that we had a lot of cold days and they played inside most of the days.  I think the bands and music often vary by contract.  We had Michael Grimm and his wife Lucy from Las Vegas featured in one of our Headliner shows.  He was really great, and DH and I enjoyed getting to know him and talking with him several nights at the schooner bar.  http://michaelgrimmmusic.com/  Lucy even sang Kareoke prior to the quest.   They told us they were new to doing cruises, but our traveling about once a month so you should look for them on more ships!  

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