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What is your favourite no-greasy sunscreen cream/lotion, not a spray? and GO


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I love all Neutrogena brand stuff. I’ve also been using Aveeno positively radiant moisturizer sunscreen with SPF 30 every morning on my face, even if I’m not really going out that day. It’s just a good moisturizer and they always say to wear some sunscreen every day. Both are approved by my dermatologist! 

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I LOVE this primarily for my face.

It's a K-beauty brand and since I know sunscreen is so frequently worn under makeup in Korean beauty regimens I was excited about it being non-greasy. It's so breathable and lightweight I often forget I have it on. It's also a teeeeeny bit moisturizing.


no comments on if it's reef safe or not.

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4 hours ago, ellcee said:

came here to write this. You can use everywhere but as someone who breaks out and has sensitive skin this is my first choice.

Many Sunscreens will create a rash on my upper chest / lower neck (a common location if someone is going to react)  - when someone has skin that reacts that way, it can be difficult to find one that works! Supergoop products also tend to work for me regarding sensitivity (as do the EltaMD ones).  

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I literally don't like anything on my skin, no lotion, oils, nutt'in!  However, I hate cancer even more.  So, I'll put some sunscreen on when I'm spending a lot of time outdoors.  I'm not sure about today's sunscreens but they used to say in the directions that it should be applied to the skin at least 15 minutes before going out in the sun.  Therefore, at least in my usage of it, I'd apply it in the cabin, in the bathroom before going out in public.  That eliminated the problem of spraying it on others, deck chairs, their food/drinks, whatevers.  If we are going to be outside for extended time, we'd take a lotion sunscreen.  But, I do not mind spray as much as lotion.  

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3 hours ago, Eniale said:

The reason people burn when they use sunscreen is not because the SPF is incorrect. It's because they aren't using it properly.

100%. I'm olive skinned and the sun can make me very tan if i'm not careful. After I learned I wasn't using the correct amount or using it enough I started better practices. I've not made it two summers stand up paddling with out burning or tanning. 


I miss the tan a little but not worth the risks.

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2 hours ago, Eniale said:

Opinions don't change facts.

Fact: FDA regulates sunscreens and sunscreens must meet a minimum SPF, as determined by human trials.
Fact: your dermatologist's opinion is wrong.
Fact: even a thirty second Google search would discredit this opinion.
Fact: you're spreading misinformation, and it needs to be corrected.

Opinion: "a dissertation isn't necessary" and "ignore is an excellent tool to use" are juvenile ways of dismissing someone pointing out your misinformation.

Slow your roll, buddy. Google isn't always your friend. And dermatologists are doctors who spend their lives on studying and treating the body. 

Consumer Reports (the most respected, independent, and  unbiased produduct test/rating company) specifically tested claimed SPF ratings in their ratings for sunscreens. Their methodology was modeled after FDA test requirements (check the photos below for more details). Most, but not all, sunscreens tested at 69% or less than the claimed SPF ratings on the label. Interestingly, most sunscreens marketed for facial use tested at below 50% labeled SPF rating.

Here's an example of one of their higher ranked sunscreens that had only performed at 69% or less ("Good" rating) of the labeled SPF 50 protection.






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Neutragena 30 is our whole family’s go-to.  We’ve used it exclusively for about 5 years. My red headed, yet hates sunscreen husband will actually wear this one because it’s not greasy and it doesn’t smell like sunscreen.  I have fair and sensitive skinned kids, too, and we’ve never had an issue with this sunscreen.  The 70 in this same brand, however, bothers my son’s skin.  We’ve used this so much at Disney that when we smell it around home, it makes us all think of Disney World! 



Its a little more pricey, but I know it works and that my picky husband will wear it!

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6 hours ago, KDK said:

This might be a silly add-on question to ask, but would one bottle of sunscreen be enough for 2 people over a 6 night cruise? 

Depends on the amount of tie you are outdoors, and how much off your body is exposed.  Generally for the average size person and you are covering the majority of your body you would need 2 ounces.  Then if you are in the water or after a few hours of being in the sun you really should reapply.  For me i am 6'2" average build and 2 oz covers me fine for arms and legs.  Would need more if i was laying out in the sun.  Also, I am from the north so I am not used to being out in the full on hot sun either, so I have to reapply often if i am out all day touring.

I take a least 2 bottles with me for a week and usually 1 bottle for face and head.  It really does depend on each individual. 

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8 minutes ago, Leroyr55 said:

Any suggestions or thoughts on what they call reef safe sunscreens. Several Carribean islands are requesting those to be used now. 


I know @monorailmedic has some on his site


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2 hours ago, Leroyr55 said:

Any suggestions or thoughts on what they call reef safe sunscreens. Several Carribean islands are requesting those to be used now. 

My favorite of the reef safe sunscreens for body is ThinkSport brand. It seems to spread better than some of the other zinc-based ones. I use the Environmental Working Group ("EWG") ratings to research safety - the same group that does the "dirty dozen" and "clean fifteen" food lists (i.e. pesticides). I've used a LOT of different brands of zinc-based, safe sunscreen on my kids because I was pretty nervous about putting nanoparticle technology on them when they were young - which is what many of the mainstream brands use now - before there was much research on it. 

For my face, which is very sensitive, the ONLY sunscreen I can use without irritation is Juice Beauty (says tinted, but you can get sheer). It is expensive so I only use it on my face. Might be good for those of you who are sensitive on upper chest/lower neck too!

I will sometimes use Neutrogena ultra-sheer dry touch for myself (not my face) because I'm very, very fair skinned and it is easier to reapply if I've already been in the water or I'm near sand. I do prefer and try to use physical means to block sun whenever possible - tents/umbrellas, hats, SPF coverings. 

Also, someone on another thread recommended this site: https://savethereef.org/about-reef-save-sunscreen.html Some of the sunscreens I'm seeing people recommend on here as "reef safe" have chemicals that are very much NOT reef safe, so please double check. The term "reef safe" is not regulated here and some of these might be rejected on one of the islands.

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