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  1. I've only been on one cruise, but I had the DBP and almost every time I got a drink, I asked for a water too, no problem. We ended up with a nice stockpile of water cans in our cabin "fridge".
  2. When we sailed from Galveston last January, it was unusually cold and windy, and the first morning was a bit rough, but it smoothed out and by the time we were in Costa Maya it was in the 80s I think. Cozumel was warm enough to snorkel. I didn't get in the pools on board, but my husband did (briefly) and said it was chilly. That said, Texas weather is so unpredictable that we could have just as likely been warm and balmy in Galveston.
  3. Last year it was absolutely freezing in Galveston in late January, but by time we had lunch on day 2, it was fine. The pools were a little cold for swimming, but other than that it was fine. It was warm enough in Cozumel for snorkeling and beach, but not too hot.
  4. I packed those in my carryon . . . might not do that again, though (or may just take a subset of them in my carryon).
  5. Good to know! Thanks! This will help me a lot in planning what we want to do in the evenings . . . on our cruise last year we saw the ice show and the two "production" type shows, so we won't need to see them again (well, maybe the ice show). That leaves us free to do things like visit bars.
  6. Does anyone know how often they change the shows on Adventure of the Seas? We were on in January 2022, and have another coming up in Feb 2023 -- will the shows likely be the same, or will they have changed?
  7. $74.99/day for Adventure in Feb. I bought it, but I'm hoping the price will drop or there will be a better sale between now and then. According to the calculator on cruzely.com and other sites, it's worth it for us at this price, but I'm still on the fence about it.
  8. So, I'm going cruising on Adventure in February; last time we did no specialty dining, but I've got some questions about Izumi: Is Izumi open for lunch if ordering a la carte (i.e. not part of the "sushi and sake lunch")? I've heard opinions that if one lives in a large metro area with lots of great sushi restaurants, that Izumi might be underwhelming? Do they make everything to order? And if I wanted to order something that's not on the menu (say, for example, a roll with tempura veg, or the tempura appetizer with veg only, no shrimp), is that possible?
  9. I used a lanyard on my first cruise last January, and I found it to be very convenient -- some of my dresses/skirts have no pockets, and having my card "always with me" was great. I wear my work ID on a lanyard, though, so I'm used to it -- YMMV. Luggage tag holders, same sort of thing . . . they aren't *necessary*, but it sure was nice knowing the tags weren't going to come off or smear if it rained (I have an inkjet printer at home).
  10. I've heard 9 months, and I've heard 6 months in advance of sail date. I have a Feb 2023 cruise booked, and all I have in my cruise planner is dining packages right now. I check it every few days just in case (also want to book early).
  11. I like Sun Bum for going to the Caribbean because it's reef safe, so I can use the same one for the whole cruise including port days.
  12. We didn't do it, mainly b/c it's a long bus ride to and from, and I'd heard you don't get much time at the actual site. Opted for the Chacchoben ruins in Costa Maya instead (shorter bus ride, less expensive). But I'm interested to hear from people who have done it, as I'll be there next February!
  13. We did the Chacchoben Mayan Ruins in Costa Maya and it was fantastic! Next time, though, we'll probably do something else (it's not one I'd necessarily want to do more than once). In Cozumel, we were originally booked on a snorkeling-off-a-boat thing, but it was cancelled, so we did a clear kayak/beach snorkel/beach time thing, and it was great. I haven't been to Roatan, but several people I know say that it's the best snorkeling they've ever experienced.
  14. I'm not sure about Allure, but on Adventure in January they had a Caribbean night, an Indian night, and an Italian night (I think). We went for the Indian night because we got back from our excursion too late for dinner, and it was FABULOUS.
  15. I sailed on Adventure in January, and I asked about the savory bites (based on posts I'd read here). My waiter hadn't heard of them, so he sent the headwaiter over; the headwaiter told me it was something they did "a long time ago" and he wasn't sure it would be doable, but that he would check with the chef for me. Every night for the rest of the cruise, a plate of savory bites magically showed up on the table not long after we sat down!
  16. I started my cruise out of Galveston with a Tom Collins or two . . . but I'm kind of a basic drinks kind of girl, I think.
  17. Adventure: Rusmana (main) and Jude (assistant). IDK if they'll still be there for my next cruise (Feb 2023), but I'm definitely going to ask about them once we're on board!
  18. When I was on Adventure in January, they had the ice skating show. The schedule was limited, probably b/c of being in the midst Omicron and lower ship capacity.
  19. Yeah, I wish the casino would remain no-smoking too. We used the casino as a convenient cut-through on Adventure last month when we needed to get from one side of deck 4 to the other.
  20. So . . . I booked a cruise for a year from now (my second)! Right now in the cruise planner, it's showing one excursion and some dining options, but beverage packages and whatnot are not in there yet. Does anyone know when I can expect things to show up in the cruise planner? The first cruise we went on we booked 6 months out and it was all there.
  21. Adventure of the Seas 1/21; I was told there were 1100 guests (no idea on how many crew)
  22. Thank you so much! I did some more digging and found that ones that have a fee say so.
  23. So, my first cruise is in two days (eek!), and I noticed that a ton of stuff is now showing in my "daily planner" area in my app, for example "Latin Fiesta" and "Card Making Workshop" and "Indoor Cycling". Are these activities free, or do they specify somewhere if there is a fee? I don't want any surprises!
  24. Perfect. This is exactly what I needed to know, thanks! (We're "city mice", so we tend to be cautious about things like this)
  25. Thank you so much for this -- it eases my mind. For the snorkeling trip, we may have some time in port after to do some shopping, but I wasn't planning to bring what I would call "lots" of cash with us.
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