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  1. This is only my second cruise and I was wondering what people do to ensure that they aren't accidentally being charged an arm and a leg by their phone company while onboard and in ports. Do you leave your phone on airplane mode the whole time? I know this is a really dumb question, but I am so nervous about having my device in all of these locations.
  2. So, did you feel that Allianz is the way to go?
  3. In the Feb 13th 2022 Cruise Compass it said nights 3, 4, and 6.
  4. Would you mind sharing the name of your third party insurance?
  5. I keep re-reading the Royal Caribbean Travel Protection plan. Does anyone know if it covers your under 18 children if you purchase a policy? Thank you!
  6. My daughter is feeling a bit like that, too. We will see if they are up for it once we actually get going. Are there any ship activities that your daughter is particularly interested in participating in?
  7. You are cracking me up today!
  8. I am nervous that asking for special requests will add stress to my servers. Is it something that they expect, or will it make me look like a real pain?
  9. Yes, I was also wondering how I can travel on excursions with canned water. It seems you would need to drink the whole thing in one go. I actually cancelled my water package and ended up getting the refreshment package instead once I found out that the water was in cans!
  10. Hi! My 14 year-old daughter is so excited about this trip, but a bit nervous about being the only kid in our family group this time around. Usually, her older sister is with us, but she is away at college this year. Hopefully, she will be willing to meet some other teens. Thank you for reaching out. Please feel free to DM me : )
  11. We are just a deck below you and my 14 year old daughter is the only kid in among us. She likes spending time with me and her aunt, but I am sure she would like to have someone to meet up with. : )
  12. Is a travel agent helpful if you are just looking for reasonable flights with no hotel/excursions? I am traveling to India this summer and need to fly into New Delhi and out of Mumbai and wasn't sure if I should search on my own or use a TA. Any advice appreciated.
  13. Thank you so much for your suggestion. They were able to curate a perfect 1/2 day tour for us that included both of those activities. I wish you were on our ship so that my family could thank you with a drink! We truly appreciate it. Do you have suggestions on how much to tip the driver if there are 3 of us in the "party?" I am new at all of these things!
  14. This might be a silly add-on question to ask, but would one bottle of sunscreen be enough for 2 people over a 6 night cruise?
  15. As a newbie, I didn't even know I needed to print out RCCL luggage tags. Do they email them to you?
  16. Thank you so much for this suggestion! I sent an inquiry to Rony's just now to see if it is possible! So appreciate this advice.
  17. Hi! A family member is driving into Fort Lauderdale for our cruise. Any suggestions on excellent parking for the week we are on the ship?
  18. Chicken l'orange! I could do that! Thanks for sharing your story.
  19. How far is it from port to the sloth experience? If I have an 11:30 horseback riding excursion with RCCL, would I have time to do the sloth experience early in the morning or is that playing it too tight?
  20. I was wondering if anyone had photos or just remembers some of the choices of treats that you can get at Café Promenade on Allure. I was hoping to gather there one evening for a little coffee and treat celebration for my daughter and was wondering what some of the typical choices were.
  21. Your photographs were absolutely mesmerizing. Thank you for letting us see the world through your perspective!
  22. Thank you! That is really helpful to know. It was confusing to me that it was constantly changing. I do hope that the duck stays on my menu, because that is my absolute favorite!
  23. Hi! I'm going on Allure of the Seas on April 10 and am trying to figure out my dining preferences and schedule. On the app, on Day 2, it only lists the kids' entrees, but then the dinner is listed from day 3-day 7. The only problem is that day 7 is our disembarkation day, so there actually isn't a dinner that night. For night "7" they are listing lobster tails. Can I safely assume that they actually are having the lobster tails on night 6 and I should just push back the menu choices by a day? (I am not sure if I am articulating this in any clear way, apologies if I'm not!)
  24. Nick, When you check on your MDR menu on the Royal Caribbean app, I think you should see the lobster tails on the menu for the final night of your cruise. If you want whole lobster, you can purchase it for an upcharge on any of the other nights. At least that is what I am seeing on my dinner menu on the app.
  25. When I looked it up, it said this in the Vitality Spa description: Uncover a new you with lavish salon treatments like manicures, pedicures, makeup and hair services.
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