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  1. I'd go for Wonderland. It's a unique dinning experience and I really like the food. It looks different and the descriptions make it sound odd but to me it's really just good food with a unique presentation. We were on Mariner recently and Jamie's didn't impress me at all. The food was fine but not amazing so that would be my 3rd choice pick of the three. I think we would have enjoyed it more if we were in a larger group like @TMatl described above.
  2. Does anyone know if my daughter (9) could buy her dad a beer with her diamond vouchers? If so I'll get her the refreshment package and he can use her drink vouchers along with his so we don't have to do the ultimate drink package for us.
  3. Sitka- just walking around, maybe the raptor center Skagway - musher’s camp and puppies Juneau - Mendenhall Glacier and Salmon Hatchery Victoria - Butchart & Butterfly Gardens I’m wondering the best way to get to the airport after the cruise.
  4. Hi, My family is excited for our first trip to Alaska! It will be me, my husband, and our daughter (9). What does everyone have planned for excursions?
  5. The Windjammer was open for dinner last week on Mariner.
  6. I was able to log in today and upload my daughter’s card on iOS. Thanks for letting us know about the update!
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