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  1. I will try this ship is amazing and gorgeous and haven’t stopped eating and 3 outfit change’s already!
  2. Wonder of the seas I am on you and loving it so far!
  3. Did the un install and still 0 reservations showing up out of my 10
  4. I cruise tomorrow on the wonder it was there until today yet my purchase history has everything and my calendar on the web not the app from hell.
  5. I swear the app is the most not user friendly and now it’s not showing anything on my itinerary. This makes me nervous and what is wrong with this one!
  6. I just checked the specs doesn’t say so I’ll bring my cords just in case!
  7. This is exactly how I felt like I can exhale now! Now just printing the results and my boarding pass for the ship and making sure I have everything sorted. Quick question can I bring an all in one thing like this for my apple devices
  8. I ordered them through RC optum directly!
  9. You too ! It was so easy with NAVICA and emed I highly recommend this to anyone!
  10. Both did the emed Covid tests and NEGATIVE! Two more days!
  11. Absolutely disgusting and wrong on every level possible and then some. I am plus sized and have very good body image and I would have said something to a crew member!
  12. I have one that is a universal travel one. Kinda know what is going on and what you need to do or ask someone before you approach the desks. Write down your questions and the take said paper out and write down the answers given
  13. How did they bring that aboard that is illegal and against policy!
  14. Now I am packing for him. Lol this is where the fun begins!
  15. Anyone do this excursion as I booked it and now wondering what to expect?
  16. As @Mattsaid do it at home via proctor order them through Royal and you can do them a minute or so after midnight! I cruise Friday and I’m testing 1203 tomorrow night as the date will show Wednesday!
  17. I saw that and thank you!
  18. @Poochyou probably looked just as elegant and nice!
  19. Exactly holy cow are we the same person!?
  20. See I would love to do this but I’m like ooooh I may need that whatever or doohickey or what do you call it. I’m surprised I couldn’t close my luggage and I have a fully packed carry on. I’m a hopeless romantic in packing!
  21. when do they alllow guests to be let in to wait for their boarding time?
  22. A bit of humor for this Sunday night. Who here raise your hand male or female or however you identify packs like they need their entire closet with them as they fear I may need that or something OR is this just me as I watched my father pack like this my entire life? I swear QVC and Amazon probably know me on a first name basis already!
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