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How many LA cruises will you book?

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15 minutes ago, Matt said:

For those waiting to book, is your plan to book:

a). 1 cruise

b). 2 or 3 cruises

c). Multiple sailings

d). Live onboard with @mpoole3

Hey Matt! Planning on book 1 cruise for sure! Depending on dates and pricing, 4 and 5 night is the target, but if 7-nighter over Thanksgiving isn't too crazy we may look into that one as well. When is @mpoole3 doing his live onboard?? Hopefully it's on one of the cruises we book! Would be awesome to meet him in person ? I was able to meet Nick Vitani a few years back on Explorer 3-night out of Seattle and it was awesome. We hung out at the Schooner bar and he had his cats shirt on. 

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Have one booked this year over Thanksgiving and probably will have one next year. We missed the West Coast sailings and were so glad to see them return. Airfare to the West Coast is almost as inexpensive and long as us driving down to Galveston from DFW so it is a no brainer for us.

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One. The shorter cruises would be a nice way to end some "long weekend" sightseeing we've been wanting to do in the San Francisco & San Jose area. Although, with the over 6 hour drive to the port, we'd probably have to add a short flight from SFO to LAX. That wouldn't be a deal breaker as a quick Google shows prices to be less than traveling by car (rental, gas, food, etc). 

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