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Miss Friday Photos on the blog

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Great idea! 😄

Some of my fave beaches:

Eagle Beach, Aruba (Navigator of the Seas, Nov. 2018)20181127_122554_p.thumb.jpg.642cef8805a42d0f05d01c6796410231.jpg


Magens Bay, St. Thomas (Adventure of the Seas, Nov. 2019)



Our local beach, Praia da Falésia ("Cliff Beach"), Algarve, Portugal (May 2020, first time out after lockdown measures began to be lifted)



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1 hour ago, sk8erguy1978 said:

How about a little throwback to our first Royal Caribbean cruise in 2007 to Bermuda. It was our second cruise (first was a carnival 3-day themed a few months prior) and we fell in love with Royal Caribbean and Bermuda. We did the shipwreck tour and Horseshoe Bay.

Have never been to Bermuda. I would really love to go some day.

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29 minutes ago, FionaMG said:

Magens Bay, St. Thomas (Adventure of the Seas, Nov. 2019)

We loved Magens Bay & Sapphire Beach in St. Thomas. We have also successfully snuck in Paradise Point on our visits. Going to miss that most of all on a cruise we are rescheduling. A bushwacker at Bushwackers and the greatest views! However, I did try my hand at a bushwacker...



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2 minutes ago, FionaMG said:

Have never been to Bermuda. I would really love to go some day.

Our favorite island! Even got married there! The people are so friendly. The island is beautiful and so much history. We have not even touched the surface on things to do in our 7 visits. Mainly because we do same thing... Get scooter, go to beach, go shopping in Hamilton, etc. We did do the caves one year and Swizzle Inn after. Totally recommend!

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Some of my favorites from my most recent Royal cruise. 

Freedom waiting for us in San Juan, August 2019



Freedom docked in St. Thomas 



Lovely Magens Bay



Breakfast Beers in St. Lucia



George F.L. Charles Airport in St. Lucia



Lush El Yunque in Puerto Rico



Folkstone Marine Park Barbados


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DH was nominated to hold the meeting sign for our America's Cup excursion in St. Maarten on our first cruise because he's 6'4".


And DS was nominated to hold the meeting sign for our excursion meeting in Roatan this past September because, well, 7 year olds are just cute. He was the smallest kid on the excursion.



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51 minutes ago, Ampurp85 said:

@Andrew72681 That Detroit dog easily and I am from Chicago. I would say expensive in a sense, that doesn't seem too bad for a tourist trap. I once paid $12 for a chilly dog from Revolution brewpub in like 2015...no beer or sides included.

Yeah. But there’s no VAT in Chicago. 

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