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Majesty of the Seas NO 2021

Clay Purvis

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Really looking hard at a 7 day cruise on Majesty out of NO.  It would be our first 7 day itinerary.  NO is only a three hour drive. The price is more manageable than some of the newer ships. I really want to go to Coco Cay. Wonder if some of you cruise veterans could share me some pros and cons of this ship. Thanks. 

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Cruising from NOLA is a treat.  It starts as a river cruise, enters the Gulf late at night where you can see distant oil rigs lit up and then becomes a ocean cruise.  

Here is a live blog from this past summer:


The ship is great.  She is an older ship and smaller by today's standards but she is the class of ship that made Royal what it is today.  She was at one time considered a mega ship!  

She is dated in a few places but if you can look past that she has everything required for a great cruise experience.  

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Sailed on Majesty, one of the smallest ships we have been on but we still had an absolute AMAZING time.  It will not provide you with the WOW factor that the newer ships will provide but it is still nice for her age.  I personally would not hesitate to book another cruise on Majesty again, and the crew was absolutely fantastic, actually one of the best customer service related cruises we have had.  We have yet to have any real issues on a cruise, and have met quite a few crew that have been wonderful and made our cruise, that being said the crew on Majesty were above and beyond each and every day of our four day cruise. 

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- Compass Deli has some late night offerings.  

- Windjammer has plenty of seating for a ship of this size.  Never had a problem finding a place to sit.  If you want a more quiet place to eat, go up to the Compass Deli to eat your meal. 

- Starbucks branded coffee at the cafe

- large Schooner Bar


- No shallow end for pools.


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Just got off this ship on 12/14 and I have been on a few cruises. We took a first time couple with us and I also talked to a few other first time couples. 


Price was great. 

No problem ever getting a seat in Windjammer.

No problem really getting a chair/lounge around pool area, but I consider up one deck fine too

Sorrentos pizza was actually very good and i'm from NJ and the other couple NY.   Huge difference from my last cruise on Anthem 2 years ago(and any other cruise before).

Compass deli had late night food if you wanted it and my wife loved it. 

Service everywhere was great.

Never a line really into anything.  Entertainment was fine. 

Casino was fine, never really had an issue getting to a table. I talked to the hostess a few times just to make sure i was being rated and she was very accommodating. 


Room is smaller, but you don't spend much time there.  The tv in room is ridiculously small where it's hard to even see the picture

Doesn't really have specialty dining.  My wife and the other couple did Sushi making and absolutely loved it.  They all skipped dinner that night and the price was very reasonable. 

Doesn't have all the fancy new stuff, but ship is clean.

Viking lounge TV picture was so bad could not watch it.  Not sure if it's was just the President's cup golf or all the time. 

Overall a great trip.  The other first time couple with us will do another cruise. Some of the other first time cruisers were on the fence about doing another.  I told them, you should at least try one of the newer ships.  They loved the price, but there wasn't too much to do they thought.   Food was good, not great. 


We will be doing another one, but probably on one of the newer ships as I've not done Oasis type yet. 

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Hi all. I’ve never cruised out of NO, nor have we been on this particular ship, but we decided to visit NO next summer and would like to take the 7 day cruise to Key West, Bahamas and CoCo.  We are more familiar with larger class ships. Our question is whether there’s enough to do with 3 sea days. Also, what kind of shows and entertainment is available on this ship?  ?


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