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  1. We enjoy the Windjammer for its' convenience and options. I especially like to hit it during off peak hours for a quick bite or a snack. Come dinner time I am MDR all the way, but I hope whatever they do still gives you the options and flexibility during non-meal hours.
  2. We’ve never done any specialty dining on board, but I thought we might try something different next cruise. JR is the least expensive option and we love the MDR for dinner so I thought lunch one day at JR. I’m a little fuzzy on how it works. I’ve looked at the menu and I assume each person can order one appetizer, one burger, and one desert? Is anything unlimited? Also I understand beverages are not included in the $9.95 or whatever fee it is unless you have a package. So if you have the refreshments package does that cover all beverages including milkshakes? And honestly is it even worth doing? We have always enjoyed the complementary dining on previous cruises but Mariner has way more options than our two outings on Enchantment, so I figured if we were going to try something now is the time.
  3. Well I tried calling and got nowhere. No upgraded room. No on board credit. Oh well.
  4. Unless they are paying for my vacation, I don't really care what someone else thinks of my spending practices.
  5. I booked a cruise onboard my last cruise using the Next Cruise desk. I felt like I got a decent deal for what I got. Just saw that my exact cruise is about $500 bucks less if I booked it today and since I am inside 75 days, I cannot rebook. I did not use a travel agent. I have another cruise booked for next year and this one will be my first using a TA. So in the future if I book with Next Cruise I will hand it off to my TA as soon as I get home and hopefully will get that savings. I'll just chalk it up to a learning experience and do better next time.
  6. It might depend on the ship. We sailed out of Galveston on Enchantment and we did not have it. Not many activities on that ship that it would help with. As for boarding we saw the Key waiting area and they boarded a whopping 10 minutes before we did. Probably on a smaller ship like EOS it doesn't do much. We are sailing on Mariner in a few months and I went ahead and got it because it is a short three day cruise and there are more activities on Mariner we want to do. Only time will tell if it will be worth it.
  7. Went on EOS in November and took our bottle to the MDR. I was charged the $15 fee. Lesson learned. For the rest of the cruise I just poured my wife and I a glass and carried therm in.
  8. Ok, I hear so much about Lobster night. I have never been on a cruise that had one. My past cruises are all 3-4 nighters. I have booked my first 7 night cruise on Majesty. So will I finally get to experience the famous lobster night???? And I don't mean the one you have to pay for, I mean on the menu in the MDR. I'm a cheap bastard and want the best of the food I already paid for.
  9. Thanks folks. I am booking a 7 day on Majesty for June 2021. Y'all got me looking forward to it.
  10. Really looking hard at a 7 day cruise on Majesty out of NO. It would be our first 7 day itinerary. NO is only a three hour drive. The price is more manageable than some of the newer ships. I really want to go to Coco Cay. Wonder if some of you cruise veterans could share me some pros and cons of this ship. Thanks.
  11. I knew I had Dec 16th in my head for some reason. I didn't remember the "fine print". It seems some have been posted. There are some there this morning that were not there yesterday. Thanks.
  12. I thought I saw that the Fall 2021 itineraries for short (7 days or less) Caribbean cruises would be published by now. Does anyone know? I guess there are some (Miami, Orlando). But there is nothing showing for Galveston, NO, or Tampa.
  13. Yeah I forgot to mention I was booking for 4 people. Thanks. That makes sense.
  14. Like many have said, lack of knowledge/research. Our first cruise was 6 years ago on Enchantment to Nassau. I did not really look into shore excursions figuring I would just get off the ship and wing it. My actual plan was to go to Atlantis and play poker. I was big into the TV poker and they used to play a tourney from Atlantis. Our first big mistake was not realizing how far from the port Atlantis is. We rode the little ferry across the water, but then walked the rest of the way. A bit of a hike. Then to find out that the casino at Atlantis did not even have a poker room in operation. We spent most of the day walking to and from and not actually doing much. My wife did get to do some shopping and we ate a decent meal at a restaurant close to the port but it felt like a wasted day due to lack of planning.
  15. Are deposits larger based on the number of days? For example I am comparing a 7 day cruise on a smaller ship with a 4 day cruise on a larger ship. The total cost is close to the same, but for the 4 day cruise it requires a $400 deposit. The 7 Day cruise has a $1000 deposit. If not based on length of sailing or total cost, what are deposits based on? Oh, both cruises are also at the same time so the length of time to pay for them are the same. They are from different ports though if that matters. Both are going to Perfect Day.
  16. Does anyone know what ships/sailings will be available from NO beyond April 2021? From where we live NO and Galveston are our closest ports. We would love to be able to hop down to NO which is only about a three hour drive. Is Majesty going to be there beyond 2021 or is that not yet determined?
  17. Ahh. I was looking at the wrong one also. Although, 7 night Caribbean is what I'm looking for, so it'll be sometime this week I guess. Thanks.
  18. Anyone have any idea why November of 2021 is blacked out? That just happens to be exactly when I want to book. Looking at all the release dates, 2021-2022 should be showing by now.
  19. We are cruising in two weeks on Enchantment and I know my 15 year old son will want to hang out at the teen area and do activities with the other teens. I just read about the area and see that there is a "bar" where they can order drinks for a fee. He will have the soda package. Will he be able to order sodas as part of his package in the teen area. Also, what other kinds of drinks do they serve? Mocktails?
  20. Ok, so I have her set up with an account. It shows our upcoming cruise on her account. But it will not show or boarding passes anymore. Even if I try to look at them through my account. I assumed that this was because they had to change hers, but it has been almost a week. Is this normal?
  21. Thanks y'all. I got her set up and we will see if we can do enough cruises to get anywhere on the rewards program. If it were up to me, we'd take every vacation on a cruise. She likes them, too, but I think I'm the addict.
  22. I am just getting started cruising and want to make a go of moving up the levels of the C&A program. My question is do I and my wife have to each have a C&A membership number? Or can we both be on the same number? Right now our boarding pass for our next cruise is showing my gold status but not showing anything on here. Once we do eventually get to the point where we get some real benefits, I want to make sure we can both enjoy them.
  23. So we cruise in about two months. I already know I want to book another. For the three cruises we have gone on, I have done all the booking myself. I actually enjoy it, but I want to see if I am missing out on better deals using a travel agent. So here is what I would like to know. What is the best combination of using a travel agent, booking onboard, and waiting for black Friday sales? We are getting off the boat on Black Friday, Nov 29th. Will the cruise line possibly be offering black Friday specials while we are on board? Should I wait until I see the Black Friday specials online before I contact the travel agent. Should I book on board and then transfer the reservation to an agent? You multi-cruise veterans are such a good source of info, I seek your wisdom. Thanks.
  24. Thanks guys! We will be enjoying this three months from right now. Can't wait!
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