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  1. If I am Diamond status and my husband is emerald, will the Diamond level perks extend to both of us when we cruise together?
  2. I just checked in for my March cruise. There wasn’t a place to upload a picture. I am traveling on the Brilliance. There was only a photo cassette box to check When I was on the Navigator, I was able to upload pictures. Is it because I am on the brilliance that they don’t require a picture Ahead of time?
  3. I just received a royal Caribbean gift card but I am wondering how to use it ? Can it be used on board for drinks,gratuities,specialty dining ? Or can it only be used to book a cruise?
  4. I wish Royal would update their edocs, as they still says no non-alcoholic beverages are allowed. But I know you can bring up to 12 bottles of water per cabin.
  5. Does it really save you any money booking on board for future cruises ?
  6. I have brought a set of walkie talkies on board several different Royal ships, and they have worked great.
  7. Thanks Matt To bad, as I will be in a grand suite on the March 26 cruise on the Brilliance of the seas out of Tampa
  8. Has anyone seen these WOWbands on ships in the freedom or voyager classes yet ?
  9. Does the Majesty have a diamond club or a concierge room?
  10. I just signed up through my TA for a March 2020 cruise on the Brilliance of the Seas. She told me that Royal would not be giving me any OBC? Has Royal changed recently so that any cruise less then 5 nights no longer gets OBC? I just signed up for a grand suite, I am Emerald status, and received the current sale pricing.
  11. Can anyone explain this to me, as I recently found out my Emerald status gets me discounts on these sailings?
  12. When we cruise and fly Southwest, we always buy early bird. We then don’t have the hassle of hitting enter on a computer 24 hours before our flights. One less thing to worry about, especially if we are having a great time.
  13. I met him on the Navigator. He said he is going to be on that ship for the next 6 months! No wonder he has 8,000
  14. When on Coco Cay, will the app work if you do not have voom? They just added the map of Coco Cay to the app and that would be very useful.
  15. The only thing Labadee has over Coco Cay is the Private Suite Area. Nice perk that I wished they had built on Coco Cay
  16. Thank you I am on navigator Monday
  17. Thank you @yzfmik & @Matt . 5 days to go
  18. Can someone please tell me what deck I will be entering on, when I go on the Navigator of the Seas?
  19. We too had a very obnoxious couple at our table. One piece of their luggage was missing and they constantly complained about it. As far as I know it was never located They also complained about everything concerning the food We did not asked to be moved , however after the first night we only saw them again one more night ,thank goodness Ever since that ,the first thing I do when I get on board the ship is I go directly to the dining room , check out where my table is and if I do not like it I contact the maître d’ and have it changed. I just learned the
  20. By any chance did you bring back any Cruise Compass, as I will be on the Navigator May 6th. If you did, please up load it to that section on this blog. Would love to see all of the options ahead of time thanks
  21. If you hang the shoe organizer over the bathroom door on the inside of the bathroom, can you still close the door?
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