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  1. This was a great review of FOTS and the itinerary. I am on on her final pre amp voyage on Jan 5th. I cannot wait! Different itinerary for us but seeing all the reviews about the ABC islands has me wanting to do that itinerary sometime in the future as well.
  2. 730am may seem ambitious but that is what it will be assuming no issues getting to the port. Being that you booked with RC, they are going to prioritize getting you off and on your way. You may even meet in a particular location for this shore excursion on the ship so that they can be as efficient as possible getting you off and loaded into the transportation vehicles.
  3. Is the transportation excursion booked via Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner or third party?
  4. Note that they issue GTY rooms whenever....there is no set date. I noticed mine several months before our cruise. From what I've read on here, it's anyone's guess when it will be assigned.
  5. Anyone who does what you tried to do ties up the cabin in the reservation system for a brief period (15 minutes or so) after they have backed out. It's also possible that suites will open up as people make last minute cancellations to their cruise. Royal Up is truly a logistics game for Royal to make more money by shifting people around and get the ship as filled up as possible. Just a note in your case being in Ocean View currently that a Junior or Owners Suite Royal Up will NOT grant you the double loyalty points that it would if you booked it regularly.
  6. Another thing to keep in mind are that some decks do not allow one to walk from the front to the back of the ship due to a venue or something of that nature. If you would be bothered by this or have mobility issues, you might want to make sure you are on a deck that allows you to go the full length of the ship. Otherwise, just make a note that you always need to take the forward or aft elevators/stairs and you'll be just fine.
  7. This is a truly personal preference item. Would you already be purchasing the internet for each of you to use? If yes, that has been a big reason for people to get it. Otherwise, not really. Most people have found the perks were not worth it and sometimes were no different than for someone without the key. Many have said they did not see much use in it for the shows as there was plenty of seating or for priority embarkation as if you go early or are a particular loyalty level that didn't do very much extra. The Chops lunch is in the MDR and a limited menu. I think you have to ask yourself if you feel it's worth the $525.
  8. To clarify, you are not purchasing the refreshment or deluxe beverage packages correct?
  9. I have done the Snuba experience at St Maarten. The water was a little cloudy because they had just had rain during the night which means run off. However, we still had a wonderful time and got to see a lot. The couple that run the company are amazing. My husband had a little more challenging time this time (have done snuba 1x before) but he also didn't take a piece of advice about the mask tightening that he should have. If you follow their instruction, you will do great! You will get off the ship, meet the company staff, then take a short boat ride to your location. They give instructions on the boat and you jump into the water from there. Enjoy!
  10. This is a great point and the reason why we need ALL the posts....plus more information only helps everyone, particularly those waiting to cruise. Have a wonderful trip!
  11. I've wondered that myself as I've read this blog! He does such an amazingly detailed job with his live blogs. One of the best out there!
  12. I've only been on Brilliance and Oasis so far in my memorable adult life. I would say Oasis was my favorite. This is because it was such a WOW when we got on and took the cruise. I didn't dislike our Brilliance trip as it was a great trip with my family. I still have some wonderful memories with my family on it but I wish we had done more research/been better prepared for our first cruise since the very early 90s (where I was too young to recall anything but dancing on the dance floors). However, it was obviously a wonderful enough experience that has me LOVING this mode of vacationing. We cannot wait to try out Freedom very soon! I know I want to try to do a ship of each class and find our favorite.
  13. I feel like so many people have questions on this so it's wonderful that you are providing a current experience. I hope it goes wonderfully for your group and all are able to certify!
  14. I believe you can still plan to do that. This 3pm is just a suggestion, just like they have a suggested embarkation time for everyone. If you want to get on first, just get there early and you can expect to get on early if there are no reasons for a delay such as CBP inspection or technical delay or anything of that nature. Just know that as usual, rooms will not open up until 1-130pm. Have a great trip! I'll be on Freedom soon enough and CANNOT wait given we hit a record low where I live today. I'm ready for sunshine and warm temperatures!
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