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  1. Maybe she's extremely tall? But you are right....now looking at it again it does seem rather strange.
  2. I can only wonder why she thought to do this....why put yourself in any potential position to more easily get hurt? I wouldn't even want to attempt this. Unfortunately @PG Cruiser I think you are right....if something bad had happened we'd have people saying that balconies need to be enclosed in some way....which is silliness!
  3. Your best bet is to try one way of dining this cruise and try the other way on your next cruise. I find a lot of these things are personal preferences and until you do both yourselves, you don't really know what works best for you. I can understanding gathering pros/cons to try to do what may work best for you first. Personally, I didn't care for MTD but that is probably because we weren't very organized and were a group. We should have done traditional dining. It was also our first cruise we had been on since the early 90s....lots of things had changed! Most for the better.
  4. If you are prone to allergies, make sure you take your meds or avoid Central Park. Central Park is very beautiful and I loved it but it didn't agree with me very well. AND I forgot my really good meds.
  5. We got so lucky and were able to find flights for $800 total for 2 people for trip there and trip back. We did one way flights due to how the flight schedules were released. We had the flight there available for a while and I just kept checking on Southwest constantly. American had a good priced flight but it was an ON flight arriving at 3am or so which wasn't ideal so I kept looking. Then suddenly I checked one day and found a flight to SJ (of course not nonstop but that is not possible to do where we are from) for $260pp. Then I saw where Southwest would open the next chunk of their flight schedule on August 15th. I kept looking all morning on the 15th until bam...the new dates appeared to allow us to book a return flight. What do you know...found a flight coming home the day of our cruise for less than $200pp. I was shocked...like seriously shocked but quickly got the OK from my husband and booked it. Bottom line....just keep looking and note when the airline will release the flight schedule for a particular time period. I've also heard from others on here that if you book a flight with no penalty to reprice/rebook then go ahead and book but keep looking.
  6. If you look at a recent Cruise Compass (see top menu bar of this webpage) you can get an idea of show times and what is currently being offered. Cruise Compasses can change but generally does not change greatly from sailing to sailing on the same ship. I believe Mariner of the Seas does not do online reservations prior to sailing. I believe with the Key, you will find that the major productions will have an area of seating reserved for Key members but would still advise you going to the show a little ahead of time. I cannot recall if they release the Key seats within 5 minutes of show time if there are open spots.
  7. Depending on when you arrive to the airport and what airline you are flying, you may not be able to store your luggage at the airport. I do not have a lot of experience but just suggest you investigate. When my husband and I returned from our cruise in Dec 2018 to Port Canaveral with a flight time later than yours we ended up renting a car. We also rented a car from the airport last minute because it was scheduled to rain all day long-and rain nearly the whole day it did. I hope you have better weather though that was the worst weather our whole trip so we lucked out overall.
  8. I'm not familiar with other cruise lines who may have this same set up but with RCCL the closer you get to the 90 day mark the more likely someone is bailing on their cruise/room since that is when the full payment is due. Sharla would likely be aware of this so hopefully your future RCCL cruises bring you better luck and service with booking. No matter the cruise, enjoy your time!
  9. Did the crown loft appear at around 90 days out when maybe those folks were expected to pay in full and decided to back out? You seem like you may be a regular cruiser so I'm guessing you paid in full because you had to (at or after 90 days out from sailing). Of course Royal is going to do whatever they can to make money....and in putting it out there for RoyalUp is a great way to do that.
  10. I noticed in the new Cruise Compass format, it has a section for "Foodies". I've seen where it has various things like Scotch Tastings, Make Your Own Bloody Mary Bar, etc. I did not see a ($) as I would have expected for some of these. Does anyone know if they cost money or cost money if you do not have the drink package?
  11. People, think about going mattress shopping, particularly with a significant other/spouse. We all have different firmness/softness we like in a mattress. The same applies here. If you are not comfortable to the point where you cannot sleep, try to ask nicely to your stateroom attendant to see if there is anything they can do to make it better. But note, that they may not be able to however, it doesn't hurt to ask nicely.
  12. I'm sure Walmart or Target has some. I'm not sure what you mean by decent. I personally prefer my regular sized hairdryer over a travel one because I prefer the max wattage. I have a lot of thick hair though. Enjoy your cruise!
  13. I was wondering if Matt was planning to go too. It must be quite a heavy thing to consider leaving your home under these conditions. I hope for the best for all FL residents. We'll be praying for you all over the next several days.
  14. And unfortunately, Royal is probably bombarded with phone calls, emails, etc with the same staff they have on regular days. This hurricane is straining their resources I'm sure. I'm sorry you are in this situation-hurricane season when there is really a hurricane must be very difficult. I cannot imagine since I haven't experienced dealing with hurricanes personally. I hope everything works out for you with the refund.
  15. Starbucks is not included in any drink package or the coffee card. I am not sure of the pricing, unfortunately, since I haven't made purchases there on the ships. There is a coffee shop (NOT Starbucks) onboard that you can purchase a variety of expresso drinks at such as a mocha, vanilla latte, americano, etc but also not sure of their prices but believe they are cheaper than Starbucks and are included in the coffee card, refreshment, and deluxe beverage packages.
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