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  1. So that's why you also have the option of just getting 100% cash back although may take longer than the 125% FCC. And my 2nd cruise booked for late September i doubt would have the cash back yet to cover final bill end of June...
  2. I wonder why there is a difference. I mean its money we paid and they are crediting back to us...to be spent on another cruise. Why would they care if said money is applied to cruise fare or a spa package on their cruise. Thanks for the info. I tried calling customer service gave up after a 45 min wait on the phone.
  3. I know the Future Cruise Credit can cover cost of a future cruise if Royal cancels a previously booked cruise due to Covid-19. What can the FCC cover? Can it be applied as part of your onboard spending account? For example, my first booking for July 5 was canceled by Royal. I booked a 2nd cruise late September 2020. Cost of the 2nd cruise is less mainly due to time of the year. Other then funding the next cruise can the FCC also help pay for spa and beverages? Iys not clear on the website.
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