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  1. Great staff, the Centrum, the solarium/park Cafe and nightly shows. As relaxing as you want it to be.
  2. Budget and avis are near the port and have shuttle.
  3. Once in port, when is it safe to turn off airplane mode?
  4. Still shows on United cruised website with balconies and suites sold out.
  5. With all the fake cards out there they are most likely managing giving out duplicates. When I got my booster shot they kept my laminated card and gave me a new one.
  6. Enchantment of the Seas went to the shipyard in Cadiz, Spain for drydock in August 2021. She may still be there.
  7. Was finally was able to update my passport info today. Seems patience is a needed part of your travel toolbox.
  8. I received my passport a few months ago and have been trying to update my info on the Global Entry website. After attempting this several times, I get a cannot validate window and to check my entries. I sent in several forms in the FAQ section with no response on how to update the information and link the two document numbers. I called Friday and actually talked to a real person in a reasonable amount of time on line. They said this is a known problem and I have two options. If I am in a hurry go to a registration/interview site and have this corrected or if not in a hurry, check back in a few weeks. I guess their system is backed up. The saga continues.
  9. Passport arrived today, 4 days "early".
  10. Got Approved today, should be here by 8/22. Seems within range discussed here.
  11. I wonder if the turnaround time is influenced by when you said you needed it.
  12. Here's another data point, received In process status email on June 9th, two months and still waiting.
  13. For Kotor, look up Tours by Milo a local who is passionate about his country.
  14. Any thoughts on where or when next year's cruise will be? With the cancelling of this year's cruise in the Mediterranean, seems like the Caribbean with the private islands would be a safer bet. Might be a chance to pull out the stops and show Royal is back.
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