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  1. Any thoughts on where or when next year's cruise will be? With the cancelling of this year's cruise in the Mediterranean, seems like the Caribbean with the private islands would be a safer bet. Might be a chance to pull out the stops and show Royal is back.
  2. I am booked on a 12 night cruise out of Barcelona which includes several stops in Italy and 3 other countries. It seems that other cruise lines have suspended sailing until later in the year and hopefully Royal does the same soon. Besides any health concerns, I am afraid that several stops may be cancelled and that we would have either additional sea days or a shortened cruise. Any thoughts on if and when Royal will might cancel this cruise? Thanks!
  3. https://cruiseradio.net/carnival-extends-cruise-cancellation-compensation-period/or Hope Rcl follows suit.
  4. TMobile is merging with Sprint, stay where you are.
  5. I am looking at a cruise on Jewel next September and it now show Tarragona, Spain as the new final destination which is about an hour+ away from Barcelona. Does/will RCL provide shuttle service to Barcelona or do we have to find our own way?
  6. I think June 1st was a pivotal date were most of the restrictions were removed. Enjoy!
  7. Thanks for the quick response, I had the key on my last Grandeur cruise and it was OK. I was looking into the GS as perhaps a special perk for our anniversary. Can we upgrade after final payment?
  8. I know we have many GOS experts contributing, so I would like information on the dining benefits with a grand suite? I have seen references to breakfast and lunch in the specialty restaurants on certain days, but many of these are dated and may still not apply. I am trying to balance the GS benefits and costs with those of the Key for example.
  9. Checked today and I drop off bag and eat Chops lunch in MDR which is more efficient than running around the ship like I did in May.
  10. The embassy suites has made to order breakfast and happy hour included. It is also near several restaurants within short walking distance. It also has a nice pool with waterfa ll.
  11. For new England seafood, Kelly's landing on 17th st. Nightly dinner specials many with lobstahs. Manhattan pizza in harbor shops, owners from Brooklyn and ship dough in from N.Y.
  12. Beach , las olas, sawgrass mall, dining, casinos- check trip advisor for details
  13. According to this article may 4th is the target. https://ewnews.com/coco-cay-on-track-for-may-opening
  14. Avi s and budget are right outside the gate and will pick you up at the pier.
  15. There is a key logo on my online set sail pass card.
  16. I wonder if there will be any benefits at Coco cay/perfect day when it opens?
  17. There is room for luggage on the shuttle, drops you off by ship.
  18. Avi s and budget are right outside the Freeport entrance. They drop you off and pick you up at the pier.
  19. That's mostly what I use mine for plus onboard expenses.
  20. Glad someone received some benefits. I sent email to Michael Bayley and Carlos Moya this morning giving them an update on how their program is working and referenced this thread and those on cruise critic.
  21. Has anyone had any recent success in getting obc. I just got rejected with fares that said they were combinable. Sent back with quote from small print.
  22. They just added the Wild Boys to the entertainment lineup- from their videos they certainly seem both alive and popular. http://www.wildboysband.co.uk/
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