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  1. Thanks for this, probably best if I get the T&C’s up and have a look! But no harm in asking either!
  2. We booked our next cruise a few days ago for May 21 out of Southampton to the Norwegian Fjords on Anthem of the Seas. We went with the GTY ocean view balcony. We just got our room assignments today although we are 7 months out. They assigned us to deck 13 which from my research can be quite noisy rooms due to pool deck above. Do you think this can change or can I call up and request a change of room/deck? Thanks
  3. Any good car rental options for pick up after cruise in Port Canaveral?
  4. Thanks for the info! I have emailed MEI travel to see what they say first and if that fails, it's on the phone I go to Royal to try switch it! I'll listen to @Matt going forward, use a TA!
  5. Thanks @Matt. I'll send off an email with some details to MEI and see what they come back with.
  6. Thanks @skittermagoo, I'm outside of the 30 day window so!
  7. I made a booking online via royalcarribean.com, I would like to change the booking to a different sailing on the same weekend to cruise with friends instead. Would my best option to do this through a TA or myself over the phone? Booking was made 11 Nov for Sailing in Sep 22. I booked online in Ireland so the re-price/rebook option isn't available to me for sailings after 31 May but if I can move to a US based TA I may be able to avail of the re pricing option.
  8. Completed our first cruise on harmony a couple of weeks ago. We both signed up to the crown and anchor club before the cruise and attached our member numbers to the booking. We both haven’t seen any points on our accounts yet so do you get points after the first cruise or do we need to complete a second cruise first? Thanks all
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