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  1. I was thinking if not for the e-muster I'd convince her we need to practice getting into the lifeboat.
  2. When I say gullible, I mean my dad convinced her for a short time that they still do classes (like in Titanic) and that if the ship starts sinking we could be trapped behind bars until First Class is off the ship. So far the only fun things I thought of is putting a pineapple magnet on her door and convincing her that the crew takes the lifeboats back to land each night and then come back in the morning. Anyone have any fun ideas?
  3. Going with a group of friends for the first time. For three of them it's their first ever cruise and the other two it's their first cruise since they were kids, so I'm the only "expert" in our group. Also my first time on Oasis Class.
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