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  1. We are taking this cruise out of NO this summer. Although it’s an older, smaller ship, people have told me they have enjoyed it. We’ve travelled on the larger ships with the bells and whistles and are aware this is not going to be anywhere like that. We decided on this cruise for several reasons. One, we’ve never been to NO. Second, we wanted to cruise and go to Key West, as we’ve never been there either. Third, The price is very good and we will enjoy ourselves. We’re very easy to please.
  2. Jill, what a GREAT attitude. A wonderful way to celebrate!!
  3. Thank you for the recommendation. Called and there is no vacancy the time we picked.
  4. Does anyone have a recommendation for hotel and parking for cruises? We’ll be going a few days early and then will be leaving for a week cruise. Any recommendations? Thank you
  5. Just spent some time reading a blog written by a poster on this ship. What a great post. Very excited now about this cruise and feel much better about the older, smaller ship.
  6. Thank you for the response. Can anyone elaborate on shows? Entertainment? I realize this ship doesn’t have an atrium like some others. My husband likes to sit, listen to music during the day, enjoy a cappuccino. Any info is appreciated. ?
  7. Hi all. I’ve never cruised out of NO, nor have we been on this particular ship, but we decided to visit NO next summer and would like to take the 7 day cruise to Key West, Bahamas and CoCo. We are more familiar with larger class ships. Our question is whether there’s enough to do with 3 sea days. Also, what kind of shows and entertainment is available on this ship? ?
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