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Cruise Weight Gain

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We usually do pretty well in not overindulging, but on our last B2B cruise, we raved about the warm chocolate cookie for dessert on our second night and our waiter made sure we had it every night the rest of our cruise.  And by making sure we had it, I mean he brought out 2 of them per person every night....I didn't want to seem unappreciative, so i made sure all cookies were eaten each night.....completely derailed my health initiative....  :-)


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On our last cruise on Allure I lost 2 lbs and my wife did not gain any.

Now it has to be known that we tracked  our steps and we would hit 10k before lunch. Also we did not try to avoid any meals or beverages. We ate as we were on vacation and enjoyed it. We even took a desert back to the room to have as a later night treat.

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Walking all over the ship (I still don't know what the inside of an elevator looks like on a ship!), using the gym at least each sea day and sometimes port days too (or the running track, if early enough in the day), sticking to less-caloric drinks (straight liquors or wines versus heavy beers and mixed, sugary drinks), and being responsible at meal times have always led to me either maintaining or actually losing a little weight on cruises. Also helps to have somewhat active excursions (or, if it's just a beach day, I have found myself running or swimming "laps" in the water for at least a little bit of the time). 

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