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  1. Yes, I was referring to a balcony at the very back of ship, with aft view. Basically your info was what I expected. What category(letter/number) should I look under? Standard balcony, Large balcony? Thanks for info.
  2. I think they added that restriction after my last cruise and I wore open toed shoes and the staff and cruisers saw way too much of my feet!. Not pretty!! Socks with sandals(?), please.
  3. General question about scoring an aft balcony. With new schedules coming out, I am very interested in choosing an aft balcony for my next booking. Something new to try out. I seem to be having problems finding availability. General info appreciated. What ships? Tricks to scoring an aft cabin? What level is best? Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you
  4. Here are my two cents: Due to finances, we started out looking for the cheapest, easiest cruises we could find. Inside cabin and even did bunks with my wife once!! Had a great time as we were never in our cabins but to sleep and shower. Over the years with increased income and available time we pick and choose what type of cruise and cabin we want based on the purpose of the trip. Is the cruise mainly for port visits or just to chill? Just want a 3-4 day getaway to combine with a pre-city visit experience(ex. FLL and then cruise) or an extended getaway? Alone or with family and friends. Cultural? Went to Europe so did B2B to make more cost effective(if paying $$$ for flight why not stay longer in Europe). We have never gotten drink packages or specialty restaurants ever as we chose to put $ to excursions or to save for another day(cruise). That is just a personal choice. Always purchase when inventory is first released as I have found that is usually the lowest price. Pre book excursions or packages if wanted. Conclusion: We have run the gamut and have enjoyed things by making the best of any experience. No right answer, lots of personal choices. I would rather go on the cheap than not go at all.
  5. I second British Colonial. Safe. Fair price, easy to walk to. Staff was very friendly and seemed truly concerned about you having a good time.
  6. I have a follow up question. I am doing a B2B. I know that I can bring two 750 wine bottles/cabin for each cruise and they will hold two of the bottles till the second cruise. Does the same apply to non-alcoholic beverages? Meaning if I bring 24 plastic bottles of soda will they keep 12 in storage for the second cruise? Thanks in advance.
  7. Agree with emsfg02. From my on experience though, As long as ship is cleared in usual time you should be off and cleared through customs by 8:15 if you have passports. Taxi is 30 minutes. If all goes well you should make it. Personally on three trips we were at airport by 9:00 each time. Taxi access was easy. BUT, key is if all goes normal. Tough call. Other option is check flights out of FLL. Personally I would go for it, but then again....
  8. Just a note on VisaCentral through Royal. I need ETA''s for NZ and Australia and when I check on VisaCentral there is a processing fee. You are able to get ETAs directly from government sights for NZ and Australia without a processing fee. Not sure of Vietnam but mentioned just so you check your options.
  9. Just to add my two cents, for what it is worth especially for new cruisers or others shorter on funds. I have never been in any type of suite and never paid extra for a meal. I have always enjoyed my cruises, the food I have eaten and especially the staff. The room stewards, MDR and WJ staff have always gone out of their way to help in any way possible.
  10. Cheska, In my opinion and experiences, October is a great time to go to the Mediterranean. Much less crowded and you are not going to roast in the heat as you tour. Weather may be an issue if you are expecting 80's, more likely mid 60-70's. Depending on your ship, the solarium area is always a comfortable place. As a first time cruiser, strongly consider a tour either through RC, Viator or another well known group unless you are familiar with the cities and transportation. A European cruise can be an up-tempo affair so check out TripAdvisor and CruiseCritic for ideas. Also don't be afraid to take a ship day if you don't find a tour of interest. A relaxing empty ship to recharge is NICE especially on the Allure.
  11. I take this a step further. I EAT with the kids at the Windjammer at 6pm then drop them off at AO at 7pm and then enjoy dinner in MDR at 8pm.
  12. Have not been there yet but wife and I are doing B2B cruises out of Sydney to both NZ and SP in March/April of 2020. We are flying in 4 days earlier and going to the Blue Mountains on our one paid excursion from the hotel. The rest of touring in Sydney will be by ferry and walking. I have done quite a bit of research and planning so if you have any questions, ask away.
  13. Reading the NZ government site it states that cruise ship passengers do not need a NZ Visa unless they are staying overnight off the ship. Also states that the US is an exempt country for visa. If cruise originates in Australia you will still need their ETA visa. But as with all things, read the online info for yourself and check with Royal Caribbean for all required documents.
  14. if you have someone back home not cruising with you then have them check you in at the 24 hr mark before your flight. I do this a lot for my daughter. Usually she ends up with a late A group or early B. Just need to make sure they do it at the 24 hour mark. Do not wait to check in at the airport. You will literally be the last to board. Another option, befriend someone on the cruise that has the internet package and check in via your new found friend. Just remember to buy them a drink. I actually did this for someone on a cruise and was happy to help. Just need to ask.
  15. My feelings: Order as much as you want, try new things, multiples of any item you really like, just try to keep waste to a minimum.
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