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  1. My daughter and son, when they were in their early teens, would go to the clubs the first few nights, meet a few new friends and then just hang out with the newbies and not go to clubs from then on. A few times they would join up for windjammer for dinner and then head off as we went to MDR.
  2. Will be following. Taking Radiance to SP islands in April so looking forward to your blog especially on the two island stops.
  3. Fantastic photos!! Keep the pictures coming. Taking any of the ferries? It is in my pre-cruise plans.
  4. I am so excited to follow this blog. Wife and I have a B2B on Radiance to NZ and South Pacific in March/April. Flying out of Pittsburgh to Sydney via SFO and returning thru Houston. Any info you provide will be appreciated.
  5. Never be afraid to order a second entrée. My wife and I often order an extra entrée to try(share) between the two of us. On occasion I have even ordered a 2cd starter, main or a desert to go for later that evening. I just try to let them know at ordering so that they can plan that out. Rumor has it that for formal nights with lobster, I will go surf and turf and usually ask for 3 tails😮
  6. If you take the #10 bus out to Cable beach you can rent a jet-ski. Get a few drinks...
  7. If I stay away from the fruity frozen alcohol drinks and not check out the WJ after MDR, I will only gain a few pounds on a week long cruise. I am just glad the ice cream machine is not 24/7
  8. Multiple answers for me. For an Alaska cruise we went on the highest deck to get easy access to outside viewing. On a Caribbean cruise we have gone 2cd level to have quick access to ports and/or tenders. Sometimes mid and low if it is in the open seas for less chance of motion sickness. Sometimes the price of the GTY cabin is too good to pass up. On Oasis we did mid ship for location to Boardwalk, Promenade and Central Park. Seems that all levels have pluses and minuses. Just need to sort your needs for that cruise.
  9. A big thanks to all for the great info. As always, RCBlog has the best feedback and great members. Cheers!!🍷
  10. Yes, I was referring to a balcony at the very back of ship, with aft view. Basically your info was what I expected. What category(letter/number) should I look under? Standard balcony, Large balcony? Thanks for info.
  11. I think they added that restriction after my last cruise and I wore open toed shoes and the staff and cruisers saw way too much of my feet!. Not pretty!! Socks with sandals(?), please.
  12. General question about scoring an aft balcony. With new schedules coming out, I am very interested in choosing an aft balcony for my next booking. Something new to try out. I seem to be having problems finding availability. General info appreciated. What ships? Tricks to scoring an aft cabin? What level is best? Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you
  13. Here are my two cents: Due to finances, we started out looking for the cheapest, easiest cruises we could find. Inside cabin and even did bunks with my wife once!! Had a great time as we were never in our cabins but to sleep and shower. Over the years with increased income and available time we pick and choose what type of cruise and cabin we want based on the purpose of the trip. Is the cruise mainly for port visits or just to chill? Just want a 3-4 day getaway to combine with a pre-city visit experience(ex. FLL and then cruise) or an extended getaway? Alone or with family and friends. Cultural? Went to Europe so did B2B to make more cost effective(if paying $$$ for flight why not stay longer in Europe). We have never gotten drink packages or specialty restaurants ever as we chose to put $ to excursions or to save for another day(cruise). That is just a personal choice. Always purchase when inventory is first released as I have found that is usually the lowest price. Pre book excursions or packages if wanted. Conclusion: We have run the gamut and have enjoyed things by making the best of any experience. No right answer, lots of personal choices. I would rather go on the cheap than not go at all.
  14. I second British Colonial. Safe. Fair price, easy to walk to. Staff was very friendly and seemed truly concerned about you having a good time.
  15. I have a follow up question. I am doing a B2B. I know that I can bring two 750 wine bottles/cabin for each cruise and they will hold two of the bottles till the second cruise. Does the same apply to non-alcoholic beverages? Meaning if I bring 24 plastic bottles of soda will they keep 12 in storage for the second cruise? Thanks in advance.
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