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LIVEish, Back to Back to Back on Mariner!


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Precruise hotel for the night is the Homewood Suites Port Canaveral. One package the hotel offers is a "Park n Cruise" deal.

First time being able to take advantage of, they have an evening reception with some snack and complimentary beer and wine. Reason for it being the first time, only done Monday through Thursday.

Tonight's theme is Octoberfest.


They also offered soup and salad.


The beer offering




For the record I did enjoy a "pint" or two of lager. Have to start this vacation off the right way!


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Another great thing about Homewood Suites, complimentary breakfast. True they don't have a fancy resort type pool or grounds.

Potatoes and scrambled eggs


Sausage and scrambled eggs


Sure the eggs are either powered type or from a bag.

Cold bar and oatmeal20191025_085239-1008x756.thumb.jpg.cdc15649085a36e6946e1ddb335e60ad.jpg

Waffle station


Not shown, pastry/bread case and cereal dispensers.

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Dropped off at 9:50 and no one outside directing folks where to wait or even go in. Doors are closed at this time.

Very different...



Ok... so it seems no one is outside directing folks. Someone walked up to the doors and they opened.

Also as a FYI security screening is requiring laptops to be taken out.

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1 minute ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

What if they threw a cruise and nobody came ? 

I've had that feeling before. It was in Tampa when my rideshare driver dropped me off at the wrong terminal. I was very confused where all the commotion was for the boarding process.

Look around and realize no ship, looked to left left... Dang it! It was a quick walk to the correct terminal.

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10:10 and the B2B folks are boarding... Someday I'll be in that line again.

Now for some shots of the seating areas.

Diamond, Key, and Diamond Plus holding areas in the front. Everyone else in behind them.



Suites and Pinnacle on the otherside. Another note about Suites and Pinnacle, they checked in downstairs.



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Few drinks enjoyed in The Bamboo Room.

Next stop the Suite Lounge, deck 14 port side.



Some nice seating





Small bar with some snacks. Bonus perk, starting at 12pm they offer lunch to Suite guests and Pinnacle members.



Also a nice outdoor seating area




Adding in the Suite Lunch menu


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8 hours ago, Lovetocruise2002 said:

Two questions?

1854? And where are they serving the suite lunch? 

I had that cabin. The lunch was quiet in the MDR.

13 hours ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

Is that one of the panoramic ocean view suites near the front of the ship ??

I love the view at night. We had a storm. It was awesome looking at the spectacular sight. Until my next cruise.

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