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“Symphony No. 17: Celebration, Relaxation, Exploration, Reflection” – 07/27/19 – 08/03/19

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21 minutes ago, JLMoran said:

How can you and hubs-bot pass up your one and only chance this trip for a Labadoozie?!?

Believe it or not, I am not a fan of Labadoozies. Over the last year or so, I have stopped drinking the more sugary drinks like Pina Coladas, and lava flows, etc. I stick to my margaritas and tonics now. And maybe the occasional shots if Shotsberg is around 😂

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Dinner tonight back at CK.


We started with a Caesar Salad which I did not bother to take a picture of. 

Hubby got seared scallops as his appetizer.


We both decided to do a Surf & Turf tonight.

Butter Poached Lobster 


Peppercorn Steak (from the classics menu).




Baked Alaska


And my two favourites...

Coconut Tapioca 


Chocolate Bar


Apologies for the lighting in these pictures. It was quite dark tonight and CK has this blue light overhead which messes up the lighting in these food pics. 

I will add to that tonight was the second formal night. Most people were more dressed up for this one rather than the first.  And then there was the guy in shorts and Crocs. And he even took his shoes off and put them up on a chair!!! 😒🙄 

Tonight’s Poached Lobster was probably the best that I’ve had in any CK for this particular dish. Both in presentation and quality. 

No real plans tonight. Off to wander and maybe sit in the Schooner Bar for a bit. I wanted to head to Central Park but it is still raining so that is out. Love & Marriage is also happening tonight. That is always fun. 

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Day 6:  Labadee

“Immerse yourself in nature’s Symphony and let your senses burst with joy.”

Good morning from Labadee.  Beautiful day here this morning. 



Probably getting off the ship for just a bit.  Hubby always enjoys the lunch buffet at Barefoot Beach so we will likely get off in time for that. I also ran into our suite concierge this morning and she tells me that they have made efforts to fix the miscommunication regarding Fast Track Boarding so I have to do my part to investigate 😉

In other news, because of our later arrival at Labadee (anticipation clearance time to get off is not until 10 am), Coastal Kitchen is packed this morning.  Currently waiting for a table 😯

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Today has been a simply relaxing day. We got off the ship for a bit so that Hubby could check out the buffet at Barefoot beach. He really enjoys it whenever we have access there. 




Labadee is so pretty, and natural. I really hope that they leave it instead of turning it into a theme park atmosphere like Coco Cay.  Here are a few pics from our time out and about today. 




Not a fan of the heat and buffet myself, I came back to the ship to enjoy this again.


Regarding Fast Track Boarding, the white flag was out today, no signage, and again, there was no difference which gangway people used. Oh well...lost cause.

The rest of our afternoon was spent laying out on the balcony with drinks. There was a nice breeze, our balcony faced Labadee, I did some reading and Hubby napped.  Perfect. 😊


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48 minutes ago, Skid said:

I may have to stop looking at your blog. I didn't know it was possible, but it appears I'm gaining weight just from your pictures!😁

Well if you are gaining weight from the pics, imagine my expanding waistline!  I need a major detox!

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Dinner Night 6: CK

Tried to keep it light tonight as we have been eating way too much!


Mushroom Consommé 


Short Rib. This was absolutely perfect tonight!


Coconut Custard.  This is another favourite of mine. Really nice and light.


CK has been inconsistent this sailing in terms of quality. The first 3 nights, it was not up to the standard that we are familiar with. Last night and tonight, it was fantastic. 

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