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Give Me Liberty, or ...not. An Insurance Claim Live Blog

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Status Update - Claimed Denied   Thank you for choosing Allianz Global Assistance to protect your recent travel investment. We are sorry that your travel experience did not go as

Text message received just now with a status update: I'm happily surprised how quickly this has progressed.  Once my bank account receives this direct deposit I'll update again.    

Status Update: It's been a while since I updated the thread and it's been an interesting journey.  I've been on a cruise recently with limited communication so that delayed working through this p

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5 minutes ago, CGTLH said:

That stinks, sure the Oasis ordeal isn't helping much either.

Oasis is unfortunate and disappointing but what can you do?

Losing 52 C&A points this year is a hard pill to swallow.  

Hopefully my bad luck is over, or else those fellow guests on my next cruise have no idea what they are in for 🙂   

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8 hours ago, twangster said:


I've used Air2Sea before and it does offer an "Assured Arrival"  guarantee like a form of insurance.   They would have have been responsible to fly me to Cozumel.   For domestic flights Air2Sea often costs more but you do get some benefits for that increased cost.  It's a good point for people to consider about Air2Sea.    I last used Air2Sea for a red eye flight to reach Empress on the day of cruise.  Knowing Air2Sea would be there in case of an airline or weather delay certainly has value.  

If you use Air2Sea and they get you to Cozumel, then you are still paying $2000 for a 5 night cruise, that really isn't a benefit if you have other insurance. 

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21 minutes ago, coolio111 said:

If you use Air2Sea and they get you to Cozumel, then you are still paying $2000 for a 5 night cruise, that really isn't a benefit if you have other insurance. 

Exactly.  However on a longer cruise or something more exotic (beyond Caribbean) then there may reason to join the ship.

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Well, not so fast.  The news above was too good to be true.  My claim was approved for just $80.  


Good news! We have processed a payment on the claim you recently filed with Allianz Global Assistance.  

If your financial institution is unable to process the electronic payment, a check will be sent to your address on file.  

Please contact us if you have any questions about your claim or payment.

Based on the claim documents you submitted and your policy coverage, we are unfortunately unable to issue payment for the full amount of your claim.  Please see details below: 

Your claimed expense amount of $1,XXX.XX was adjusted according to the terms of your policy, and we are issuing an $80.00 approved claim payment.  The following Travel Delay benefit coverage features guided the adjustment:

Reason: This is for the Travel Delay benefit of your claim.

You also have a claim XXXXXXXX  for a Trip Interruption.  For that claim, we need the following documents:

•    Proof of payment for the unused cruise.
•    Refund information for the unused cruise.
•    A statement from the common carrier indicating that they were not able to accommodate you on a flight to Cozumel on 04/09/2019 arriving in Cozumel prior to 4:00 pm.

Other coverage may be available under this plan or other insurance. Review your policies for details, or contact us for more information.

We’re glad we could be there for you and would like to know about your experience.  Your feedback is very important to us and will help us improve our services for the millions of people who use Allianz Global Assistance each year. 

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My claim has been converted from Trip Cancellation to Trip Interruption and Trip Delay. 

In the second screen shot of my claim you can I see I filed it for Trip Cancellation.  Someone at Allianz changed it to two claims, one for Trip Delay and one for Trip Cancellation.  

When I called them today they are now stating I filed it wrong.  In their words "You should not have filed two claims, one for trip delay and the second for trip interruption".

I didn't file two claims and I filed for Trip Cancellation.

I am waiting for a call back from my claim examiner.

It's a good thing I took screen shots of my claim as I filed it  Lesson learned, take screen shots of everything you file with your insurance provider.


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That was one of the most confusing things to discern when my family had to file a claim -- picking what type of a claim was it.  Having worked in insurance claims, I'm used to this decision being dictated by what caused the loss.  Trip cancellation was obvious in your situation.

I'm interested in how they are deriving an $80 figure for travel delay at all based on your situation.

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