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  1. These big suites that require a minimum number of people to book are often out of sight for web viewing. I urge you to either call RCI yourself or have a reputable travel agent help you with booking this kind of room. There are some peculiarities to such bookings unless you just get lucky (as I did once with a Royal Family Suite on Freedom) and happen to catch one out in "general inventory". They are fairly elusive....and, as others have noted, there are only a few of them under the best of conditions.

  2. I would be very interested in your experience with the deep sea fishing excursion. Dan has always wanted to do this but has been afraid that it wouldn't be what he is looking for. Please report back to us !


    I personally love love love the Oasis class. There is SO much to do. Do not miss the shows. They are excellent. Don't miss the Dreamworks parades and shows. They are a hoot - even if you don't have children along ! Enjoy the neighborhoods. They are so unique. Ride the carousel.


    Your nice pants and nice shirt will be fine. Don't stress over it.


    Have a wonderful time. I envy you !

  3. Wow...what a choice to make !


    16 nights vs 12 ?  Not much of a decision in my mind...but I LOVE the sea days so that is a big ++ for me.


    I love the Scotland and Ireland ports though.  Such a hard decision !  I don't envy you.


    I completely agree that the Indy is a superior ship to Vision....but the panoramic ocean view room sounds very nice.


    Get one of your professor buddies to help you develop a statistical weighted algorithm where you weigh each aspect (ship, # of nights, itinerary, etc.) and then just calculate.  ....oh and BTW, once you get that formula done, let me have it b/c I have a similar decision to make for next year !


    If you must have an answer though...I would say, based on the longer itinerary and the better ship (opinion only), I would stick with Indy.

  4.  1.  Leaving personal items on loungers.  I have never heard of anyone's personal belongings going missing except in situations where people leave their items unattended and leave the area entirely.  This can happen by accident (someone leaving something by mistake) or when someone will try and "save" a lounger for later use by leaving personal items on the lounger - in which case an employee may remove items so that the lounger can be used by someone who needs it (this is a fairly rare occurrence, unfortunately)  If you are just stepping away to swim, get a drink or some other short-term reason, I'm sure you would be fine...however, I would recommend that you put your more valuable items (cell phone, etc.) under your towel or in a tote or something similar.  You will not have any problems with that.


    2.  Security/weapons on board.  Absolutely not...or, if there are (and I don't believe there are) passengers NEVER see such things.  There is security at the ports but nothing that you don't see at an airport.


    3.  Misbehavior.  Yes, there are brigs on ships and I suppose that from time-to-time they are utilized but I suspect that this would be a consequence of last resort as the cruise lines do not benefit from locking up their passengers.  Will there be passenger disagreements ?  Occasionally, but it is truly rare to see physical confrontations.  The ships' staff are very adept at de-escalating potential physical altercations.


    You will find everything to be friendly, calm and welcoming.  Anything other than that, the cruise line loses.  Passengers will not pay top $$ to be placed into an environment that is dangerous or threatening.  Most will follow the golden rule and treat others the way that they expect to be treated.

  5. I am going with Todd on this one.  I have a friend who just recently (NCL) had his bags lost - never got ANY luggage delivered the entire cruise.  I recommend taking enough with you that you COULD survive the entire cruise, if necessary.  Obviously, you could never carry all of your clothing....but enough essentials that if push came to shove, you could survive.  Toiletries, 1 complete change of clothing, medications, documentation and anything you would NOT want to lose (cameras, jewelry, etc.).

  6. If you know for sure that you want to get a cabana, I would recommend that you reserve one before you get onboard (through the cruise planner).  While the cabanas aren't as popular as they once were (due to the significantly increased price), I would hate for you to be disappointed if they were all gone by the time you got onboard.


    I agree with Matt.  The over-the-water cabanas are the best, IMO....but any cabana is better than no cabana !

  7. It sounds like you are referring to Luggage Valet.

    This is a service offered by RCI. It is offered in a limited number of ports and with specific airlines. As long as you have a good port-airline combo you're good.

    I highly recommend this service ($20 PP plus any luggage fees from the airline). You put your luggage outside your stateroom, like normal, and the ship gets it to the airport and onto the airplane for you. You will not touch your luggage again until you get to your final airport destination. You will get your boarding passes and luggage receipts in your stateroom on the last day.

    I would not wait until midway through the cruise. I always go to GS and make my luggage valet arrangements as soon as I get on the ship. There is a deadline for signing up....usually a few dad before disembark.

    I have used this service many times and never had ANY problem.

  8. Welcome, Kim !!!


    The cabanas (both Barefoot Beach and Nellie's) are located on one side of the peninsula and Adrenaline Beach (where the zip line is located) is on the other....however, it is a small enough area that you can easily walk from one end of Labadee to the other without much effort.


    There are shuttles that run up and down all day long so you can always catch a ride to and from the cabana to Adrenaline Beach.  I think it's definitely doable.

  9. Yes.  If you cancel outright, you would lose your deposit b/c you were given that same amount as OBC for the cruise you were on when you booked the future cruise.


    If you transfer the cruise to another date or another ship completely, then you transfer the down payment without any penalty.  BUT, as we have stated, you would lose any other promos that were offered as part of the original deal.  Sometimes that's a bad thing and sometimes that's a good thing (if the current promo is better than the original one was).


    If you booked under the current 60% off second guest and then decided to transfer later and the promo deal at the time you transfer is buy one get one half off, then you will have traded a 30% discount for a 25% discount...as an example.

  10. Speaking of price increases, I was stunned when I went to check the price (Grand Suite) of my Navigator 2016 Christmas + New Year's cruise.


    The original base per person cost of this cruise (cruise only) was $5454.  Today's per person cost is $10,505.  That's nearly a 100 increase !  Holy cow !


    Now, I paid less than $5454 PP with my Club Royale discount (It came out to $3071 PP) and anyone purchasing today would get the 60% off second person price, which comes to $7353.50 PP but that's still a huge price increase.


    Booking early was definitely the right thing to do here !

  11. Usually the first 2 weeks of December have great prices.  I guess people are saving for Christmas and don't want to spend money on a cruise...so the volume must be low in early Dec.  I always take a cruise during Christmas so it's rare (although I have done it !!) for us to have 2 cruises in December.  You will find many "special" cruises are held in early December.  Example...the Royal Poker Tournament is always the first or second week in December b/c those are slow weeks and they use those promo cruises to help fill the ships.

  12. I know that I am an outlier here, but I ALWAYS get MTD and book the earliest available dining time for every evening.


    I recognize that this defeats the purpose of having MTD, but for the same reasons as you mentioned, Cruise_Addict, I do it b/c I want the same table and wait staff but do not want to HAVE to eat at the same time every night.  Also, we prefer a table for 2...and while I know that traditional dining has private tables, too, traditional dining has fewer private tables available than does MTD.


    Do we always eat at the same time every night ?  Not always, but on days when we know we are going to be eating a little later (e.g., port days) we let the servers and the folks at the reservations podium know when to expect us and they will do what they can to get our table and servers for us.  It doesn't always work.  Sometimes we have to eat somewhere else for that meal but they always do their best to get us our table and servers, even if it's later in the evening than our normal reservation.  What you canNOT do (and expect satisfaction) is to arrive late, unannounced and expect to get your table. At that point, it is someone ELSE's table.


    To address the first part of your post....I find it extremely hard to believe that the early traditional dining time is fully booked, this far in advance. More likely, it is an IT problem that is preventing you from choosing early MTD, if that is what you want.  I cannot believe it would be full this far out.  If you decide to do the traditional early MTD, I would check back periodically to see if that option has been unlocked...and if it does not show as available after some period of months, I would call either RCI (if you booked directly with them) or your TA, if you used one, and see if you can get some help.


    It's possible that the early dining has filled up already but I don't believe it.

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