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  1. Thank you. We're staying in a suite, and were wondering what people's experiences were with renting the beachfront cabanas on Barefoot beach.
  2. Any suggestions for shore excursions in St. Kitts? We are adventurous, and my husband enjoys rum as well. Thanks.
  3. Was thinking of getting a beach front cabana while visiting Barefoot Beach. Please let me know if you recommend doing this, as we've never been to Labadee. Thanks
  4. We were in a CLS and took the 125% FCC to upgrade to an ATS on deck 11. Any recommendations regarding whether to stay with the ATS or go back to CLS would be appreciated, as well as pros and cons of both. Thanks.
  5. We also bought tickets to the beach club for $43.00. They just had the deluxe beverage package on sale for an advertised 50% off, for $42.00/day. That is not 50% off, as it's normally $62-$67/day. I don't know who does their calculations!
  6. Speaking as a healthcare professional, I will say that I think that cruising is safe if you do not have a pre-existing condition. Most people that become acutely sick from COVID have some condition such as age, diabetes, hypertension, cardiac conditions, cancer, immunosuppression, COPD, that put them at a higher risk. Most people with out any risk factors, may only develop a headache or loss of smell or very low grade fever and not even know that they are sick with COVID. So, I believe as long as people are aware of their health conditions, it is up to each individual to decide if it is saf
  7. Our cruise was canceled for the April 18th sailing. We opted for the FCC. The first FCC we were credited was incorrect. It was over $5000 short! I contacted RCL and they said they would have it corrected within 2 day. The next FCC was was even funnier, it was for $344! I contacted RCL again, and asked to speak to a supervisor, who told me that I was wrong and did not know how to do the math. I sternly informed her that she had no business speaking to me that way and that I had my previous cruise statement in front of me, and explained to her how to do the math. She then stated that
  8. This doesn’t make sense, especially since they have a buffet set up. If we’re paying extra to enter, we should be able to eat when we want too.
  9. Hey, Peachykeen- FYI, they have free beds at the beach club on a first come first serve basis.
  10. I was very lucky! I wouldn't spend much more either! I figured for the upgraded food and service, and free umbrellas and floating mats it was worth it. It's something to check out once. If and when we book a cruise to go back there, we would probably just walk around the island, check out the straw market then probably just go back to the ship and do a port day massage.
  11. W paid $50.99 for our cruise on Symphony (4/18/20) fpr our Beach Club passes. I originally boght them in October, for $79.00, then had them re-ticketed on the black friday sale in November. T price is now up to $199. My thery is they adjust their prices based on supply and demand. I wanted to check out the club, and for what I paid, it is well worth it. I have learned that the earlier you buy something on RC, the cheaper it is, as they raise their prices over time.
  12. I hope it's not per ship. If there are 3 ships there at once, that would mean 600 people could be in the beach club.
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