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    Don't do any of these things

    Hi everyone, I know we get heated debating which dessert is the best one to order, or if a balcony room is worth it, but let's keep these basic rules in mind when chatting here. No profanity No personal insults No political discussion No debating religion A good joke about Canada, is always welcome.
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    We get to plan a new Cruise!!!

    Perspective is the word of the day. My cruise was a luxury. A break from life and the daily grind. It's a bummer I have to reschedule, and have to cancel my PTO request.....but ......I have an awesome family, I have my health, and....now.....I get to pick out, and plan another cruise to replace the one we just lost! So....as upset we are at losing a vacation, and the hassle of canceling hotels and excursions and such....just ask yourself......
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    who are working especially hard during this Covidilemma - waiting on hold with the cruise companies (ALL of them!), rebooking, refunding, repricing, upgrading - WHATEVER. I imagine they are all putting in LOTS of extra hours to help their clients. (We're looking at you, M.E.I. folks, but also so many more of the great ones out there!). We appreciate you!
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    Tim B.

    Oasis Denied and MEI Awesomeness

    I know catchy title but the worst happened this week. I have a cruise for this Sunday, 8 March 2020 on Oasis of the Seas. We booked this cruise a year and half ago and was really looking forward to it. I woke up Tuesday morning with the room spinning out of control and feeling very nauseous. I knew that feeling, it was the flu. Knowing I couldn’t just ride it out I had to go to the doctors and get a note indicating my status to inform RCI. Under the rules I had to be 14 days well to sail and I was well within that window. So off I went to the walk-in clinic where they jabbed a cotton swab so far up my nose I thought they were hitting brain. Nurse puts it in a container and says I will be back in 10 minutes to let you know the results. PA walks in next and says what I already suspected- Influenza Type A....UGH! There goes the trip. At this point I send an email to @michelle at MEI to let her know what was going on. Michelle let us know our options - Go to insurance (always get insurance people) and get the money back or she would TRY and rebook us but no promises. She had me choose 3 cruises by priority and she would give them a call. This morning I woke up to a new cruise in December 2020 and all the previous items for the Oasis cruise will be refunded and the cruise money itself will transfer over to new cruise. I just have to replan the cruise for what we want to do. I love doing that already so I’ll have fun doing a new cruise planner. I found about MEI from this blog, as I have never had an agent before, and this is a classic case of why they are so important. I have learned so much from this site so thanks to @Matt for starting this blog forum. Plug for Michelle - she did an awesome job in a very short amount of time and I am so thankful for her help. If you ever thought of an agent but said no, I could do it myself, think again...I would still be on the phone with the flu trying to fix this mess. Instead I was home in bed taking Tamiflu and getting rid of this flu without having to rebook or fight the insurance for a refund! Thanks again and maybe this thread can help someone else in the future if the worst happens to you pre-cruise week. Oh BTW - someone should be getting a Royal-up for Junior Suite 12636 soon since I had to cancel. And, I did have a flu shot this year so It didn’t work so well.
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    It has been a crazy few days. Lots of back and forth between go and don’t go. Ultimately, a few things sealed the deal for us. Never were we worried about the virus on the ship. I am still of the mindset that the ship is likely one of the cleanest places at the moment. Quarantine on the ship was also an afterthought, because how bad could it be in the ATS? What really made us re-think over the last few days was the possibility of being further quarantined in Trenton (military base). That is where they are taking all the Canadians on the Princess ships. That does not sound like a great time. Yesterday, Delta also waived change fees for all travel this month, and Royal revised their “Cruise with Confidence” policy in that we would get back our FCC that we redeemed for this sailing. So really, we would lose nothing by not going. It was beginning to get harder to justify going. The ultimate deal breaker is that Plan B, was better than Plan A. This blog is officially, “To be continued...” in 166 days. We are sad, but at the same, for the hockey people out there, we feel like we just won the Stanley Cup of cruising! When one door closes, another one opens. 😉
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    Nope. I work in healthcare as an ICU RN. Wash your hands and dont cough or sneeze on people. Viruses come and go.
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    I know that for a lot of people outside of this community, it may seem silly to be so upset about canceled/changed cruises. However, we all understand that vacations like these are a way to escape reality and make once-in-a-lifetime moments. We all come together to enjoy these fantastic ships and destinations and we truly get to appreciate the good times. So given the hard times at the moment and what may come up, I wanted to take a moment to appreciate this community. We will get through this and cheers to our next cruise vacation (whenever it may be)! (Also thanks to @Matt obviously lol)
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    Keep supporting your favorite travel content creators, like @Matt and others. They need us (and we need them) more than ever right now!! https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/13/style/travel-influencers-coronavirus.html (I really don't know what category this belongs in, but this is the most visited, so here it is.)
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    Because toilet paper is the cure for Covid-19. No, wait, it prevents coughing. No, wait.....
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    PG Cruiser


    Was there a virus outbreak situation when you sailed on those other cruise lines? If not, it would be unfair to compare your previous cruising experiences with what is going on right now. The situation is very fluid and the travel industry is being impacted negatively in a big way. We’ve known Royal to take care of its customers' welfare but it might be overwhelmed by the challenges of this virus at the moment. A little understanding goes a long way.
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    Just want to say, I appreciate @Matt and everyone I regularly interact with on this board. It's been a roller coaster this week, and I appreciate y'all for giving me an outlet and a sense that I wasn't the only one....I still don't know what the future holds for my April sailing...but I know this too, shall pass. When it does, I look forward to more joking, more debating, and more obsessing about my vacation.
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    I think we will be cruising by May

    For the love of all that is Holy & Healthy, let's be positive for once, just one positive thread, please? I have written the CEO & the COO asked them if they could be mindful of their amazing loyal to royal customers and implored for them a transition that is as painless as possible, especially for their staff. I pray that we get a handle on this soon, we as a family are sheltering in place not because we are scared we practice good habits, but because we were asked to. I wanted to set a good example for my kid. I refuse to be all doom and gloom, this too shall pass, I know tragedy and healing comes in due course. Since we are blessed here to know we work hard and reward ourselves by vacationing harder, our choice RCCL as soon as they sail again I hope we all jump on sailings, use those FCC"s as soon as possible, you know you are going over to Next Cruise anyway while on board. Please I implore the fans (and I know it's hard I feel for our friend @Lovetocruise2002 whose support is unwavering and then the whole FCC mishandling) but can we choose to be positive just this one thread? Thank you @Branderson610, I smiled when I read your post. My next sailing isn't until June 2020 but I am not cancelling, I am going to "let the frustration go" and roll with it. I did go ahead and book an additional amazing sailing Thanksgiving 2020 on the Odyssey too! To all of my friends here, please be safe & stay healthy WE.WILL.GET.THROUGH. THIS.
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    Thank you to all of you for your kind words. It seems in the TA world every year or two there is something that comes around such as this that shows people why they might not want to book direct - - the hold on the phone line or busy signal! HAHA While we are busy, it is you the client that we do this for because we love it. Because many of us at MEI have been doing this for so long, we have lots of experience at holding on the phone, placing holds for new bookings online, chatting with another agent in the agency to either vent (so we don't toss the computer or phone out the window) , and we can order a pizza for dinner because we assume we will be on the phone til after dinner! 🤣🤣🤣
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    I know everyone loves food so I thought my next post would be of our Day 1 dinner. To start with we had Caeser salad (no photo since everyone knows what that looks like lol). For my main I had the Slow Roaster Prime Rib was supposed to come with potato croquette, but they ended up giving me a baked potato because of my allergies. For desert I just had berries as nothing was safe for me to eat :(. Sandra also had a Caeser salad for the starter. For a main she had the Southern Fried Chicken. She also had the berries as she had some sweets in the Windjammer. I also got you guys some photos of the Windjammer dinner options. Hope you enjoyed 🙂
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    Final thoughts and things I learned: Mr. SpeedNoodles has declared Symphony of the Seas as his favorite ship, and wants to book more Oasis-class cruises. We don't have one booked until Allure in Jan 2022 and I don't know where we'll fit one in between now and then. But I've been informed. Also he wants an AquaTheatre suite. So if anyone runs across a fantastic deal, please clue me in. While we were able to do a lot on the ship, there was so much more that we weren't able to do. We never even stepped into Jazz on 4 or The Attic. I had reservations for the comedy shows, but something always interfered. There's just SO much to do! We made it to a hot tub once - we really never got to spend any time on the pool deck. As usual with me, no matter what I was doing I felt like I was missing out on something else. The staff was exceptional. There wasn't one place on the ship where we didn't encounter helpful, friendly crew members. If we dined in a specialty restaurant once, and ran into our waiter somewhere else a day or two later somewhere else on the ship, they remembered our names (WHAT WITCHERY IS THIS?????). I figured out a handy packing tip on this trip. While I use packing cubes, and typically try to pack things together so they are easy to unpack on the ship (like items together that will be placed into the same drawer or closet), when I packed to come home I packed things in the cubes that would be washed together. All I had to do was open up cubes that contained things washed together and dump them in the wash instead of sorting them at home. It really didn't take much extra time at all but made laundry much easier. 30 SPF sunscreen doesn't do a damn thing to protect skin that hasn't seen the sun for 5 years. We got really good at using Lyft. From the time we left the house to the time we returned home we used Lyft 11 times. I learned at the Quest that I cannot twerk, but the 70+ year old woman in front of me could. I saw my very first Booby. As in Brown Booby - the bird. A flock of them followed alongside the ship as we left St. Maarten, constantly diving after fish that must have been disturbed in our wake. I took photos. Not a Booby can be seen in any of them. You'll simply have to take my word. #birdlifelist We're pretty bummed that we have to wait until October for our next cruise!!! (But it's going to be a SUPER FUN cruise!) Thanks for following along. (Now I need to go catch up on all of YOUR blogs that I've fallen behind on!)
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    Cancellation Refund / Credit Option

    Thanks to Jo-Ann Hall from the Navigator Facebook group for finding this out, here's what she posted... "For all of you in the same boat I am (pun intended) who has just had their cruise cancelled, I was actually able to speak to a RCCL guest services agent a little bit ago. They are offering two options: 1. either a full refund or 2. If you take a cruise credit instead of a refund you receive an additional 25% on top of what your cruise was. They aren’t processing it over the phone, he stated that we would all receive emails today or tomorrow and it will give us instructions how to get either one. He said if you do the refund it will take about 30 days to receive it. Of note, he sounded exhausted, defeated, and apologetic. Please everyone try to be extra nice to these folks. They aren’t at fault and they’re going through the same hell we are."
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    Do not think that is a worry at this point - but I get why people would be concerned ! they are a great and very supportive company
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    No cash....give me the FCC....I've already spent the cash once. It'll never trust me again.
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    IMG_4844.MOV Yesterday was great other than the weather. Just yours the ship with our friends who were on their first cruise. Went to the ice skating show after MDR and then stopped by the Schooner Bar, Boleros, Studio B and the Pub. Didn’t stay in any more than 15 minutes, just wanted a feel. Had to get up early for today but that’s only after I won $50 playing blackjack. I know small stakes but that’s big for me. 🙂 The folks with My time dining were very accommodating with our party of 14. i have cruised before but my major takeaway if this cruise, and forgive the All CAPS but it’s “ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT”. The worse they can say is no or offer an alternative but they will bend over backwards to accommodate most requests. Today in St.Kitts and went to the Marriott resort for the day on the beach and this hotel pool. The weather is beautiful, 83 and sunny. We have been starving for good weather. We have reservations at Wonderland tonight with the kids. Look forward to it. Sidebar: The Starbucks on board is like being at home other than they don’t have the warmer for breakfast sandwiches or lunch sandwiches. They have the vast bay majority of the drinks you want from home with the sweetness that Starbucks offers, they don’t use the Royal Caribbean sweetness. They are truly an independently owned type of operation who happen to be on a cruise ship. Yes you can use your Starbucks apps to purchase but NOT redeem. You can also use your Seapass or being a Starbucks gift card. No, your drink package DOES NOT WORK. I see this question gets asked a lot and I did myself prior to the cruise. As with most who travel on the larger boats when you pull into a port you feel as you are the big dog, the big man ok campus and compared to the other ships most folks are truly in awe. Once you get off the ship and compare to the other ships it makes you appreciate how huge this ship is. Thank you for taking the time to read my Rambling 🙂 The drones at the ice show are GREAT!
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    Still on the fence but the packing has begun. You all know that on top of being a “suite snob” I am also a “tea snob” right? And it’s good to be prepared in case of quarantine. 😂
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    prices for future cruses

    Wow....don’t we all wish we knew when/if prices were going up or down ? We don’t. Nobody does. It’s all part of the game we play. There are so many factors, as Neesa said - OBC, booking incentives, resident rates. They all have “value” so you have to consider them all in the price package. I have so much respect for those cruise friends who are heading out this week and who decided, against all of the unknowns and scary situations to forge ahead and stay the course. I also respect those who decided to listen to their inner alarm bells and make alternate arrangements. That’s a very hard thing to do when you have so much time, effort, money and emotion invested. God love all of you. Whatever each of you decides to do, good luck, have fun and be careful.
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    @Cruiser nic~ I can't even imagine your frustration, it appears palatable. The planner/control aspect of my personality would feel quite similar to what you are feeling now. But probably my age (OLD) and life experience due to being (OLD) pushes me to a different place. This you can not control, hard & frustrating try to let that part go. Know in your heart RCCL takes the precautions they must for everyone's health and safety, no one the ports included want to cancel, the monies they stand to loose are astronomical, but the cost of a life, priceless. No one wants this illness to spread any more then it has and these precautions/changes are in place for the ultimate enjoyment of your sailing Holiday, sailing with 8 nearest and dearest I promise you RCCL will do their best to make sure your Holiday is the best it can be. I believe they don't answer your questions because of the fluidity of the situation, they don't know anything from day to day I'm sure. RCCL is in the vacation business and the last thing as a company they want is an unhappy or ill customer. The first step of making lemonade out of lemons is the hardest, but once over that initial hump I know you can have the absolute best time! Positive thoughts to you and yours for a great sailing :) Denise (just a customer I don't work for or represent RCCL)
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    Oasis Denied and MEI Awesomeness

    Tim B. I am so proud of you and so happy that this was handled so quickly, appropriately and best of all, satisfactorily !!! I have been using Michelle Cunningham (MEI)([email protected]) for many years and know the dedication and professionalism that she provides. What I also knew, but have had little chance to share with everyone, is the fact that she is a GENIUS and can work miracles !!! So, #1 I'm happy and proud that this went so well for you but #2 I am SO shocked and thrilled to see that Royal did the right thing here !!! The bottom line is, they had absolutely no obligation to do ANYthing for you at all. But it seems, b/c YOU did the right they, THEY turned around and did the right thing, too !!! This is the kind of good news story that rarely gets shared. Bad news travels far and wide but good news usually gets left behind. It's so heart-warming to know that doing the right thing (as you did) is occasionally rewarded ! Well done !!!!!
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    Big Tule

    Just had to repost this

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    Cheers...keep it going....

    Drank Mai Tais out of this all weekend.....because I needed it....
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    Aft balcony

    Under no circumstance should anyone book an aft balcony on any ship. As a service to all of mankind, when I cruise, I will think of the other person first and take the aft balcony off of someone else's hands. It's a heavy price for me as just one humble individual to pay, but someone's got to do it. TIC of course. Aft balconies are the bomb.
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    What do you all miss the most?

    The build-up. Counting down the days and obsessively checking the Cruise Planner to try and snag a good deal on something. Checking a gazillion excursion websites for each port in an effort to find the best ones. Reading and re-reading the live blogs for our chosen ship in the run-up to cruise day. It's hard to get excited and enjoy the thrill of planning when you can't be sure your cruise is even going to happen.
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    Been trying to think of a lot of nifty things to say the night before the cruise (Christmas when you hope you are getting that new bike or New Atari game), so I’ll just step away from that as I look out the 19th Floor of the Hilton Downtown Miami and just say WE ARE READY! Look forward to waking up in the morning and in the distance seeing Symphony! We has a great time in Little Havana, then Bayside Market throughout the day and now the time is nigh. Our bags, are packed, our wine in our carryon, many shows and movies loaded from Netflix and Disney+ and just can’t wait for tomorrow. Look to get to the ship around 11am (remember ignore that boarding time thing). We know things will be different with the temperature scan but after taking a Bay Cruise around Miami and seeing the beautiful Terminal A in person for the first time just made things even more excited. Shout out to anyone joining on this cruise especially those from Texas and look to have the best time ever. As “The Rock” would say “Can you smell what Royal Caribbean is cooking”. Pun Intended “HAK1906” out!😂🤣😎
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    You Know It's Getting Bad When......

    Need to start passing this out!
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    I Can't wait till all these threads are buried deep in the boards and we are all discussing which excursions are the best, wether paying for the upgrade cabin is worth it, and should dress code being enforced. I miss those days
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    We plan to hit the local Mexican and BBQ restaurants and there is talk of finally building the LEGO Death Star. I'll be watching videos of 1740. 😄
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    Ok from disappointment of May 10th Oasis cruise cancelled back to excitement because we rebooked Oasis Sept. 6th and we went for a Central Park balcony. We just wanted to try this category. Man this guy, this guy John Ames from MEI is incredible. He looked, saw one cabin left and just booked it for us. I told him what we wanted, he saw it was the last cabin and booked it for us. Excited again! I can't say enough about John from MEI!
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    What do you all miss the most?

    I miss everything. The excitement of embarkation day, the first drink by the pool, getting to see our room for the first time, first night in the dining room, and so on. But one thing that particularly stands out for me is watching the sun go down, the stars come out, smelling the clean ocean air, and watching the wake drift lazily behind the ship. Such a calm and peaceful experience (for me anyway).
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    It's Monday, which means it is the start of a new work week, but I prefer to think of it like the start of a new cruise week! Share your favorite embarkation day photo in this thread!
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    It's about trying to maintain a slow bleed that they can manage from a cash flow position. If they cancel many months at a time it's like a run on the bank and they won't have the daily reserves to handle the massive blood loss from doing it all at once. Be patient.
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    I’m with @Neesa on this one. I have 4 other sailings booked for this year starting in July. With all the negative news around us, these boards, and the hope of cruising again, is something that many of us are looking forward to. Great for mental health in the midst of all this social distancing and doom & gloom. While I am not oblivious to what is going on around us, I choose to remain positive through all this. 🙂
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    When we can cruise again the industry will need our help, I suggest we all book twice as many cruises as normal just so we can do our part...=)
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    You Know It's Getting Bad When......

    Shameless display of wealth...
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    I'm gonna get the drink package....I deserve it after going through all this.
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    Matt and the entire Royal Caribbean Blog community he created is a huge benefit for all of us. We are a family. And we need to stick together in times like this. Well said, @SpeedNoodles. Here is how to support @Matt and this community: https://www.patreon.com/RoyalCaribbeanBlog
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    Folks, There is a rationale for these actions, whether you may agree or not. Google "flatten the curve". Briefly, by buying time preventing the expansion of this illness, one increases the chances that the healthcare system will not become overburdened with patients needing critical care. The model acknowledges that inconvenience and lifestyle disruptions will occur, but the alternative could be much worse. That said, does anybody know where I can score some TP???
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    Upgraded: Worth the time on hold!!

    Just spent about 2 hours in total on hold but I was able to get my June sailing on Navigator upgraded in a big way! Went from an interior room to an ocean view balcony and I'm getting $60 back after the entire process! It was very much worth the wait! Just saying if you have an upcoming sailing, it might not be the worst idea to give them a call now with everything going on. Figure the worst that they could say was "no we can't help you". Good luck and stay healthy everyone!
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    At.Thomas was good today. Got off the ship and took a Taxi to Meghan’s Bay Beach. Taxi was $10 a person one way. There were five ships in port today. Two including Symphony on one side and three other on the other side. The beach today was PACKED! They ran out of chairs and we got there around 10:30 am. If you are going to that beach I suggest getting there real early to ensure chairs, etc. if you want to rent those. The beach is absolutely beautiful and deserves the publicity it receives. It was $10 back to the port with a couple of picture stops and an hour stop shopping downtown. I was excited to find a bottle of Blanton’s bourbon today. For Bourbon drinkers it’s a very difficult find. Back at the ship ate wings at Playmakers and the kids zip-lined, Ultimate Abyss and the Arcade. Tonight, we eat Chops. Look forward to it.
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    I'm not overly sentimental but, remember the good old days, before Covid-19 when we would just debate whether or not shorts were acceptable in the MDR? I miss those days.
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    This morning! Symphony all the down at a terminal A at the far end.
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    100 shares and $100.00

    The RCCL stock OBC is not always applicable and often difficult to apply. Be very careful purchasing stock for the purpose of getting OBC.
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    Hockey gets shutdown for 6 hours - Canada solves Coronavirus... 🙂
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    Today was a pretty fun day. After trying to shower and discovering our shower was broken and no one came to fix it. We went out to try and meet up with the cruise critic meet and greet if it wasn't too late. Got to meet some nice people that were still there when we got there. After that we for some lunch in the MDR (mainly because of my allergies but also because its sooo good). I got the Caeser Salad with grilled chicken to start, the beef strip loin for my main and the berry crapes with custard for my desert (it was amazing). Sandra got the roasted burundi over rice for her starter, enchiladas for her main and she also got the crapes for desert. Once we finished lunch we went to the casino to see how much credit we had waiting for us on our cards for the slot machine. Spoiler it wasn't much lol. I ended up with $4 and Sandra had $2 lol. We were done within minutes lol. After that we headed to the newly added laser tag in Studio B (side note the stage that was here was removed and the photo center moved into its place). After I killed it in laser tag (I was KUMA in our game) we went to watch a presentation on Alaska (We are planning Alaska for our next cruise but still trying to make a game plan) and hoped to win some free stuff (we didn't). We came back to our cabin to do some work and get ready for formal night (bad news shower was still broken, thankfully our room attendant who was frustrated with the plumbers found a temporary solution). Formal night was saved. For dinner I had ordered last night to ensure I got some good desert. I had the pumpkin soup to start, for my main I actually ordered 2, lemon-butter baked cod and roast beef tenderloin. For desert I had the Royal Cheesecake. Sandra also had the pumpkin soup to start, she had the roast beef tenderloin for her main and the grand marnier soufflé for desert. To end the night we went to see Freedoms new show called Marquee (although someone said they had seen this before but not when we were on last). It is a fun musical with a wide range of styles. After that I went to the adult comedy show by Louis Johnson. He was a blast for sure.
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