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    6 days into our first ever cruise and we have booked our next with plans for 2 more before we go on that one. Addicted!! Thanks to everybody for helping us make this leap! Nikkoo
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    So, a while ago, while roaming the internet, I stumbled across this awesome list of which activities were on which ships throughout the Royal Caribbean fleet. It was perfect! Maybe I lost it, maybe it was taken down, but I couldn't find it any longer. So I set out to make my own. After going through every deck of every Royal Caribbean ship's deck plans, I noted everything I could find onboard. Bars, dining, entertainment, I listed it all. Here is the result: View in full screen I find it incredibly useful and I thought that I'd put it here because you all might like to use it too. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think. Disclaimers: This is my own creation and all information used is from https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/deck-plans (unless otherwise referenced) Therefore, there may be certain inaccuracies because of either certain things missing on the deck plans, or me missing something out If this is the case, please feel free to let me know and I will update it to reflect these. As said, I have not been on all these ships so do not have first hand experience for all these venues and activities, so please do let me know of any errors I may have made. It is quite large so it may take a moment to load, and you will need to zoom out. I intend to update it as new ships debut, or as ships get refurbished/amplified so it is hopefully always an up to date reference point. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy!
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    How to sound like an alcoholic....

    We end up doing a Pub Crawl, Poker Run ...... All participants put in $5. At every bar, not only do you have a drink, you draw a card ...... at the last bar, you find out who has the best poker hand - that person wins the cash ..... I was fortunate enough to win two years ago w/ 3 Kings ... Nice .
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    I wonder if it is the same Youtuber who got most of the facts and projections wrong when Oasis was damaged in the crane incident. Some bloggers and vloggers will do anything to get clicks and followers, even make stuff up. Fortunately here on royalcaribbeanblog.com @Matt sticks with known and confirmed information, not speculation. If you want reliable information you'll find it right here https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/
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    Odyssey - Inaugural - YOLO

    Mine was just as easy
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    We walked right by a local resident and I told lil man we have to give him a name. Everyone...I would like to introduce you to Chic-Fil-A:
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    Day 6 - St Thomas After a short overnight ride over from Tortola we arrived to a rain storm in St Thomas at Crown Bay. Fortunately it's the Caribbean. If you don't like the weather wait 15 minutes. This is a work day for me. Gotta pay for these cruises somehow. I stayed on the ship. #boring I was curious where we went last night since it's a very short distance. Looks like we just puddled around for a bit then made our way to St Thomas.
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    Day 5 Santorini. As you may remember we switch the clock forward a day ago , combine it with our 7 am shore excursion and you can imagine when we had to woke up . It's appear that RC wanted to avoid the crowds as we had around 5 ships docking near the island at some of yhe hours. After a quick shower (can not start the day without it) I went to the WJ to bring back something to eat , it was not a day to seat and eat for sure. Here is the pre morning sunrise We went to the meeting point to found it quite crowded , apperently many more thought it will be a good idea to book an excursion. We booked the AIO and Santorini tour which includes also a visit to a winery . We have been told that four or five groups booked the same tour. Once our number we call we started doing our way to the gangway we stuck into traffic jam of deck 2 corridors , during that time some poor person from one of the cabins tried to get out for breakfast , so what he need to face and run back inside. We finally board our tender which brought us to the new port From there a 20 minutes drive to Oia , our guide told us allot of stories about Santorini or at least I think that what she told as I and also 90% of the buss were sleeping. We got to Oia for some free time to take the same photos that everyone takes from the same exact points , don't get me wrong it's n amazing place with stunning view. So we took some photos and went to one of the places to drink a coffee. There we found also another known fact about Santorini, it's really expensive , 25 $ for two coffee and one cake , but you pay for the view , it was nice to seat and relax looking at sea and enjoying the light wind. This is a traditional Santorini dessert . Very good Our next stop was a winery , for some reason RC thought it will be a good idea to bring all the groups on the same time to the winery , 200 people trying to sample the wine (three kind) and eat some Greek cheese, olives and crackers. We tried only two type of wines as it was only 10 am and it was so crowded. No one explained about the wine or how to drink it , comparing to other winery yours we done at the past it was not that good , but they have amazing view. Next we went to Fira for some more photo ops and more coffee for us Making sure our boat not running away By 1 PM we were back on the ship just on time for lunch . Weather was very good and not too warm , we enjoyed Santorini with all the limitations that such short visit during the most busy time of the year.
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    Irons on board

    I just own the wrinkles and go for it. I'm on vacation. I don't iron when I'm home and I'm SURE as sh*t not gonna iron when I'm on a cruise !
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    It's all about timing 🙂
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    Freedom Amp'd

    I'm not a sports person at all, so I freely admit that I have no understanding of sports watching culture at all. But still... I really don't get why folks would want to spend a chunk of a gorgeous sunny day out on the ocean with all the other things to do on a ship, sitting inside and watching TV. . . . . . Oh, God, someone help me... I've become my mom!!!! 😱
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    Back to the ship to change and get my good camera. I tested Voom on CocoCay and once again the speeds were very good for satellite internet. Always good to avoid scaring the mermaids away. Back to the Snack Shack for a Shack Crispy Chicken Sandwich, a Greek salad and fries. The mango fruit drink is surprisingly additive. Yum. The floating bar remains popular. The pool was hopping again. Having been several times to the new CocoCay I couldn't imagine it now without the pool. One last trip back to the ship. Someone's not going to have a Perfect Day when they get charged for leaving a pool towel behind...
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    Hi all! Today, we're one week out from our cruise, so I figured I'd get this thing kicked off! This will be the first Alaskan cruise for everyone in our group, so we're all really looking forward to it! It's the last official Alaskan trip for the Ovation this season before she moves on to visit Hawaii and then on to Australia. (I'm waaaay jealous of those folks doing a b2b2b - what an incredible experience that has to be!) Itinerary: Who's going: We're a group of 6 this time - Myself (Phill), my Wife Kelly, SIL Cyndi, BIL George, and our friends Polly and Sheri. Pre-Cruise: Each couple are on different flights into Seattle the day before - We're flying in from Philly, and the rest are flying in from Newark. Our flight leaves at 6 AM, and we'll arrive around 10 AM Seattle time. I'm not one to sleep on an airplane, but hopefully I can catch a few winks. My wife and I along with the In-laws are booked at the Moore hotel in downtown Seattle. This hotel offers a room with two bedrooms with a bathroom in between - those logistics should be fun, but the price was right and it's only one night, so we booked it! The Moore is just a short walk away from Pike Place Market, so we plan on touring around that area. I donate plenty of money to Starbucks, so I'll be excited to visit the original. Polly and Sheri have booked the Edgewater hotel which isn't too far away either, and right on the water...the pictures of that hotel look amazing! Cabin: Each couple has booked a balcony cabin close together on Deck 13 forward. Pre-cruise purchases: Everyone booked The Key as well as the 3 night dining package. I'm team DX for life since I easily break even and way beyond (even on port days :P) - myself, George, Polly and Sheri have the DX, My wife and Cyndi have the Refreshment package since they will not drink enough to make the DX package make financial sense. Any alcohol on their part will be a-la-carte. Excursions: In Juneau, we are doing the Mendenhall Glacier tour and Salmon Bake (Purchased through the cruise planner) Skagway, we've booked the White Pass Scenic Railway (also through cruise planner) No real plans for the rest of the ports, we'll either stay on the ship or stroll around the port area. Post Cruise: Cyndi and George have a wedding to attend, so they'll be headed to the airport after debarkation. Since this cruise ends in Vancouver, and we've never been, my wife and I along with Polly and Sheri have decided to extend our stay by one night. We've booked the River Rock Casino in Richmond, BC which is a little south of the cruise port. We'll fly back out to Philly early the next morning. I look forward to documenting our adventure - let me know if anyone has any questions or if there's anything in particular you'd like to see, and thanks for reading!
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    No Kraken?

    Snooze = Lose Although that bartender did do a very generous pour to finish the bottle that time.
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    Survey at end of cruise

    I don’t doubt that they believe this to be true but if IS true then Royal needs a new ratings strategy. Many people (myself included) rarely give a “perfect” score to anyone...b/c where do you go [up] from there ? That’s one reason I really dislike these kinds of surveys. If everyone is perfect (and NObody is) then there’s no need to ask and the surveys are a waste of time and resources.
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    Jolly Ogre

    How much do you use the MDR?

    For $120 that better come with a "happy ending"
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    Back and shoulder injury

    Just wanted to post an update in case it helps someone else out in the future. I did have to contact RCCL and cancel our cruise. RCCL will refund our Taxes, fees and port expenses as well as any add-ons that we purchased for the cruise. (Excursions, drink packages, etc.) I then contacted the Royal Rewards Department to see if I could save the credit card points. They said that in a case like mine, they would hold the points and I would have 6 months from the date of cancellation to move the points to a new booking. I then contacted the insurance company that RCCL uses for their Vacation Protection Plan. I went to their website travelclaim.com and printed off the Attending Physician Statement which we will have completed by my husbands doctor at his upcoming appointment. I then need to start a claim on their website and send in the completed Physician statement. They said it would take 4 weeks to process the claim after they received the Physician Statement. I then needed to contact Delta concerning our non-refundable plane tickets. I explained everything to them and they said that if I provided them with either the doctor's information or the hospital's information (name, address and phone) that they would hold the value of the tickets and that I would have 1 year from the date that I purchased the tickets, to use that value to book other airfare. Thank you for the well wishes and @Ladyxsuebee, we will be thinking of you during your cruise. We hope you have a great time.
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    Sometimes it's good idea to go one last time to the Casino , just to get my birthday present
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    You're not wrong by thinking that the Radiance itineraries are superior, because they are. The issue with Radiance is you have to fly to Vancouver (international flight versus Seattle), plus of course the cost/extra time to fly to/from Alaska. Not to mention for your kids, Ovation will offer so much more. If it makes you feel better, the Seattle itinerary is still awesome. It's not like you're visiting Hoboken, New Jersey or something.
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    USCG Teacher

    Harmony vs. Symphony

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    Our Cabin – Since my I am planning this trip, and it is for my birthday, I chose to splurge with cabin 9708 which is an aft, 2 bedroom Grand Suite (formally the Royal Family Suite if you want to search on YouTube). Regardless of where we vacation, we always look for a room with space that DH can go to read or work while he waits for the rest of us to get up. DH has been an early riser all of his life – 5am is really sleeping in for him. I’m a night owl and could close down the dance floor, and apparently I’m no fun when woken up at 4am! DH and I have stayed in Junior Suites on both of our previous cruises, which worked well for the 2 of us. That little curtain between the bed and couch was just light blocking enough to keep me from being a… let’s just say grumpy lady… every morning. But with the kids, we knew we wanted the extra space and the second bathroom. Hopefully all goes well for the kids on this cruise because we’ve already booked another! We're taking my MIL on her first cruise next time around - Enchantment in February 2020 also in a 2br Grand Suite. Hopefully we won’t be ruined by the real suite experience, and we will be able to handle connecting rooms in the future. If not, and you know anyone who needs a wedding cake, send them my way so I can keep paying for the suite life! 🤣 Pre-cruise purchases – Because we are in a suite, we didn’t think we would take full advantage of the Deluxe Beverage Package, so we purchased the Refreshment package at $17 for all of us during the Black Friday sale. I caved and upgraded to the Deluxe Beverage Package at $46 about 80 days out. I really think it needed to come down to $42 to make financial sense for us as we got the Refreshment package so low and we’ll be taking advantage of the Suite Lounge every evening, but it’s worth the extra $50ish in my mind to not have the big bill at the end. I never saw the package go that low, even on Black Friday. Of course now, with the recent price increases across the board, it really seems like a steal! We also purchased an excursion in Roatan through RC. I found the same excursion through a 3rd party, but the price was only $10 more when RC was running one of their sales, and DH likes the assurance of staying with the herd. We haven’t had family photos made in a while, so we will most likely buy the digital photo package. I haven’t quite decided yet, but the price is normally $250 for all the digital shots. None of the photographers I work with, even on their family sessions, give all the digital images and a print release for only $250. Most start around $300 just for the session fee. I’m sure it’s not quite apples to apples with the ship’s photographers (I'm not getting any editing with that price), but it doesn’t seem completely unreasonable to me. The package also went on sale today for $235 so I'll probably get off the fence about that today. I can use that $15 for one of the kids' souvenirs instead!
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    Royal Frustration

    Reading this thread as I sit on hold to book a drink package..... eep!
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    Where did I leave off? Oh yes, Blue Lagoon. After the dolphin encounter it turned pitch black outside. We decided to catch the 2pm boat back to the ship because if we didn’t get that one we’d be stuck there until 4pm. Good thing we did. It started lightning and thundering. On the way back we even saw two water spouts. The ride back was fun. It was a very lively crew that got everyone up to dance.
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    Yeah the pricing after 4 people drops significantly for each additional person you add. The villa was 600 more for the entire trip than 2 GS and multiple rooms in some cases were close if not more than the suite. I think the villa is a no brainer myself as we would want the Key added if not booking a suite. I went ahead and booked the Villa for April of 2021.
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    Likewise!!! This is a awesome site for Blogging!! I know Matt Personally, and get to Cruise with him in 27 Days! He does a Amazing job with Royal Caribbean Blog!!! I will love reviewing your live blog! Have a safe trip home.
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    As usual , cruise early morning and I woke up up much too early. So here some more pictures from yesterday : Now, I am sure such a child labor would not be approved today 🙂 Inside the cathedral: It's hard to understand the size from the picture but it is a huge church , 40000 people can be inside and to think they started to build it 700 years ago (and complete it 60 years ago , talking about delays , almost like RCL IT upgrade projects). Here are the remains of the old church under the cathedral And I can't visit Italy without drinking espresso or two
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    How to sound like an alcoholic....

    What was really funny about the Poker Run portion that year ..... after they took a picture of me and the winning hand, I took a photo of the rest of them ..... They were supposed to look mad, upset, sullen, that they didn't win ..... some folks, including my wife, didn't follow instructions.
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    Continuing my RC Cruise Ship Spotting Tour of the Mediterranean, today Explorer was with us in our last port of Gibraltar.
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    I always love @Traveler blogs because I get to see pics of another side of the world that I wish I could go back to! You bet I'll be following!
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    Andy P

    Johnny Rockets Shakes

    Matt, thank you for all you do.
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    We took an Uber to the beach here in Ft. Lauderdale. My crab phobic son decided to snorkel again. He saw fish and even a stingray! That made his day. For some reason stingrays are on the okay list. 🤷‍♀️ The water is just BEAUTIFUL!!!!! We swam/snorkeled for a couple of hours, then went to have pizza right across the street. Best pizza crust ever and I’m not a crust eater. Now we are taking Lyft back to the hotel to swim some more. Looks like a storm is rolling in.
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    check in

    I still have 9 days to go before I can do mine. Hope it's sorted by then. I want to be able to check in the very nano-second it opens up! 😜
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    It became really dark and overcast, but never ended up doing anything. We enjoyed pool time, the bbq and also smacked on mozzarella sticks and funnel cake. We met one other local, but decided the name giving business wasn’t our thing so we let him remain nameless. We headed back to the ship to take advantage of the water slides while it wasn’t busy.
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    Sailing from Miami was very smooth in Terminal A. Day 1 was just a quick swim, muster drill and dinner. We went to the Suite Lounge and met some very nice people. Had some drinks and pre dinner happy hour foods. We didn’t do much after dinner. We were pretty tired. Below is a pic of the Suite Lounge and others of our first night.
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    Frequency of Alcohol Fuelled Incidences

    Years ago, Mother and daughter was on the same cruise with us. Either her daughter finish collage or just turn 21 not sure. The daughter was very drunk on the excursion and her mom have to drag her on board. I also saw the same person drunk on board also but her mom took care of her. She was just a little loud but her mom was there so it all good. I was a little drunk myself last Anthem cruise but not by intention. I had the iFly scheduled so I hold off on eating and drinking anything before the iFly. My stomach really empty after I was done the iFly, my husband decided the Diamond happy hours will be over soon so we need to get drinks. So I drank before I eat(don't do that). I was not loud just a little too happy (no I did not hug anyone). End up too much too drink got me and my hubby to the next cruise, we booked another cruise Symphony OTS. Not sure how but somehow we managed to get the correct date. Then we just went back to our room and sleep.
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    Good Moring Everyone!! Today Marks Just One Day Until I Board The Lovely Harmony Of The Seas!! Also Royal IT Department Messed Up One Of Our Ports Of Call On The App!!
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    Do Not Miss....

    Go on a Royal Caribbean Blog Group Cruise!!! It was such much fun and so different from our other cruises. And yes, I will join in what others have already said... - Take time to sit and watch the waters. - Order multiple entrees. - Don't skip the shows.
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    Day 3 - Afternoon We left Nassau at about 1pm. I'm pretty sure it doesn't take a day and a half to return to Miami from there and so we were going soooo slow. A few times I'd look out and question if we were even moving. Today was a big trivia day for us. After lunch we hit the TriBond trivia. We didn't even know what it was (and thought it would be funny if it ended up being some tv show or movie none of us had seen), but it ended up being fun. The person listed 3 words and you had to figure out the connection. It was one of those things that was difficult at the time, and yet seemed so obvious once you heard the answer. After that one, we wandered outside and our kids went on the rock wall. We were surprised that there was barely a line up on a 'sea' day, but it was quite hot out. Later in the afternoon there was Guess the Logo trivia, and a Cartoon triva. We also played some more foozball, and let our kids wander a bit on their own until dinner. They said they played poker in the library with another family. The new game for kids....lol. Laser tag was again from 4:30pm - 8:30pm. It conflicted with the triva, and our son tried again after dinner, but no luck with the long line ups.
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    Virtual Symphony I don’t know what to say about this show. I was a bit underwhelmed. I found it weird that people applauded after each number. I guess it was just their way of getting into the virtual experience. The lady next to me got so much into it that she started conducting too. I was afraid the “orchestra” might get confused as to which conductor to follow. I was ok with her “conducting” but when she started humming along with the music, that was just too much for me. (I hope she doesn’t join this message board and call me out for gossiping... ha ha)
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    Better start that blog now! 😁
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    Day 3 Kotor. We docked around 7 which mean I did not woke up to see how we enter to the bay, I also have my limits and I can always share pictures from last year 🙂 . As we already visit Kotor last year we decided to just go to visit the old city . We took our time as we did not want to gave the lines to the tendering boats. Quick five minutes tendering and we we arrived , you can see our lovely boat (yes a boat , I decided to myself that in RCL only Voyeger and above will be called ships 🙂 ) In the port we had Seabourne ship docking it was replaced very soon with MSC Opera , yes the same one that now all big ships will be not allow to the current Venice port and will be shifted few miles to another port. 5 minutes walk and we were in the city not before driver started to call us and wave , I thought he wanted to offer us a tour or something of that kind but he just wanted to tell us we dropped one of our cards, what a nice person. Inside the city we have done what we really like to which is just get lost between all the small charming streets .after a while we seat down in one of the coffee shops to drink something and for me to continue with the call I got, just to explain again that F5 dose not know how to balance T3 , sorry IT half joke. Here you can see one of the Kotor cats enjoying power nap , there are many cats like that , it looks that they are not being abused and feel very comfortable to sleep near so many people. We decided it's to hot to go up to the fort so we done our way back to the ship , before the tender boat they had a station of iced towels it was a bless. We went to eat something at Park Cafe and decided to follow the cat idea and took a nap. It was official night so we changed to some better looking outfits and wend the diamond club were we had a drink or two with some sushi, there were some people with shorts , so I guess no issues . The bartender really trying hard to prepare us nice drinks. We went to the captain reception which was nice , most of the people on board are from UK, second biggest population are from the US and third from Spain. Dinner was in the MDR , we said we will give them another try , it was worse it as dinner took only 50 minutes . Tommorow sea day , love sea days
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    Diamond - At Last!

    ^^^+1 To me, the Diamond Lounge is like a refuge from the chaos.
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    Adventure Ocean and the Living Room Arcade
  45. 4 points
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    Drinks package

    Where do you draw the line? When is stealing okay versus stealing is bad? Pay hundreds for a hotel room and steal mini-bottles from the bar or refill them will apple juice because you paid for the room? I'm sorry, stealing is never okay and hopefully you'll remember that when karma bites you really hard in the rear end. It's because of people like you that causes the rest of us to pay higher rates. It's not okay to steal, period.
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    Freedom Amp'd

    IMO, El Loco Fresh is tastier than Sabor.
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    Royal Frustration

    Let me start by saying I Love Royal Caribbean cruises. BUT dealing with Royal before the cruise is so frustrating. I don't normally do this but I just don't understand them sometimes. I need to book a reservation at Chops Grill of course I try to do it in the cruise planner online BUT I am linking other people from another reservation and the computer keeps saying error and doesn't want to let me. So I decide to just call. I pick the option to book specialty dining shore exertions etc etc.. After 20 min someone finally answers. I let them know that I want to book Chops and their response is oh I am sorry I am not the person who can book that.. Really? Then why did Royal route me to you in the first place when I picked the option for specialty dining. Its just so frustrating dealing with them!! I don't normally rant like this but for some reason this drove me crazy!! Lol.. Ok Rant over
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    Let us make note again here that this blog was started 11 days pre-cruise. Brilliance live blog was 6 weeks. We will come back to this for future reference. 😉😂
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    Packing and Planning

    I group and photograph all my clothes using Pinterest. I had a brain injury and can be forgetful and get tired so have to pack in stages . This meant I was forgetting what I was packing But now this really works for me. I use Pinterest to save it . And make notes in the description like “ can wear black heels with 4of8 dresses “ etc. I wish I’d read about packing cubes before I packed . They seem awesome but not really a UK think I don’t think. I will try them for my next trip though. This is my first cruise so I’m just hoping I’ve packed enough and I’ve packed the right stuff. We fly in 4 days so time will tell. Very excited though. My other half hasn’t even started packing yet an dit’s stressing me just a tad but I’ve made sure he does have everything when he finally decides to pack it !!!
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