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Fun Things To Do

Top 14 best free things to do on a Royal Caribbean cruise


Royal Caribbean cruises offer a lot of activities and things to do, and a great many are available at no extra cost.

The value of a cruise means you can enjoy amazing entertainment, family-friendly activities, and plenty to eat while onboard. While there are some extras that have a surcharge, you will still find a lot of great options that are totally complimentary.

Regardless of your vacation budget, these activities made the top list of fun and worthwhile things to do on a cruise that will cost you absolutely nothing extra!

See a Broadway show

Royal Caribbean is well-known for its onboard entertainment, including full-length Broadway shows that cost nothing extra to see.

Select Royal Caribbean ships offer Tony Award-winning shows that are the exact show you would have seen on The Great White Way, and included in your cruise fare.

The musicals available on Royal Caribbean include Mama Mia, Hairspray, Grease and more!

On Royal Caribbean ships that allow for entertainment reservations, guests may reserve tickets in advance for the Broadway shows via Royal Caribbean's Cruise Planner site.

There  is no cost to making advanced reservations, and you certainly could wait to get a seat onboard if you so choose.

Watch a movie

Throughout the day and evening, Royal Caribbean will show a mix of movie classics and new releases on its pool deck cinema screens.

These movie screens are giant, and you can pull up a chair from just about anywhere on the pool deck to watch it with your family. Many cruisers opt to stay in the pool and watch the movie while floating.

On Radiance Class ships, there is actually a dedicated movie theater with movies throughout the day.


Most Royal Caribbean cruise ships offer a mini-golf course that is a fun family adventure at any time.

The courses are available to play day or night, and there is no cost to play. Just grab a club and a ball, and you can enjoy this over and over again.  Keeping score is up to you.

During the course of the cruise, there may even be a mini-golf competition held among guests.

Climb the rock wall

One of the signature onboard activities that Royal Caribbean has become well-known for is the rock climbing wall.  Since the first rock climbing wall debuted on a Royal Caribbean ship, the experience has spread to every other ship in the fleet making it a favorite among guests.

The 30-foot rock wall offers different tracks for various experience levels and is open for most of the day.  

It's open to kids and adults and Royal Caribbean provides all the safety equipment that you will need, including helmets, harnesses and shoes.  You just need to bring a pair of socks.

Go down a slide

One of the newer additions to Royal Caribbean's array of activities are the water slides.

Over the last few years, Royal Caribbean added water slides to many different cruise ships in order to plus the family activities offered onboard.

There are racer slides, as well as champagne bowl slides.  Liberty of the Seas even offers a family raft slide.

On the Oasis Class cruise ships, there is the Ultimate Abyss dry slide, where you can ride down in a mat over 100 feet.

Virtual reality bungee jump

Combine virtual reality and a bungee experience and you get the SkyPad.

The SkyPad straps guests into bungee chords, where you can bounce up and down with an optional VR helmet on to provide the sensation of moving through an augmented reality world.

Drop the kids off at Adventure Ocean

Did you know supervised children's programming is not only available on Royal Caribbean but included in your cruise fare?

Up until 10pm, there is no additional cost for Adventure Ocean.  The programming is included in the cruise fare.

There's a lot for kids to do here and the programs specialize for each age group.  It's a mix of learning, play time and socializing.

Note that there is an hourly fee if your children are left in Adventure Ocean after 10pm, as well as a fee for the nursery.

Go ice skating

On Royal Caribbean ships that have an ice skating rink, guests can put on a pair of ice skates and hit the ice rink during their sailing.

Check the Cruise Compass for open skate sessions during your sailing.  Royal Caribbean will provide you with complimentary ice skate and safety equipment rentals.  Just be sure to pack long pants and socks.

See a show in the AquaTheater

While Broadway shows are classic entertainment, Royal Caribbean has created its own brand of spectacle with its AquaTheater.

Designed for Oasis Class ships, the AquaTheater has two 10-meter high platforms and a hydraulic-floored pool below.

On select evenings, you can enjoy performances held in the AquaTheater that combine music, dance, acrobatics and high-dives. It is something you have to see to believe.

Take a ride on the carousel

Guests of any age (that means you) can enjoy a ride on the carousel in the Boardwalk for no additional cost.

The carousel is just plain fun for kids and adults. Eighteen figures are suspended from stainless steel poles along with one ADA accessible chariot are rideable.

Be sure to also check out the carousel at night because like the fairs of the past, nighttime is when these rides really shine when they are all lit up.

Try surfing

You can try your hand at surfing on the FlowRider surf simulator.

Royal Caribbean offers guests the choice of stand-up surfing, as well as boogie-boarding sessions.

You can ride the FlowRider for free as many times as you like during the course of your cruise, you just need to wait in line for a turn.

Sky dive

The Quantum Class ships offers every guest one time in the  iFly by RipCord "indoor" skydiving simulator.

RipCord by iFly is a skydiving simulator that will be a first for cruise ships.  Rather than descend from 10,000 feet in the sky, RipCord allows guests to get the sensation of skydiving without the incredible risk.

Set in a recirculating indoor vertical wind tunnel, guests can feel like they're falling from the heavens in a safe environment.  You wear the gear and goggles as if you were jumping out of an airplane, so it's as authentic an experience as you can get without the airplane.  Trained instructors are with you the whole time in a totally controlled environment.

Try the zip line

On Oasis class ships, guests can soar 9 decks above the Boardwalk neighborhood, stretching 82 feet from end to end.

Passengers must be at least 52" tall to participate and weigh a maximum of 275 pound, also must at least weigh 75 pounds.

The zip line is free and guests must sign a waiver.

Enjoy most of Perfect Day at CocoCay

Royal Caribbean's private island destination of Perfect Day at CocoCay was recently refurbished and there is a surprising amount of complimentary activities.

In addition to the classic beach day experience, Royal Caribbean has added the largest freshwater pool in the Caribbean, the shipwrecked Captain Jill’s Galleon loaded with slides and water cannons, the biggest ever Splashaway Bay aqua park yet, and new sports courts on South Beach.

The beach experience at Perfect Day at CocoCay has not been overlooked, with enhanced Chill Island and South Beach, both offering plenty of free beach chairs and beachside activities.

On top of all of that, there are lots of free food that you can enjoy all day long without any extra costs.

The things I haven't done on a Royal Caribbean cruise yet


One of the things I love about Royal Caribbean is how there is always something new and different to try. Even after dozens and dozens of cruises, I have yet to tackle everything to do.

Royal Caribbean offers so many activities and things to do onboard that the notion of being bored on a cruise is simply ridiculous. If anything, there is an overwhelming (in a good way) variety of activities.

Here is a look at the things I have not yet gotten around to trying yet on a Royal Caribbean cruise.

Rock climbing wall

The fact I have not done the rock climbing wall is truly bizarre because I really want to try it, but just have not managed to make it happen.

A few times I actually planned to give it a try, but the wall was not open for guests to climb.  One time the wall was open, but it was so hot that the crew member warned me against trying due to the wall being too hot at the time.

I hope to finally give it a try at some point, as it looks like a lot of fun and a great challenge.


While I would love to be able to be one of those people that hops on the FlowRider surf simulator and impress everyone with my mad skills, unfortunately my lack of physical coordination makes this less appealing.

I love to watch people try to surf on the FlowRider, but the truth is I am very concerned about falling hard on a part of my body not accustomed to taking a lot of weight and hurting myself.  It is a bit of an irrational fear considering how many people have no issues, but it still lingers in my mind.

If I were to try the FlowRider, I think I would do the boogie board option at the very least, since that seems to be far less impactful when wiping out.

Attend the art auction

Before I ever took my first Royal Caribbean cruise, I heard warnings from other cruisers about the art auction and issues others have encountered.

First and foremost, I am not much of an art person.  Second, the concept is not terribly appealing.  And third, there are plenty of reported issues with the art dealer to scare me off.

Someday I would like to sit in for a few minutes and observe, but I have no burning desire to check it out anytime soon.

Volunteered for a game show

Whether it is the Love and Marriage, The Quest, Battle of the Sexes or any of the other game shows Royal Caribbean produces on its ships, I have never been a volunteer for them.

While fun to watch, I am a bit too shy to give these shows a try myself out of fear of embarrassment. I also derive much more satisfaction from watching others, than doing it myself.

Out of everything on this list, this might be the last thing I ever tackle because of my personality.  

Laser tag

Like the rock climbing wall, I have not tried laser tag on a Royal Caribbean ship out of primarily bad timing on my part.

Laser tag is held in Studio B at select times, and I think I am usually doing something else during those times. In addition, I seem to recall laser tag being held on port days while the ship is in port.

I absolutely want to try laser tag, and my kids do too, so I think this will happen sooner than later.

Cupcake Class

The cupcake decorating class is an onboard activity that I hear a lot of positive comments about, so I think I would not mind giving it a try.

Like laser tag, I think my kids would really enjoy this too, so perhaps it is something we can try on a sea day to change things up.  


Like so many other people, it is one thing to sing to yourself in the car or shower, but singing in front of a crowd is a completely different proposition.

As an observer, there are three kind of people who usually volunteer for karaoke: really good singers, really bad singers that do not know they are bad, and really bad singers who go up for a laugh.

I would fall into that last category, but I admit I have a bit of stage fright going up there to sing a song I know I am not going to do very well. At some point I think I could muster the nerve to get up on stage to belt out a tune, but who knows when that will occur.

Sailed on some Royal Caribbean ships

I would be remiss if I did not mention that I have not sailed on every Royal Caribbean ship yet.

There are so many ships to choose from, and I have not yet managed to get onboard all of them. Here are the ones I am missing:

  • Spectrum of the Seas
  • Ovation of the Seas
  • Liberty of the Seas
  • Voyager of the Seas
  • Adventure of the Seas
  • Radiance of the Seas
  • Serenade of the Seas
  • Vision of the Seas
  • Grandeur of the Seas
  • Enchantment of the Seas
  • Empress of the Seas

I would love to sail on each of these ships at some point, so it is just a matter of scheduling, as well as ensuring these ships are close enough to make a trip practical (sorry, China and Australia cruises).

Stayed in a Star Class suite

While I have stayed in a many different suites, I have yet to experience the very top tier suite experience on Royal Caribbean.

The Star Class suites are on Oasis and Quantum class ships, and the reason I have yet to give them a try is the price tag.  

I have done plenty of Junior Suites, Grand Suites and Owner Suites, but never booked my own Star Class room.  I have been inside of these palatial staterooms, but was never the person who slept every night in that room.

At some point, I really want to give it a try to see how it compares, especially for the opportunity to have access to a Royal Genie. I just need to find a Star Class room that does not so closely resemble the price of a new car.

What is something you haven't done on Royal Caribbean yet?

Now that I have shared my list, what are the things you have yet to try on a Royal Caribbean cruise? What is at the top of your must-do list? Share your thoughts in our comments!

All the things I'm missing the most while not on a Royal Caribbean cruise


It is hard to believe, but it has been almost a month since the last Royal Caribbean ship departed for a cruise, and like so many others, I am missing the experience of being onboard.  

With this "extended dry dock" that we are all stuck in, here are 11 things I miss when I am not on a Royal Caribbean cruise.

Embarkation day lunch

In my mind, the cruise truly begins when we get onboard the first day and head up to the Windjammer for our first meal onboard.

There is something about being in the Windjammer, seeing the smiling faces of the staff welcoming us (and of course washing our hands), that makes it feel like we are "home".

Perhaps it has to do with the fact the morning of the cruise is filled with anticipation, energy and excitement, so sitting down in the Windjammer is the first opportunity to soak it all in.

The excellent housekeeping service

Every time I go on a cruise, I think I found the best stateroom attendant ever, and then I meet my new attendant who does such a great job too.

The housekeeping staff works incredibly hard to not only keep your room and hallways clean, but they have a smile and love to chat with us.

Some staff make it a personal mission to create a rapport with my two daughters, who are usually shy around people they do not know.  I enjoy seeing if each morning our stateroom attendant can crack a smile from them.  

Of course, the towel animals they leave on select nights in our room are always a hit with the kids.

Not having to think about making meals

My wife's favorite part of the cruise is not having to plan meals for the week, do food shopping, or preparing anything in terms of what we are going to eat.

Going on a cruise is an escape from many things, including some responsibilities and not having to cook, clean or prep is such a relief for parents.

My family really enjoys being able to get food from a variety of places, and I welcome the toughest decision being which restaurant to eat dinner at on any given evening.

Waking up and immediately going to the pool

To me, nothing says "vacation" like waking up and immediately getting ready to spend the day by the pool.

Sea days are a quintessential cruise experience, and I especially relish the second day of the cruise when it is a sea day, and we head to the pool to spend a few hours (or more) while onboard.

Rather than getting the kids ready for school, or thinking about what errands and work needs to be done, the only concern is who needs to apply sunscreen.

Getting dressed up each evening

Call me old fashioned, but I really enjoy getting dressed up each evening.

There is something about the pomp and circumstance of dressing to impress, and taking photos around the ship, that I really enjoy about being on a cruise.

Just like eating in the Windjammer on embarkation day, I think getting dressed up every evening is something that screams to me, "cruise mode" and is a good reminder I am somewhere very fun.

Plus, the photos we get from on a cruise are what adorns most of the walls of our home.

The amazing Adventure Ocean staff

As a parent, there is no sweeter sound than when Adventure Ocean opens its door to my children.

I love my kids, but the opportunity to drop my kids off at an incredibly well-run and supervised area is such a treat for both parents and kids.

My kids love it, because it is a few hours to play, make new friends, and see which counselors are their favorites.

As a parent, I relish the time alone with my wife to enjoy dinner and a show with just the two of us. 

In these days of shelter in place, I have found a brand new appreciation for the talent and patience the Adventure Ocean staff fosters.

Disconnecting from the world news

Even though I always buy an internet package onboard, I really like not being as connected with the daily news from at home.

When you are at home, the 24/7 news cycle is part of your day.  I try to balance the need to be informed with my own desire to not let it make me crazy, but on a cruise ship, I feel I really get to escape the daily grind of who said what, what might happen, and more.

In light of the current situation, an escape from the latest breaking news (that supersedes the breaking news from an hour ago) sounds like a dream to me.

Meeting new people

The fun people on a cruise is part of what makes cruising so fun, and I really enjoy being at a bar, pool or excursion and making a new acquaintance and sharing a laugh.

Everyone on a cruise is metaphorically "in the same boat," and we are all meeting a bunch of strangers that are sharing the same vacation. I think this notion fosters a sense of comradery among cruisers, and it usually leads to more open conversations at a bar or restaurant.

While I do not actively walk around saying hello to people like I am running for public office, I do enjoy the occasional chat in an elevator, or off-hand remark somewhere onboard.

Perfect Day at CocoCay

I have plenty of favorite ports of call, but the big changes Royal Caribbean made to its private island in the Bahamas has cemented Perfect Day at CocoCay as something I really miss more than ever right now.

Royal Caribbean sought out to create paradise and a private island destination second-to-none, and they succeeded with flying colors.

Whether I am in Oasis Lagoon, going down a water slide with my kids in Thrill Waterpark, or exploring Coco Beach Club with my wife, I miss any and all of what CocoCay offers and it is somewhere I would not mind going back over and over again to enjoy.

The shows

Royal Caribbean is known as one of the best cruise lines for entertainment. Production shows, comedians, live music and more are just part of the repertoire that Royal Caribbean puts out on its ships.

I miss being able to see a full-length Broadway show, catch the pub singer or laugh at the adult comedy show.  I miss being at the pool and hearing a steel drum band play classic reggae tunes, or spot the stowaway piano player in an elevator.  I even miss going to the club experience and remembering that I am not in my 20's anymore and questioning why the music has to be so darn loud.

The Wash Your Hands song

I guess being stuck at home this long has truly effected me, because I actually miss the "Wash Your Hands" song that is played continuously on embarkation day in your stateroom.

I also miss the clever Windjammer greeters who have created their own renditions of reminding guests to wash their hands sung to famous songs.

What do you miss the most?

While you are sitting at home and reading this post, what places, experiences or things to do onboard do you miss the most? Share what you are yearning for the most in our comments!

Video: 8 must-do Royal Caribbean can't-miss activities!


Of all the things you can do on a Royal Caribbean, I have a list of the top activities that everyone should try out!

Royal Caribbean offers a lot for its guests to enjoy, and with all those choices, I handpicked the very best can't-miss things to do on a Royal Caribbean cruise!

And if you love this video, we have lots of other great cruise videos to watch on our Royal Caribbean Blog YouTube Channel!

By the way, have you subscribed yet? Be sure to subscribe to our channel and never miss a single video!

So check out the video and then let us know: What is something you think everyone needs to do at least once on a cruise?

Video: 10 awesome FREE things to do on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship


Royal Caribbean packs its cruise ships with so many fun things to do, and many have no additional cost to enjoy.

In this video, we have a look at some of my favorite things to do on a Royal Caribbean ship that is included with your cruise fare.

And if you love this video, we have lots of other great cruise videos to watch on our Royal Caribbean Blog YouTube Channel!

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So check out the video and then let us know: What is your favorite free activity on a Royal Caribbean ship?

15 Free Things to Do on Mariner of the Seas


Following more than $100 million in upgrades to Mariner of the Seas, Royal Caribbean has packed a ton of activities for families to enjoy onboard this revamped cruise ship.  From dining, things to do, experiences and more, Mariner of the Seas offers plenty across fifteen decks.

Here is a look at some great things to try onboard Mariner of the Seas that are fun and totally free to enjoy.  That means a great vacation that saves you money! Hopefully, you can enjoy all 15 of these activities on your Mariner of the Seas cruise.

1. Go ice skating

Mariner of the Seas has an ice skating rink in Studio B where one of the ship's best shows is performed during your cruise (more on that later), but guests can also don a pair of ice skates and hit the ice rink too!

Check the Cruise Compass for open skate sessions during your sailing.  Royal Caribbean will provide you with complimentary ice skate and safety equipment rentals.  Just be sure to pack long pants and socks.

2. Bounce on the Sky Pad

Guests can hit up the Sky pad, which is a virtual bungee trampoline experience.  After being hooked up to bungee chords, you put on a virtual reality visor and explore a virtual world while bouncing up and down on a giant trampoline!

There are three different games to try, including being transported to another time and planet to bounce over moon craters or compete in intergalactic games. The out-of-this-world experience is for guests of all ages, and also can be enjoyed without virtual reality headsets, for those who prefer to look out over the ocean as they leap toward the sky.

3. Plunge down the water slides

The Perfect Storm is a duo of racing water slides called Cyclone and Typhoon that are a very popular option for many to enjoy high-speed thrills. 

4. Watch the Crazy Quest

For the adults only, make plans to watch the Crazy Quest on your cruise.  Assuming you have a good sense of humor, the Crazy Quest is an adult scavenger hunt that involves guests going to great lengths to complete a number of physical challenges.

Having seen the Quest many times, it is safe to say no two Crazy Quest shows are the same and there is no telling exactly what you will witness.  It is wild, intense and provides some great late-night entertainment.

5. Go surfing

If you ever wanted to learn to surf, Mariner of the Seas has a Flowrider surf simulator on the back of the ship you can try. The FlowRider is a simulator that sends water a very high speed across a small area that mimics what it is like to surf on the ocean.

Guests can surf until they fall off the board, but the staff is pretty good at challenging the talented guests in an effort to improve their skills and increase the likelihood of falling off.

6. Challenge your friends to laser tag

A recent addition to Mariner of the Seas is a glow-in-the-dark laser tag experience in Studio B, where friends and family can team up to play “Battle for Planet Z.”

7. Climb to the top of the wall

A signature Royal Caribbean activity is the rock climbing wall. Located at the back of the ship, you can try climbing to the top of the wall and ringing a bell before rappelling down.

This is a great personal challenge that also has the added benefit of providing some fantastic views of the ocean from 200 feet above the ocean. Don't worry about safety, because you are harnessed in at all times.

8. Hit the mini-golf course

Families will love the updated mini-golf course at the front of the ship. Mariner Dunes on Deck 13 allows for as many rounds of complimentary golf as you like.

It is a creative course, with plenty of obstacles and even faux water hazards!

9. Eat ice cream!

Did you know there is a self-serve ice cream station at the pool deck with unlimited soft serve ice cream? Grab a cone at your leisure, because very likely you will be having quite a few of these on your cruise.

10. Check out the ice skating show

Studio B is home to one of the production shows on Mariner of the Seas, "Ice Under The Big Top" and is a must-see show.

This ice skating performance combines acrobatics, skill and finesse to bring guests an engaging show. Ice skating shows on Royal Caribbean are well-worth seeing, so be sure to arrive to Studio B at least 15-20 minutes early to grab a seat.

11. Catch a game at Playmakers

While Playmakers Sports Bar costs money to order food or drink, watching a game on one of their many television screens is totally complimentary.

Sports fans will love catching their favorite team playing on game day from the comfort of a table at Playmakers. Heck, you can play a round or two of Jenga or Connect Four in-between innings!

12. Join the party!

You will find deck parties galore on Mariner of the Seas.  From the 70's Dancing in the Street Party, to the Hush! Silent Party, to the sail away parties, there are many opportunities to dance the night away.

13. Catch a movie by the pool

What is better than seeing a recent blockbuster film? How about while swimming in a pool!

A 220-square foot movie screen is located at the pool deck, and there are movies each night to enjoy either from in a pool or hot tub, or just from one of the lounge chairs nearby.

14. Play in a game show

If you are the competitive type, or just enjoy watching others try their best, then catch one of the many games shows onboard.

  • Finish That Lyric game show: Guests listen to a bit of a popular song and then must fill in the lyrics that come next once the music stops.
  • X versus Y game show: It is the battle of the sexes type game show, which pits men versus women in an adult-oriented contest.
  • Love and Marriage game show: See which married couple knows their spouse best in a test of memory and compatibility.

15. Belly Flop Competition

Humans naturally drawn to see who is the best at anything, including who can make the biggest splash in the pool.  This popular contest is something you have to see to believe.

What is your favorite thing to do on Mariner of the Seas? Have you sailed and tried one of these? Share with us your top picks in the comments below!

8 things I MUST do on every Royal Caribbean cruise


After a few Royal Caribbean cruises, everyone seems to have their own "traditions" that we do on each and every sailing. These cruise habits are part of what keep us coming back again and again.

Here are a few must-do things that you just have to try on your next cruise too!

8. Eat at the Windjammer on embarkation day

It's not a cruise unless we get to the port a little before noon and get onboard so I can have my first meal in the legendary Windjammer buffet.

Every since my first cruise, I have always had the first meal onboard the ship at the Windjammer, and I think having my first meal here that cements that feeling inside of "I'm really on a Royal Caribbean cruise again".  For me, it is that moment when I sit down with my plate full of food and a big smile comes across my face.

And oh yea, there is lots of good food to be enjoyed here as well!

7. Go for a night swim

Anyone can swim during the day but on a Royal Caribbean cruise, but I love to put on my bathing suit late after the sun goes down and hop in the pool.  

Night swims are a great experience and with the new giant movie screens near the pools on most Royal Caribbean ships, it's fun to take in a classic film while being in the water.  It is a great family activity and the perfect way to end a fun day.

6. Watch the shore excursion channel loop through a few times

This may be just something silly I do but I really love to watch the shore excursion channel in my stateroom when we're laying around.  There's something about the super market jazz music playing in the background or the monotone voice over descriptions that I just like watching it. 

This guilty pleasure is centered around the idea of watching this channel to get an idea of what to expect in the ports of call we are going to visit but I find the channel strangely memorizing and I'm not afraid to admit it!

5. Catch a performance in the Pub

Of all the live entertainment on a Royal Caribbean ship, my favorite evening activity is to sing along to my favorite bar hits in the Pub onboard.

Pubs are available on most ships (Radiance Class and larger), and I love the type of music played.  The tunes in the pub will range from oldies, to '90s, and to decades inbetween. Basically, these are songs you likely know all the words to and likely have heard in many bars before.

While many cruisers equally enjoy the live music in the Schooner Bar at night, the acoustic guitar melodies of the pub are my personal favorite.

4. Sit by the pool while the live band plays

Picture this: a sunny day with maybe just a few clouds passing by, sitting in a lounge chair at the pool deck with an optional drink of the day in your hand and the band playing "Red Red Wine" as you take a sip and close your eyes.  That is the perfect moment on a Royal Caribbean cruise for me.

The live music on a Royal Caribbean cruise is among the best hidden secrets.  Royal Caribbean's dedication to live music has become something I always look forward to and enjoying the live band at the pool is just the icing on an incredible cake.

3. Read the Cruise Compass from cover to cover

When we get back to the stateroom after a great dinner, the first thing I look for is the next day's Cruise Compass newsletter waiting for me on the bed.

Each evening your stateroom attendant will leave the Cruise Compass on your bed (with perhaps a towel animal surprise too) for you to read and I love reading everything inside.  To me, this is the New York Times of cruising and it's just one of those cruising traditions that I love to do.  Sure, I get a sense of what activities are coming up the next day (Michael Jackson line dancing classes anyone?) but it's also fun to just immerse myself in everything going on around the ship.

2. Try the escape room

If I am on a Royal Caribbean ship with an escape room that I have not tried yet, then it becomes a must-do activity.

Escape rooms challenge your brain and teamwork skills by attempting to solve the clues and escape before time on the clock runs out.

Whether you are already a fan of the escape room trend or just eager to try this challenge for the first time, I think you will enjoy the thrill of trying to beat the escape room on select Royal Caribbean ships.

1. Share a photo of the fun with family back home

There is nothing wrong with a little humble brag, and I try to take time on every cruise to take a family selfie and share it with my family who could not join us on the sailing.

Showing folks at home all the fun we are having is a two-pronged strategy. First, it shows off all the fun we are having and offers a chance to gloat just a little.  More importantly, my hope is those same people seeing the photo will be inclined to join us on our next cruise!

Your favorites

Did any of my favorite must-do's make your list?  Share with us your favorite Royal Caribbean traditions in the comments below!

Video: Coolest Things to do on Symphony of the Seas


The largest cruise ship in the world, Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas is the bucket-list-worthy vacation for all ages. Packed with thrilling adventures, delicious dining and jaw-dropping entertainment, it’s the ultimate experience you won’t want to miss.

Fun things to do on Royal Caribbean: Rock climbing wall


One of the signature onboard activities that Royal Caribbean has become well-known for is the rock climbing wall.  Since the first rock climbing wall debuted on a Royal Caribbean ship, the experience has spread to every other ship in the fleet making it a favorite among guests.

Rock climbing walls were added to all of Royal Caribbean's ships following great guest feedback.

The 30-foot rock wall offers different tracks for various experience levels and is open for most of the day.  

It's open to kids and adults and Royal Caribbean provides all the safety equipment that you will need, including helmets, harnesses and shoes.  You just need to bring a pair of socks.

Climbers need to be at least 6 years old and sign a waiver.  Climbing the rock wall is free and no reservations are required.

For advanced climbers, Royal Caribbean will offer advanced climbing sessions, speed-climbing competitions and for teens, teen tournaments.

Photo by Dale Morton

On the Oasis class cruise ships, you will find two rock climbing walls, which offer double the capacity of climbers compared to other ships in the fleet.

What makes the rock climbing wall so much fun is that it is an exhilarting challenge to try and climb up all the way to the top and ring that bell to let everyone around know you conquered it.

There are different paths on the rock wall to allow beginner climbers and advanced climbers alike have a go at it.  Once you conquer one side, try the next side!

Royal Caribbean's rock climbing walls are a great way to stay active, challenge yourself and have fun all at the same time!

Have you tried the rock climbing wall yet? Tell us how you did in the comments!