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Royal Caribbean Drink Prices

26 Nov 2022
Matt Hochberg

Whether you want Royal Caribbean alcohol prices or Royal Caribbean drink prices, here is your complete list to know how much they will cost before they get onboard.

We present here our list of Royal Caribbean drink prices that are regularly updated to give you the best idea of how much enjoying a drink will cost you.

Keep in mind Royal Caribbean adds an 18% gratuity charge to each drink order.

This information last updated: January 17, 2023

This information is valid for Adventure of the Seas, Allure of the Seas, Anthem of the Seas, Brilliance of the Seas, Enchantment of the Seas, Explorer of the Seas, Freedom of the Seas, Grandeur of the Seas, Harmony of the Seas, Independence of the Seas, Jewel of the Seas, Liberty of the Seas, Mariner of the Seas, Navigator of the Seas, Oasis of the Seas, Odyssey of the Seas, Ovation of the Seas, Quantum of the Seas, Radiance of the Seas, Rhapsody of the Seas, Serenade of the Seas, Symphony of the Seas, Vision of the Seas, Voyager of the Seas & Wonder of the Seas.

The price you will pay for a drink is made up of two components: the drink price and gratuity. Royal Caribbean charges an automatic 18% gratuity to drinks ordered, so there's no extra math for you to do. 

If you have a drink package, gratuity is included with your package price so there's nothing extra once you buy the beverage package.

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If you are looking for ballpark Royal Caribbean drink prices, here is what you can reasonably expect (prices listed below are before gratuity)

Beer$7.49 (American); $7.99 (Import)
Glass of wine$9.00 - $25.00
Bottled water$2.25
Cocktail$10.00 - 14.00
Hard Cider$7.25 - $7.99
Can of Soda$3.25
Drink of the Day$8.00
Bottle of water (500 ml)$3.25

The drink of the day is a cocktail that gets about a 25% discount from its normal price.

Every day there is a new drink of the day, which is advertised in the Cruise Compass daily newspaper, as well on signs at various bars. You can always ask the bartender at any bar what the drink of the day is.

You can expect the drink of the day to be a fruity, crowd pleasing cocktail that has wide appeal.

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It is worth noting the drink prices across Royal Caribbean's fleet do vary to some degree. Specifically, drink prices on Oasis or Quantum Class ships are usually a bit more expensive (50 cents to one dollar more) than on other ships in the fleet.

Not to worry, an unlimited Royal Caribbean drink package still includes most drinks.

The prices for drinks are consistent, regardless of where your ship sails from. So the drink prices on your ship in the Caribbean will be the same as a ship sailing in Europe.

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If you're paying for drinks without a drink package, you can order more than one drink at a time. If you have a drink package, expect to be able to order one drink per drink package at a time.

Royal Caribbean fleetwide drink menu

Drinks cheers

Taste of the Caribbean

Goombay Smash 
Malibu Coconut rum, Kraken Black Spiced rum, orange juice and pineapple juice $14 

Planter's Punch 
Myers's Original Dark rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, lime juice and grenadine $14

Papa Jac
Bacardi Superior rum, passion fruit syrup and lime juice $14

The Painkiller
Pusser's rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, coconut syrup and a dash of nutmeg $14

Dark 'n Stormy
Gosling's Black Seal rum and Gosling's ginger beer $14

Rum Punch 
Captain Morgan Original Spiced rum, Bacardi Superior rum, guava and passion fruit syrups, pineapple juice, lime juice and a float of Kraken Black Spiced rum $14

Crisp & Refreshing

Pineapple Guava Sangria 
Danzante Pinot Grigio, guava and passion fruit syrups, pineapple juice and lime juice $14

Strawberry Blonde
Tito's Handmade vodka, St-Germain liqueur, strawberry, lemon juice and mint $14

Scarlett's Tropical Sangria
Castle Rock, Pinot Noir, guava and passion fruit syrups, pineapple juice and lime juice $14

Cozumel Sunrise 
Cuervo Gold tequila, mango, lime juice and grenadine $14

Thyme for Gin
Aviation gin, lemon juice, simple syrup and thyme topped with club soda $14

Mint Berry Delight
Absolut vodka, lemon juice, blueberry puree and mint topped with club soda $14

Caribbean Mule 
Absolut vodka, coconut syrup, lime juice and Gosling's ginger beer $14

Cool as a Cucumber
Bombay Sapphire gin, St-Germain liqueur, lemon juice, simple syrup and muddled cucumbers topped with club soda $13

Handcrafted Margarita 
Patron Silver tequila, Cointreau, lime juice, agave syrup and muddled limes and oranges with a salt rim.$13

Pretty n Pink
Beefeater Pink gin, lime juice, pineapple juice and guava syrup $13

Curacao Cosmo
Malibu Coconut rum, blue curacao and pineapple juice $14

Meet the Collins'

Meet the Collins drink menu

John Collins: Tito's vodka, club soda, lemon, powdered sugar: $14

Sandy Collins: Canadian Club whiskey, ginger, soda, lemon juice, maple syrup: $14

Pierre Collins: Remy Martin VSOP cognac and chamboard black, raspberry liqueur, lengthened with lime, cranberry juice and club soda $14

Pedro Collins: Bacardi reserva ocho, fresh mint and guava syrup mixed up with lime and club soda $14

Tom Collins: Gin - Bombay sapphire gin, club soda, lemon juice, lychee syrup $14

The Rum Also Rises

Rum also rises drink menu

El Floridita: Bacardi 8 rum, lime juice, powdered sugar: $14

Papa Doble: Bacardi superior rum, lychee, grapefruit juice: $14

Lavender daiquiri: Bacardi superior rum, lavender syrup: $14

Spiced Daiquiri: Zacapa rum, angostura bitters, lime, soft brown sugar: $14

Habanero & Grapefruit Daiquiri: Miami Club rum, habanero, grapefruit syrup: $14

The Greats

The Greats drink menu

Brandy Alexander: Remy Martin VSOP and creme de cocoa dark shaken hard with half-and-half and double-strained and dusted with fresh nutmeg: $14

Rol' and Rye: Bulleit Rye whiskey, aperol, lemon juice and simple syrup: $14

French 75: Hennessy cognac, domaine chandon, powdered sugar, lemon: $14

Champagne Cocktail: An Angostura-doused sugar cube topped with Domaine Chandon and garnished with an orange twist: $14

The Sidecar: The classic 8-2-1 recipe: Remy Martin VSOP, Grand Marnier and lemon juice: $14

Drinks at Lime and Cocounut

Royal Caribbean rum prices

El Floridita: Where it all began: fresh lime juice, powdered sugar and Bacardi 8 rum: $14

Papa Doble: Bacardi Superior rum, maraschino liqueur and grapefruit juice: $14

Lavender Daiquiri: Bacardi Superior rum with the addition of lavender syrup to give an elegant floral finish and a contemporary twist to this classic: $14

Spiced Daiquiri: Soft brown sugar drenched in Angostura bitters and lime, shaken hard with Zacapa rum double-strained and served up: $14

Habanero & Grapefruit Daiquiri: A spicy take on this Cuban classic when Bacardi Gold rum joined with a habanero and grapefruit syrup: $14

Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned drink menu

Classic Old Fashioned: Buffalo trace bourbon stirred with sugar syrup, Angostura and orange bitters, garnished with a fresh orange peel: $14

Hennessy Old Fashioned: Hennessy Fine Champagne cognac: $14

Pyrat Old Fashioned: Pyrat rum, amaro cherries, orange flesh, bitters, soft brown sugar: $14

Rum Old Fashioned: Bacardi reserva ocho rum, coconut syrup, angostura bitters: $14

New Fashioned: Southern Comfort whiskey, raspberries, pink grapefruit, orange bitters, soft brown sugar, grapefruit twist: $14

Single red cocktail

Royal Caribbean wine prices

Wine drink menu 1


Chandon, Brut, "Classic"

  • Glass: $15
  • Bottles: $58

Ruffino, Prosecco

  • Glass: $15
  • Bottles: $58


Beringer, White Zinfandel

  • Glass: $9
  • Bottles: $32

Chateau d'Esclans, Rose, "Whispering Angel"

  • Glass: $15
  • Bottles: $58

Kim Crawford, Marlborough, New Zealand

  • Glass: $17
  • Bottles: $64

Robert Mondavi, Private Selection, Sauvignon Blanc

  • Glass: $12
  • Bottles: $46

Danzante, Pinot Grigio, delle Venezie, Italy

  • Glass: $11
  • Bottles: $43

Penfolds, Chardonnary, "Koonunga Hill", South Australia

  • Glass: $10
  • Bottles: $38

Kendall-Jackson, "Vinter's Reserve", Riesling, California

  • Glass: $12
  • Bottles: $45

Chateu d'Ausseries, Chardonnay "Aussieres", Vin de Pays d'Oc, Languedoc, France

  • Glass: $10
  • Bottles: $36

Clos du Bois, Chardonnay, North Coast, California

  • Glass: $12
  • Bottles: $45

Conundrum, California

  • Glass: $16
  • Bottles: $61
Wines (red) drink menu


Castle Rock, Central Coast, California

  • Glass: $11
  • Bottles: $42

Estancia, Pinot Noir, Monterey County, California

  • Glass: $12
  • Bottles: $47

Terrazas de los Andes, Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina

  • Glass: $8
  • Bottles: $35

Clos du Bois, Merlot, North Coast, California

  • Glass: $12
  • Bottles: $45

Castle Rock, Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia Valley, Washington

  • Glass: $9
  • Bottles: $33

Kendall-Jackson, Cabernet Sauvignon, "Vitner's Reserve", Sonoma County, California

  • Glass: $11
  • Bottles: $42

Torres, Ribera del Duero, "Celeste", Crianza, Castilla Y Leon, Spain

  • Glass: $11
  • Bottles: $42

Royal Caribbean beer prices

Hoist up a beer drink menu


  • Amstel Light $6.95
  • Blue Moon Belgian Ale  $6.95
  • Bud Light (16oz)  $7.25
  • Budweiser (16oz)  $7.25
  • Coors Light (16oz)  $7.25
  • Corona Extra  $6.95
  • Dos Equis  $6.95
  • Heineken  $6.95
  • Michelob Ultra (16oz)  $7.25
  • Miller Lite (16oz)  $7.25
  • Paulaner Weiss  $6.95
  • Red Stripe  $6.95


  • Foster's Oil Can $7.95
  • Strongbow Hard Cider $7.50
  • Rekorderlig Pear Cider $7.25
  • Rekorderlig Passion Cider $7.25

Non-alcoholic $7.00

  • O'Doul's

Spirits and Liquor prices


  • Absolut $7
    • Citron $7
    • Mandarin $7
    • Vanilla $7
    • Oak $8
  • Belvedere $7
    • Pink Grapefruit $8
  • Hangar 1 $9
  • Grey Goose $9
  • New Amsterdam $7
  • Stoli $8
    • Elit $9
  • Tito's $7
    • Gluten Free


  • Bacardi $7
    • Bacardi 8 $9
    • Bacardi Limon $7
  • Leblon Cachaca $8
  • Captain Morgan $7
  • Goslings $8
  • Kraken $7
  • Malibu $7
  • Miami Club $8
  • Myer's $7
  • Pyrat XO $9
  • Ron Zacapa $9


  • Aviation $9
  • Beefeater $7
  • Bombay Sapphire $8
  • The Botanist $8
  • New Amsterdam $7
  • Tanqueray $7

Tequila & Mezcal prices

  • 1800 $8
  • Avion Silver $8
  • Camarena Gold $8
  • Jose Cuervo
    • Silver $7
    • Gold $7
  • Del Maguey Vida Blanco $8
  • Zignum Silver $9
  • Patron
    • Silver $9
    • Reposado $10
    • Anejo $11


  • Chivas Regal 12 $8
  • The Glenlivet $9
  • Dewar's
    • White $7
    • 12 Year $9


  • Johnnie Walker
    • Black $8
    • Double Black $9
  • Canadian Club $7
  • Crown Royal $8
  • Fireball $7
  • Gentleman Jack $9
  • Glenfiddich $8
  • Jack Daniel's $7
  • Jameson $8
  • Rittenhouse Rye $8
  • Whistlepug Straight Rye $9


  • Buffalo Trace $8
  • Maker's Mark $8
  • Four Roses Single Barrel $8


  • Hennessy V.S $8
  • Hennessy Black $9
  • Remy Martin V.S.O.P $9


  • Aperbol $7
  • B&B $7
  • Campari $7
  • Fernet-Branca $7
  • Jagermeister $7
  • Pernod $7
  • Pimm's $7


  • Bailey's $7
  • Kahlua $7
  • Disaronno Amaretto  $7
  • Cointreau $7
  • Midori Melon $7
  • Southern Comfort $7
  • Chambord $7
  • Frangelico $7
  • Sambuca $7
  • Drambuie $7
  • Grand Marnier Rouge $7
  • Pama Pomegranate $7

Complimentary drinks on Royal Caribbean

Guests who are Diamond, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club Crown and Anchor Society members also receive vouchers for complimentary drinks on each day.

Three drink vouchers per day will be applied to each eligible Diamond, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club members corresponding SeasPass card to be used to get a free drink at bars on the ship that can be used between 4:30pm and 8:00pm.

Royal Caribbean provides free drinks to guests that have access to the Diamond Club and/or Concierge club lounges. These lounges are specifically for guests that have attained at least Diamond level status in Crown and Anchor Society or guests staying in a suite onboard the ship.

Each cruise, Royal Caribbean will hold "welcome back" parties for its Crown and Anchor members.

At each event, complimentary alcoholic beverages are served and it can be a great way to enjoy free drinks while hearing about what is new and exciting about Royal Caribbean.

Royal Caribbean beverage packages

One way to lock in the price of your Royal Caribbean cruise is to purchase a drink package.

The unlimited alcohol package allows guests to enjoy as many beers, cocktails and other alcoholic drinks as they like for a fixed daily price.

Deluxe Package - $60 - $90 per guest, per day (plus 18% service charge)

Guests can choose between beer, wine by the glass (up to $14 value) , mixed cocktails, frozen cocktails along with premium coffee, premium tea, bottled water (sparkling and still) , fresh squeezed juice, fountain sodas with the Coca-Cola souvenir cup.

More about Royal Caribbean drink prices and packages

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