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Royal Caribbean testing family steel drum lesson activity


Royal Caribbean is quietly testing a brand new family activity that could be coming to a cruise ship near you soon.

The Steel Pan Family Jam is being tested on select ships, that allows families to learn how to play the steel drums while on their cruise.

Royal Caribbean's Senior Vice President of Entertainment, Nick Weir, shared a video of one of these lessons and mentioned it is in pilot mode, but "will go fleetwide soon."

In addition, the cruise line filed a trademark for the "Steel Pan Family Jam" name with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Royal Caribbean added a mini steel drum set to the bar area of the Lime & Coconut on Oasis of the Seas, with example sheet music. This was offered without musical instruction.

Is this an activity you want to try on a Royal Caribbean cruise?

Video: 12 Things You Can Only Find on Royal Caribbean


I have a brand new video today that shows off 12 things you can only find on a Royal Caribbean cruise!

From the FlowRider to full Broadway shows to robot bartenders, I've got a look at the things you can only find on Royal Caribbean. Check out all twelve things in our latest RCBlog YouTube Video!

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Spotted: Sip Tour Brunch galley tour


Royal Caribbean has effectively rebranded the Bottomless Galley Brunch tour and relaunched it as the Sip Tour Brunch.

Available to pre-book on Royal Caribbean's Cruise Planner site, the Sip Tour Brunch offers guests a tour of the galley, along with brunch in the dining room that comes with unlimited champagne. 

The tour promises to give guests an inside look at how Royal Caribbean prepares three meals a day for thousands of guests.

Video: 10 awesome FREE things to do on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship


Royal Caribbean packs its cruise ships with so many fun things to do, and many have no additional cost to enjoy.

In this video, we have a look at some of my favorite things to do on a Royal Caribbean ship that is included with your cruise fare.

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Video: The BEST thing to do on every Royal Caribbean ship!


Royal Caribbean's cruise ships are designed to be destinations that offer a ton for family and friends to enjoy while onboard. Each ship offers different activities, dining and entertainment, so today we have one must-do on every ship in the fleet.

It is not easy picking just one thing to do, but if you were going to go on any ship in Royal Caribbean's fleet, you will want to make sure you check off one particular onboard offering that we have listed in this video.

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Royal Caribbean temporarily shuts down SkyPad for inspection and review


It appears Royal Caribbean has temporarily shut down its SkyPad bungee trampoline experience on its cruise ships pending a review of the safety of the ride.

Guests who recently sailed on Independence of the Seas and Mariner of the Seas reported the SkyPad was closed for the duration of their cruise.  Royal Caribbean confirmed via Twitter that the SkyPad is indeed closed for now.

Photo by Michelle May

Royal Caribbean's review of the experience follows recent litigation that was filed against the cruise line that involved a guest who was injured while on the SkyPad.

The SkyPad is currently available on Independence of the Seas, Mariner of the Seas and Spectrum of the Seas.

Royal Caribbean trademarks name for zip line roller coaster ride


Royal Caribbean filed a U.S. federal trademark registration with the U.S. patent and trademark office for something called the Fly Rider.

The trademark filing was filed on December 18, 2018 and is described as, "Entertainment services, namely, providing an amusement park ride in the nature of a zip line roller coaster ride".

The trademark reveals little details, but does give an indication of what may be announced at a future date.

Video: Royal Caribbean Battle for Planet Z Laser Tag


Introducing Royal Caribbean’s glow-in-the-dark laser tag experience, Battle for Planet Z has families, friends and strangers go head to head for control of the galaxy’s last planet. Guests of all ages can gear up for a stellar time on board with this total intergalactic adventure, complete with state-of-the-art technology and special effects.

Experiences: Izumi sushi making class on Royal Caribbean


For a few years, Royal Caribbean has offered guests the opportunity to try making sushi in a special class.  There is no doubt that making sushi seems like a daunting task, but Royal Caribbean promises a fun and informative experience. 

As an avid sushi fan, I look for any excuse to enjoy sushi on sea or on land.  Believe it or not, there was a sushi experience on a Royal Caribbean cruise that I had never tried before, so I sought to rectify that on a recent Brilliance of the Seas cruise.

The sushi class is offered on most Royal Caribbean ships, but I had resisted trying it primarily because I do not eat shellfish and I knew many of the rolls made used shellfish.  While dining at Izumi on Brilliance of the Seas, my waiter informed me the chef could adjust my offering for something I could eat, so I decided to give it a try.

What to expect

There is no cooking experience required to try the class. In fact, that is the appeal of the class.  

You will arrive to the class and be required to wash your hands prior to doing anything.  Once everyone arrives, an Izumi chef begins the class by introducing what sushi really is, its origins, and what type of sushi you will make.

In our class, we made three kinds of sushi:

  1. Maki (Rice and filling wrapped in seaweed)
  2. Nigiri (A topping, usually fish, served on top of sushi rice)
  3. Temaki (Sushi that has been hand-rolled into a cone shape)

The sushi chef introduces each roll, and goes step by step in showing everyone how to create the roll.

During the class, one of the Izumi waiters will be happy to use your phone or camera to take photos of your progress.

Following creating the various rolls, you get to eat everyting your created.  Considering you we made three rolls and two pieces of nigiri, that was a lot of food.

On our cruise, the sushi making class included a complimentary tour of the ship's galley.  It is always fascinating to see how the ship prepares so many meals for its guests, and to have a galley tour part of the class price is an added bonus.

The sushi making class was just about an hour long (including time to eat the sushi), and the galley tour was an additional 30 minutes.


I really enjoyed the sushi making class, perhaps even more than I anticipated.  Part of the enjoyment comes from the fact the Izumi chef helped us make the sushi so well. Frankly, I was expecting to butcher my attempt at creating sushi, so when the final product actually looked like something I might order, I was impressed.

The pace of the class worked well, and I feel like we all were able to pick up the key concepts quickly. The chef was always quick to walk around and provide assistance where necessary, and offer guidance to improving the techniques applied.

At $33 per person, the price is an excellent value when you consider you are getting three rolls, a few pieces of nigiri and a tour of the galley. I felt that we got a lot for the cost.

Overall, I think the sushi making class is a fun opportunity for anyone to try.  It is great to do alone, or invite friends and family to do it together.  Be sure to come hungry!

Cost: $33 per person on Brilliance of the Seas.

Top things to do on a sea day on a Royal Caribbean cruise


Part of every Royal Caribbean cruise are days spent at sea, which means you have the entire day to enjoy the vast array of things to do onboard.  Sea days provide ample opportunity to see and do many things to do onboard, from dawn to dusk.  

Sea days on a Royal Caribbean cruise are fairly open-ended, with you setting your own pace for what to do.  Some guests elect to do a ton of activities, while others take it slow and enjoy pure relaxation time.  Regardless of what you pick to do on a sea day, there is lots to consider and here are the sort of activities it seems most people opt to try.

Sleep in

Sea days are the perfect day to sleep late, just because there is no port to arrive to and no excursions to be ready to experience.  While sleeping is not the most exciting activity to tell your friends about, it is no less an awesome feeling.

Many guests like to take things easy while on a cruise, and nothing says a laid back kind of day than sleeping into double digit hours!

Pool time

Perhaps no onboard activity is as synonymous with a sea day than spending time at the pools onboard. Whether you choose to sunbathe, swim or just go back and forth, you will find ample opportunity to enjoy pool time on a sea day.

Royal Caribbean ships have more than one pool, with some ships having dedicated pool areas for kids.  These kid-friendly pool areas often feature colorful splash zones, water slides, and of course pools and hot tubs.  While there is plenty of swim opportunities for kids on all Royal Caribbean ships, the newest ships in the fleet offer the latest and greatest choices.  Voyager, Freedom, Oasis and Quantum class ships offer the largest and most extravagant pool facilities for kids.

Royal Caribbean also has a dedicated area on its ships for adults only, known as the Solarium.  The Solarium is the adults-only pool that is open to guests that are at least 16 years old. It is usually located in the front of the ship's pool deck and is often indoors or with a retractable roof. Because of the indoor nature of the Solarium, it tends to be warmer and more humid in the Solarium than the main pool. Royal Caribbean also tends to have cushioned lounge chairs that differ than the loungers available in the main pool.

Lunch at specialty restaurants

While specialty restaurants are not that new an option on Royal Caribbean ships, offering lunch is becoming a new trend.  Typically, specialty restaurants are open for dinner, with lunch overlooked.  These days, more and more specialty restaurants are open for lunch and sometimes at a reduced price.

Advanced reservations for lunch are not normally available prior to your cruise, but one onboard, some restaurants take lunch reservations.

The Cruise Compass will list operating hours, but enjoying lunch at a specialty restaurant can provide an indulgent meal at a restaurant you might not otherwise have time to dine at.

Movies and Shows

Royal Caribbean ships are full of things to do on a sea day, including movies, live performances and competitions. Throughout the day and night, there are regularly scheduled entertainment to enjoy all around the ship.

During the day, you will find lots happening by the pool. Pool games, line dancing, food demonstrations and more occur on each sea day.  Plus, you will find live music performed right by the pool.  There is something so relaxing and enjoyable about hearing a reggae or steel drum band play music on a sunny sea day afternoon.

At night, Royal Caribbean puts on its best performances in the Royal Theater. Broadway shows, original productions and comedy/magic acts are lined up for guests to enjoy each evening.  

In addition, Royal Caribbean has added large screens near its pools in recent years, which means you can enjoy the latest films while taking in a swim (or from the comfort of a nearby chair). 

Read a book

A time honored tradition on the beach has always been to read a good book, and being on a cruise ship is no different. Many guests take advantage of their time onboard to finally get to that book (or books) they have been meaning to read.

During a sea day, there are a lot of great places onboard to read a book.  Depending on your style, one or more of these may be just the spot for you

  • On your stateroom balcony
  • By the pool
  • At a table at Cafe Promenade/Cafe Latte-Tudes
  • In a chair on the promenade deck (usually deck 4 or 5 on most ships

Signature activities

Royal Caribbean markets its cruise ships as floating destinations, and you would be remiss if you did not check out some of the signature activities available on your ship.

Royal Caribbean first made a name for itself by adding rock climbing walls to its ships, and these days, they offer much more than just that. Depending on the class of ship you sail on, there are many really fun (and complimentary) activities to enjoy.  Surfing on the FlowRider, ice skating, taking the view in aboard North Star, having a jump in the jump zone trampoline park, going down water slides and much more.

Whichever cruise ship you book, be sure to look into the activities available on the ship.  Sea days are a popular time for many guests to enjoy these activities, but a little bit of research ahead of time can mean you can beat the crowds and get a few turns in.  

Work out at the gym

Whether you go to the gym to maintain your regular exercise regiment, or just want to off set the delicious food you are enjoying onboard, Royal Caribbean's fitness center is a great way to keep fit on your sea day.

The equipment in the fitness center is complimentary for guests to use, and opens very early and stays open for much of the day and evening. There is ample opportunity to work out while on your Royal Caribbean cruise, and a sea day is a great time to stop by.

Royal Caribbean also offers fitness classes for an additional fee, where guests can partake in activities such as yoga, Pilates, spin and more.  There are sign up sheets in the gym, and it is open on a first-come, first-signed up basis.  Your best bet is to sign up early in the cruise for the class(es) you want.

Spa visit

A sea day can be super relaxing with just one visit to the Vitality Spa.  Whether you choose a massage, facial, or another service, there is plenty of choices.

If you are new to the spa, you should consider taking a complimentary tour of the spa facility.  We have found the spa tours to be low sales pressure, and a good way to learn about the services offered.  

Sea days are quite popular for spa appointments, so be sure to book yours early in the cruise.  Better yet, book it ahead of time prior to your cruise on Royal Caribbean's Cruise Planner site.

Your thoughts

What is your favorite sea day activity? Did we neglect to mention something you love to do while at sea? Share your thoughts in the comments.