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YOLO SOLO - Anthem, October 13, 2018 Bermuda

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Let's just say this - I DO NOT use this word outside of this site but YOLO. This cruise was my bonus trip for the year after reading all of your lovely blogs and seeing your amazing pictures. I was supposed to visit a friend in Texas but we couldn't go this year so I booked this for myself. I've traveled alone before and booked a solo room before but this is my first true solo cruise. It's also my last cruise for probably a long time. I have a big land based Italy trip next year which is my #1 bucket list trip.

I've always wanted to go to Bermuda - in the late 70's (just dated myself but it was the LATE  70's) my aunt and uncle left from NY to Bermuda. At that time you were allowed to bring guests on the ship before it left so my mom, two cousins and myself got to board. There is an amazing picture of us at the shipyard - bell bottoms and a ton of hair. I have a vague memory of waving goodbye to my aunt and uncle and streamers all over (environment, whaaaat)  and remember smiling for the picture. They brought us pink sand in a bottle when they came back, since then I've always wanted to go. It's my #2 bucket list trip.

Bringing my new DLSR camera so I can practice for Italy. I'll probably forget half the time as I usually do. I'll likely update Instagram (Islalay76) and wait to upload the other picture when I get home. I'm VERY green on the DLSR - Nikon 3400

Refreshment package and I'm bringing 2 bottles of wine on board. Ultimate Dining Package and Chef's Table. I've only been to Izumi in the past so this should be fun.

If there is anything you want to know or see let me know.

Periscope is NoBadWords (I'm a tv censor, it's a joke) but I'm not really comfortable on it so not sure I will use.


So thank you all for giving me the courage to book a solo cruise.....YOLO!

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Extra thoughts: Loved my room, it served it's purpose. Two weird things that were just annoyances , one was the TV - very awkwardly placed. In order to watch you needed to sit on the edge of the bed.

Dropped pup off last night and passed out on the couch before 9. I haven’t been sleeping all week.  This is my first time playing with the camera and Luna is my favorite subject. It only took a h

$2 mimosas in the casino. It’s raining. Guess what I’m doing. 

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@ellcee I don't know this is your SOLO cruise. I always said to my husband and son that my truly vacay will be by myself somewhere. LOL, this gives me an idea but not sure will ever happen. Let see how their reaction when I ask them " Can I take a solo cruise?". 

Be safe and have fun on your trip. Post some pictures. I will be on Anthem in 5 weeks. 

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All of you have a WONDERFUL cruise.  I just got back from Bermuda.  So beautiful.  I always say that the color of the water in Bermuda was the biggest surprise.  I think the water in Bermuda is more beautiful than anywhere I have been in the Caribbean.  Such an incredible color.  ...and there is nothing like the view from the ship when you are at King's Wharf.  Just lovely.

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The ship is gorgeous. Everything still looks so new. My room is perfect for what it is and I have a virtual balcony. All of my dinner reservations have been made except for my last sea day, it was easy to do as I walked in. Made my way to the spa and made a hair appointment for tomorrow night. If anyone remembers last time they screwed it up so this is try #2. 



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Ran into @JLMoran in the spa. Went to the gym to walk on the treadmill a bit while watching Lady Liberty. Have a killer headache for the past two days, have migraine Meds but doesn’t really feel like that.  

Singles trivia was group trivia so I got a drink (habanero grapefruit daiquiri) and left. 

Went to Izumi for dinner and got spicy crispy tuna and spicy ramen. It was good, not as good as Harmony’s Izumi but the service was top notch. It was good enough that I’ll likely go back at least once more before I leave. I didn’t need the $35 allowance, I was good with what I ordered. Headed to Cafe Promenade for cookies...Royal Caribbean has the best cookies, not always amazing other desserts but the cookies are my favorite! 


I have reservations for The Gift but not sure I feel like it. It’s been a long day and I’d like a shower, book and my bed. Btw- bed is great as is. Firm but not painful. (Harmony was crazy hard and needed a mattress pad).

Time to find the Coke Machine for some seltzer...




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I am really sorry you have a killer headache @ellcee I know how those can be and can ruin a day. It may be barometric changes that are giving you the headaches.  If you have any storms around that can mess with your sinus cavity giving headaches. If that is the case you may want to try Excedrin as it opens the capillaries in the brain. Never know but if the Migraine meds aren't working you may want to give something else a try. I am very susceptible to barometric changes and get headaches if it changes too rapidly.  Just a thought. I hope you feel better.

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