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  1. I’m also on the 8th of March cruise in a junior suite. The last Crown Loft suite was booked about 6 months ago. I watched the pricing for months but couldn’t pull the trigger. Down to 7 weeks now - can’t wait. I got a Royal-Up email about two weeks ago.
  2. I had a January 2021 IOS cruise cancelled because of a charter. I just moved to a Feb 22, 2021 cruise and got a couple hundred dollars into my OBC fund. Not a big deal, as it was pretty far out, but I can see how it can very inconvenient if it required more than just my wife and I to coordinate changes with.
  3. Ghassem Soleimani was responsible for hundreds of U.S. service members deaths as the leader of Qods Force during Operation Iraqi Freedom of which I deployed five times so if he met his very untimely death I won’t miss a night of sleep. If this situation wrecks some cruises because of larger global issues than so be it. I personally lost people because of this guy so forgive me if I don’t blame the U.S president. This is a raw subject for me so excuse me if I come off too strong.
  4. I have been to Nachi Cocom several times and always have the Icy drinks and never had a problem - it's safe.
  5. Historically I received a credit back on my credit card within 7-10 business days from the change being made. After you cancel your cruise that task is given over to a finance department that handles the exchange. If you have not seen it within 2 business weeks you should call them back. The cruise voucher is an actual voucher that comes to your email address they have listed for you.
  6. How lucky are you to be cruising at your age? I didn’t go on my first one until I was 54. By the way, cool VLOGS. I look forward to more!
  7. I got it for $21.99 for my Oasis of the Seas March 2020 cruise. It started at $29.99 and dropped once to $24.99 and then to $21.99. I grabbed it at the low price.
  8. Oh there's got to be a good story hooked to that statement - care to share? 🙄
  9. I can also add to JLMoran's post a little - If they don't have that data you can provide it to RCI NextCruise desk as your default TA or you can get the information details upon return and give it to your TA and then your TA can take over the cruise from RCI. Either way it's very easy to do.
  10. I am on with my wife, son and daughter-in-law on March 8, 2020...Almost down to four months to go. I am in a Junior Suite on the 12th floor; the first for that level of room and first time on a Oasis class ship so it should be lots of fun. Labadee, Haiti, Falmouth, Jamaica and Cozumel, Mexico. I was stationed in Port au Prince, Haiti while in the Army in 1997. A long time ago and a different situation all together. This time should be more relaxing then the first trip .
  11. Cozumel workers that support the cruise industry seem to like Dollars more than Peso's from what I have been seeing. I'm sure they would be glad to get any money but dollars work very well on the Island. They will even make change to you in Dollars too. I do think that Guest Services can convert to Peso's if I am remembering correctly but I just have never done it before.
  12. If you decide to work with NextCruise on the ship go to their office on the first - third day of the cruise as they will not be busy. If you wait later in the cruise it will get more hectic as the week progresses. On my last cruise I went to NextCruise on the first day with a plan already of what I was looking for and I was the only one in the office. It worked out well and was carefree as can be.
  13. that looks amazing as I'm sitting at my desk at work dreaming of my Cruise in March 2020.
  14. I'm on Oasis of the Seas in March 2020 (can't believe it will be 2020 already) and I have never seen Cats before so I will try and see if I like it or I can give a or puking symbol.
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