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  1. I am kind of confused by @Lovetocruise2002 We all want to go to Canada for the summer and here you are going to Miami and the Caribbean during the summer months for the heat. I''ll give you my southern response - well bless your heart.
  2. I was on the Independence in May 19 and I would say the Pizza at Sorrento's was adequate but I can't go as far to say really good. It depends on your taste for pizza. It worked out for a quick snack; however, if I were to give a star rating, I would go with a 2 1/2 ⭐ out of 5.
  3. Now should be know as RCI Cruise Speak (RCS for an acronym) - definition - purposely confusing as to maximize confusion and profits when required.
  4. should have sent in a picture of tequila shots with @Matt πŸ˜‰ 1 x tequila, 2 x tequila, 3 x tequila floor - with a smiling face and drool. In all seriousness, this Blog site has taught me more about RCI, cruising and how to use a Travel Agent in less than a year that a lifetime of cruising would not have taught me. I am on my 4th cruise now and feel very confident that I can get the most out of my cruising and it's because of this site that Matt has built. Great job!
  5. I can't even imagine the despair the family must be in - https://www.foxnews.com/world/indiana-toddler-allegedly-dangled-by-grandfather-dies-after-plunging-150-feet-from-cruise-ship-report
  6. I had "The Key" program on my last cruise in Early May 19 on Independence of the Seas out of Fort Lauderdale. I like the program as it gives you some suite like niceties such as early boarding and early debarkation, selected seats at venues and the ability to eat at a specialty restaurant (Chops for us) on the first day of the cruise and in MDR for breakfast at the end of the cruise. It came down to money as I got it on a sale day and had some OBC already so the price was pretty low for me. I like the program overall; but, it has to fit into the cruise budget, and if it doesn't, than I am fine without it. I still get to the port early by 1000-1030 so I'm going to be on early anyways. I just have to go to the Windjammer for crazy lunchtime crowds and drag around my carry-ons until 1300 when the rooms open up.
  7. In the end of the day they had to balance financial issues with Public Relations issues. Public Relations usually wins out, I'm one who got he drink package at the $18 price -- I'll be a very loyal Royal Caribbean cruiser in the future and will only book RC going forward. Furthermore, look who wrote the email, it came from the Guest Services Director, AKA Public Relations. They probably agonized over that email and decided to make it very cute and tongue-in-cheek. They played it very well in the end - kudos to the RCI team
  8. I am also Gold Status and I got the email that it will be honored.
  9. I was talking to my wife about that very scenario - maybe they say nothing and just let it stand and move on. That may be the lowest PR problem move. I'm in this one as @Mattsaid, you have to play the game to get a chance at winning.
  10. This is now day two from "the mistake that dare not speak its name" so I expect something from RCI Officially today, Friday at the latest on what they plan to do. I can imagine there are arguments within RCI from the financial business side versus the PR side. One side is all about the money while the PR side has to deal with the bad publicity fallout. I can imagine this issue being decided at a very high level in RCI leadership. It's a really big mess-up.
  11. If it was an Intern issue think of you being that young and making a $3-4 million mistake. As Donald Trump comes out and says, "You're Fired!!!!" Get out.
  12. I bit on it for my 2020 cruise. We shall see but the it’s too good to be true was definitely in my head as the credit card was used.
  13. Thanks @twangster I was wondering how much it would be and my mind just couldn't calculate how much it would be to charter a ship. My thoughts were close - I thought $5-10 million. I ended up moving my cruise dates 6 weeks to 22 February to go to Grand Cayman and Cozumel. As I already had some OBC for the cruise I am now up to $500 so that eased my suffering πŸ˜‰. I am still in a Grand Suite as before just had to move down the hall a tad to room 1298.
  14. Yea I understand...but as they say, business is business, and if they can get full booking now on a charter versus waiting to see if it fills up on a 2021 cruise I would see why they would do it. No real skin off my back on this one as it is a long ways off. I will take my extra $200 OBC and run to a new booking - -I was in a Grand Suite.
  15. Well I got the email today that the Independence of the Seas January 16th, 2021 cruise is now chartered so I have to figure out what else to do. They gave me some alternatives but I will have to give it some thought and wife consultation and come up with another cruise to take. This is what was offered: -night Independence of the Seas 2021 Western Caribbean itinerary departing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida on: January 11th or February 22ndsailing to George Town, Grand Cayman and Cozumel, Mexico. January 30th, February 13th or February 27thsailing to Labadee, Haiti and Falmouth, Jamaica. No matter what sailing your clients choose, we know they'll have an amazing time eating great food and visiting beautiful ports. With miles of rugged coastlines, culturally enriching tours, delicious local cuisine, and plenty of shopping options, there's a destination just for them! We are sure they'll find the perfect getaway! What they'll receive: Their original stateroom category will be price protected at the original cruise fare rate, excluding taxes, fees, gratuities, and other non-cruise fare items. And, they'll receive a credit to spend onboard per stateroom: $100 USD for Interior, Ocean View and Balcony staterooms | $200 USD for Suites Plus, an additional $50 USD for each third or more guest to spend onboard You'll receive protected commission plus $50 USD Bonus commission. Option 2: Re-book any other Royal Caribbean International sailing and receive the following credits to spend onboard per stateroom: $100 USD for Interior, Ocean View and Balcony staterooms | $200 USD for Suites Plus, an additional $50 USD for each third or more guest to spend onboard You'll receive protected commission.
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