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LIVEish, 7 Days on Harmony (05/12/2018 or 12/05/2018 add to the mix May 12, 2018)

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Just got back on the ship. First time I've ever taken the paths on left side of the pier (if you were coming from the ship). Wow some of those views. Plus I found another path that run behind the land

This post I'm not going to torture anyone with pictures of food. Just pictures of Harmony.   Plus the newest addition to my Armada On a side no

Posting a Windjammer recon so everyone have something to drool over Monday morning. Theme for the night was "Mixed Grill", where you picked your protein and the grilled it up fresh. Al

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1 hour ago, tiny260 said:

Fall break for my wife's school (In Oklahoma) is usually the middle of October, like this year it is October 15th.

The itineraries aren't out past April of 2020 are they?

Not yet.  I am watching for November this year...if they follow suit with last year.  The summer 2019 sailings for the Caribbean came out in November 2017.

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10 minutes ago, CGTLH said:

Made it to Ft. Lauderdale, heading to the hotel right now. Uber XL to Embassy Suites on 17th, $20.

Enjoy the hotel! That's where we stayed before our sailing; beautiful atrium, nice pool area, and fantastic complementary breakfast. Pretty friendly bar staff, too.

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42 minutes ago, JLMoran said:

Enjoy the hotel! That's where we stayed before our sailing; beautiful atrium, nice pool area, and fantastic complementary breakfast. Pretty friendly bar staff, too.

Thanks, it is a very nice property. Not sure now how many times I've stayed here.

Plus it has a nice shopping center right next to it.

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Not much to report for today other than I made it to Ft. Lauderdale. Was on the road from around 7:30 am until 5:30 pm. Checked in the hotel, Embassy Suites on 17th. As in May, booked on the "Premium Suites" floor. For the most part all I can tell is it gets you access to a vending machine with drinks (water, orange juice, Sprite, Coke, and Diet Coke) and snacks. Cost to upgrade wasn't that much, maybe 5-10 dollars.

Bit of advice, get the snacks early. Just check out the photos taken a few hours apartO33A8461-HDR.thumb.jpg.e121c1bf8ebc4d431ef5a3dee2772aa0.jpgO33A8518-HDR.thumb.jpg.bd2e1b9e0d576c1bad51296c7c2aeaf5.jpg.

Another nice this about Embassy Suites is their happy hour with drinks and snacks. Then again, don't think I've really ever heard of the brands of spirits used.


Few other advantages of Embassy Suites is the shopping center right behind it, wound up having a burger a Gilberts. If you happened to need a few bottles of wine to take aboard there is a Publix and Total Wine. Also nice having the port right around the corner.O33A8553-HDR.thumb.jpg.b8a61894c1ea9876e7a39740e2fae06f.jpg


Just a few shots of the inside and outside...












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Biggest tip ever: Make sure you "print"/save a copy of your SetSail pass as a PDF. Then place a copy of it with means to be accessed from another computer.

Somehow either forgot to bring them or never printed them. But the Business Center saved the hassle of having to be manifest verified.


Now off topic: Heading back to the room I did some snack machine recon, looking empty...


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Morning all, packing backup the various chargers and such. Didn't get a chance to grab a shot of the breakfast spread, just my breakfast.


Looked out the windows and saw my home for the next 7 days...


Wait, wrong ship...


Ahh, here we go. There she is hiding in the background!



Next stop, Terminal 18. Sure I'll be leaving the hotel in the next 30 minutes or so.

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11 minutes ago, CGTLH said:

Know this is blasphemy comment... Wouldn't mind trying Carnival again. Last time was when Carnival Dream just came out. I'm a legacy platinum with 10 total sailings.


I've got 10 CCL sailings in my past but am 3 cruises shy of platinum. 

I say go for it, it would be interesting to see your conclusions.

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