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LIVEish, 7 Days on Harmony (05/12/2018 or 12/05/2018 add to the mix May 12, 2018)


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11 minutes ago, CGTLH said:

Know this is blasphemy comment... Wouldn't mind trying Carnival again. Last time was when Carnival Dream just came out. I'm a legacy platinum with 10 total sailings.


I've got 10 CCL sailings in my past but am 3 cruises shy of platinum. 

I say go for it, it would be interesting to see your conclusions.

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2 minutes ago, twangster said:

I think I was E1 on Harmony.  Standing in the promenade by the entrance doors you normally enter in during embarkation.  

Your GS looks very familiar. 

Yup, not a fan of that station.

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On 5/11/2018 at 11:45 AM, Lovetocruise2002 said:

Not a chance, summer is always crazy.  Unless you go near the end of August (which I totally would if I did not have to go back to work the first week of September).

What!!!! I have to go back the last week in August. 

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Morning folks! After dinner and doing the Windjammer Recon last night I headed back to the room and lack of better works crashed. Next thing I knew it was 8 am.

Dinner was in Coastal Kitchen, @WAAAYTOOO still using the filet night menu for the first night.

Today's Chef's Special was a Mongolian Live Station.


Also noticed something I don't recall seeing on any other ship at dinner, steak and eggs.20180512_193559.thumb.jpg.2e1b5cf35195e326f74a63b0e619434d.jpg

Not sure what kind of theme was going on. The station also had chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, and ciabatta style pizza.20180512_194014.thumb.jpg.737f639dd04ec02799031d2236375bde.jpg

Headed to the back to check out the dessert bar. Also had a designated gluten free dessert bar as well (sorry no pictures of that).


Also saw a crepe station with donuts and waffles on the other side. Was told the crepes were an every night offering.



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17 hours ago, CGTLH said:


For everyone wondering... I had written up a completely different comment. One of the luxuries of this board is being able to remove said comments.

Just didn't want anyone to twist what had been originally said.

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Just a quick share of a sampling of the my devices charging means.

After my Anthem incident I had to find a new multi tap that didn't look dead obvious. To also increase my chances I now pack two, one in my checked bag and the other in my camera bag. The cord in the just above and to the left of the multi tap is handy to use with the USB charger just to the right of the multi tap. The device (bottom in the middle) with the yellow tape on it is the travel router that I use.



*Note: This post was in no way shape or form sponsored by Anker.

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So far today nothing exciting. This morning went to to the Top Tier party.


Point counts are as followed:

Gold: 1678

Platinum: 431

Emerald: 188

Diamond: 320

Diamond Plus: 108

Pinnacle: 19

Top Pinnacle: 1189 points


Ventured around some, stopped by the casino.

Found out that Choice must be a new name for the Select tier.


Finally wound up at the Trellis Bar.

I've always felt some of the bars have different things. This time what caught my eye was the "Hop Flavored Whiskey", think that was the first time I've ever seen that.



Then just to round things off, I had to take pictures of everything else on the back wall.




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Posting a Windjammer recon so everyone have something to drool over Monday morning.

Theme for the night was "Mixed Grill", where you picked your protein and the grilled it up fresh.


Also happened to notice a custom Ceaser Salad station. Doesn't look like romaine to me, can't blame Royal for playing it safe.


Snagged a shot of the Gluten Free station


The mirror of the mixed grill station on the other side was once again crepes, donuts, and waffles.

Also took a picture of the dessert bar, with one special close-up.



Will go on record, didn't try the Red Velvet 

Other side notes: Had the fried eggs, ciabatta pizza, chicken nuggets, plus mac and cheese. This time around no steak (could get one cooked up at the mixed grill), onion rings instead. I've also not noticed any themes so far.


Only other activity of the day was a Pub Crawl, stops were Solarium Bar, Trellis Bar, Pub, and ended at Sabor. Dinner tonight was in Coastal Kitchen, also the first Formal Night.

Almost forgot about my new creation, the Reverse Lavaflow.


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