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Found 44 results

  1. Just to be up front, don't expect anything fancy. Check out my previous LIVEish
  2. Today marks 25 day until we set sail! Traveling with my wife and daughters (10 & 14), my mom & dad, my wife's mom & dad, and my bother & sister in laws with their son (21). We are driving in from Indianapolis. We are leaving here on Friday March 15th. We plan to be in Ft Lauderdale early enough to watch the ships leaving port on Saturday from the beach. We did this on our last cruise and it was a lot of fun. The rest of our family are flying in later Saturday night. Some highlights of our plans; We have booked the Guacamole class at Sabor for day 2. We have my father in law booked to take the behind the scenes ship tour on day 3. We also have booked Escape The Rubicon for day 6. We have also booked the Bottomless Brunch and Galley Tour on day 7.We have also made reservations for all our onboard entertainment. In St. Maarten we have booked the famous Leo Brown as our driver for the day. We have a couple places we know we want to see like Maho to watch the planes land but, for the most part we want Leo to show us the must sees! San Juan we have booked Old San Juan Food Tour. By Flavors of San Juan. We are very much looking forward to this. On our last cruise we did a culinary tour in Falmouth that was amazing so we are hoping to catch lightning in a bottle. Everything I have read about this tour makes me think we are in for a treat (or 5 or 6). Our plan for Labadee is to get off the ship early, enjoy a few Labadoozys, a little shopping and then get back on the ship for lunch and to enjoy the ship with fewer people on board.
  3. Does anyone have an idea about booking the Escape Room on Harmony of the Seas. I'm on an upcoming sailing (5/26/19). I'm still about 70+ days out, yet. I've looked everywhere in the cruise planner. I see that I can book all of the entertainment options, but nothing on the Escape room. Voom, the Key (it just reappeared!), flowrider stuff is all there and available... I've also looked all over the RC app, and have not figured out any way to book it there, either. Actually, the RC app doesn't even have any of my entertainment reservations in it yet. It does have one shore RC excursion, but is missing all of my CocoCay stuff (Thrill waterpark / zipline). Anyone have any ideas booking this pre-cruise? Or will I have to wait until onboard???
  4. Getting this party started early because I am just way too excited! Can you tell? 😂 Here goes....
  5. Who’s all coming on the harmony on April 28th. Also is anyone attending a lgbt meet up ?
  6. We plan on taking full advantage of using the wowband instead of the seapass card on our harmony cruise. Staying in a suite. For shows, is it easier to carry the seapass to show our suite class to access the reserved seating? Or is wow band just as easy? I’ve only been on oasis (no wowbands) where suites had to show sea pass to access reserved seating. Thanks
  7. Hey All, First time in the forums! Got a couple of questions: I am sailing next week on Harmony of the Seas (Feb 24th 2019) and have not been assigned a cabin yet, I booked the Suite Guarantee (XS). Does it make sense to contact RC or just wait till its assigned/check-in? For the set sail pass, I checked in using the mobile app and I can see our Set Sail Passes (they do no show a room as it has not been assigned) however I can not obtain any set sail pass when I log in to their site. Was wondering if this is due to not yet being assigned a room?
  8. HI Everyone Is Anyone Sailing On Harmony Sep. 15 2019. If So Comment Below. So I Can Add You To The List.
  9. Looking forward to live Blogging my first RC cruise on Harmony next week. Countdown has now reached 7 days. Now if this week of work would just fly by.
  10. We are booked on Harmony, April 2019. We would like to know how early can we disembark. We are trying to buy our return flight from FLL. Thank you for your help.
  11. Recap of our Western Harmony Cruise Grand Suite, Sky Class Cabin 6654 Traveling with my 23 yo son. Day 1 We arrived at the terminal by Lyft from our hotel in Ft Lauderdale near the airport. Hotel had a free airport shuttle that we used the night before, then we used Lyft to get from hotel to Port Everglades in the morning. Lyft was $10 plus tip. Walked in the suite entrance at 10:30am and learned they were already boarding. Went upstairs and straight onto the ship. No lines at any point. It went so fast I forgot to take my camera out to take pictures. Restaurants weren't open yet so I took him on a quick tour and we grabbed our 1st of many drinks with the drink package. This was my first time on Harmony but I've done Oasis and Allure so the ship felt very familiar despite minor changes and updated decor on Harmony. A quick visit to the solarium and suite sun deck where we tried our first drink, the frozen lemonade. It was good on this hot day and it would become a common drink I frequently came back to throughout the cruise. We eventually ate sandwiches at Park Cafe and then headed to Schooner Bar for a beer. I picked this location as we were approaching 1pm, the magic hour that cabins become available and the Schooner Bar is close to cabin 6654 starboard aft. Right on time the announcement came that cabins were available. One SeaPass card was outside in an envelope and as promised our Wow bands and 2nd card were on the bed inside. The bed was made up as a king despite our request for twins but that is never an issue, a call to house keeping and it was promised to be fixed after the muster drill which it was. Muster station E1 is in the promenade deck 5 just forward of the Bionic Bar basically where you enter the ship on day 1. A fresh fruit plate and our drink cups awaited us in our cabin along with our excursion tickets.
  12. Hello - We've been on several cruises but never partake in any of the spa services. I'm trying to convince my husband to do a couples massage but am confused by the pricing. A single 50 min swedish massage is $90 but a 50 min couples massage is $269....that is 3x the cost for a single. Does that sound right?I definitely will not get him to "try" it for that much. I am looking at pre-cruise pricing as we depart on July 7.Any info or suggestions would be appreciated.Thank you.
  13. Hey All, looking into booking a massage on Harmony in July. Can anyone tell me what they've paid if booked on board? I'm trying to get a general idea. I've checked the website $89-$129 + 18%. Just wondering if I should book ahead of time or are the specials onboard decent. Every time I try for costs $129 + 18% which means about $150 and change. I'll take any advice, even if you've never used the spa on Harmony. Thanks in advance!
  14. Have no fear @Lovetocruise2002 I will indeed being doing my live blog in hopefully all its usual glory. Finally, my turn again to set sail! As you might have guessed based on the topic I'll be setting sail onboard Harmony of the Seas. This will be my second time onboard Harmony and sailing ninth sailing on an Oasis class ship. Itinerary brief, Eastern: Ft. Lauderdale, Sea Day, Sea Day, St. Maarten, San Juan, Labadee, Sea Day, Eviction in Ft. Lauderdale An idea of what is to come can be seen on my last LIVEish from January on Oasis Only one new toy this time around, a new laptop. While my Surface Pro 3 has been a great travel companion, it has started to show its age. Last month I was able to get a deal on a discontinued display model Lenovo Flex5 at Costco. Only difference the new model has is a better GPU. Only other thing tech-wise this cruise will be an experiment that involves nonstandard use of tcp/5223. It’s Friday and the day just started, plus I still have a long day of travel ahead of me. I’m sure I’ll still be up for some time with final packing and other tasks. Keep an eye open on the Twitter and Periscope feeds listed in my signature. Can’t guarantee I’ll be active on those platforms, but I might do a few quick scopes. Ohh yeah, forgot. The 360 camera was replaced and I'll make plans to use it early on this cruise, maybe.
  15. Shamelessly promoting my favourite class of ship again. I came across this video tonight and really wanted to share it. @Matt has some great blog posts comparing the 4 ships but this video was so well put together and gives a great comprehensive visual. Whether you are a first timer or you've sailed all 4, it's still worth a look, especially if you are deciding between them as I find many people are. Also, there are some really good shots of the new features on Symphony, including food shots from Playmakers and Hooked. It's 20min long and there is an ad in the middle but have a look. Can't wait for my next Oasis class sailing!
  16. Hi again folks, What are your top picks for specialty dining? Any input will be great...maybe rank venues from best to worst (although it sounds like Sorrento's has a lock on that). Also would like to hear about that favorite dish you absolutely must have when on board. Thanks, Jane
  17. One more question from a first time cruiser regarding Harmony of the Seas. Does the ship's comedy club offer any shows that would be appropriate for teens? Show reservations for our May 2018 cruise just became available, but the RCCL website will not allow us to include our teenage children on the reservations. Thanks for your input. Jane
  18. Thinking about doing an Eastern Caribbean cruise, would be flying from Manchester, England. The price of the whole cruise comes out at £3939 for Allure and £4029 for Oasis, so not worried about the price. Are there any differences in service/food quality or any noticeable things that differ these ships from one another?
  19. Curious if anyone has stayed in Cabin 11175. There are 4 of us so wondering the room layout. Also if it is a Virtual Balcony or just Large Interior. I know the deck plan says it is a large interior but that’s what it says for Cabin 9175 and via a YouTube Cabin tour I found out that one is a VB.
  20. Title says it all. I'm on the Harmony in pretty much 2 sleeps. My first time in a Star Class suite. I'll do my best to take pictures of the daily literature they drop off. If you have any questions, let me know..I'll do my best to check in daily.After that, I'll compile a lengthy review.
  21. Years ago I visited San Juan on one of Royal Caribbeans newer ship (at the time) called "Song of America". Yes, I admit that was a long time ago but back then, Royal Caribbean offered an excursion of "Old and New San Juan" that is very similar to the one they offer today except one of the stops was at the Bacardi Factory. This year we are going on "Harmony of the Seas" in early October and since my husband's favorite drink is "Bacardi and Coke", I thought what better way to celebrate his 50th birthday than to take him there. My problem is that, in the list of available excursions, I see the excursion that will tour old and new San Juan is still offered but this time, I see no mention of there being a visit to Bacardi (which is a real disappointment). Can anyone who has recently taken that tour tell me if the Bacardi Factory is an unmentioned stop on that tour? If it's not, does anyone else know if RCI offers another excursion that will visit Bacardi? I've been reading through the descriptions for any excursion that looks like it might be a fit but so far am unable to locate one. I know there is another excursion or two that offers tasting of the various rums from San Juan, but, admittedly, he is someone I would classify as being a "Bacardi Bigot" when it comes to rum. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
  22. USA Today : Harmony of the Seas versus MSC Meraviglia https://usat.ly/2tfjzun While they don't really draw any conclusions, the photo tours of each ship are worth checking out. And while I am booked on the Meraviglia next year because of it's itinerary (Arctic Circle, which Royal doesn't offer), the Harmony wins in my opinion if for nothing more than space. The Harmony carries fewer people and is nearly 60,000 GRT bigger. More space with that many people is definitely needed and that's what the Harmony offers. And while the full size bowling alley is pretty cool, it's not original and it's a couple of lanes only. I also wonder how many people actually bowl anymore. At least her in California near where I live, 3 of the 5 bowling alleys within a half hours driver of my house have closed.
  23. Hey, all you blog group cruisers on the 16 Sept. Harmony western Caribbean cruise !!! I am organizing the Cruise Critic cabin crawl for our sailing. Even if you do not use Cruise Critic, I am hoping to get as many of "us" as possible to participate. Most likely the crawl will be held in the early afternoon of Day 2 - probably 1 or 2:00. Day 2 is a sea day and cabin crawls are best done on sea days early in the cruise. I am not smart enough to do an online spreadsheet, but I am keeping a spreadsheet on my computer to track the participants. Please let me know if you want to participate. There are 2 ways to be involved: 1. Be a crawler only. These folks want to see other peoples' cabins but don't want to show their cabins. 2. Be a crawler and a shower. These folks want to view other peoples' cabins and are also willing to have others come to see their cabin. The best cabin crawls are the ones with a variety of cabin types so that everyone can see the different room categories. I will need to know your online handle (name) and what deck you are on, at a minimum, if you want to show your cabin. If you want to give real names and your cabin number, that's ok, but not required. Some people don't like giving out their cabin number. Please let me know if you want to be a crawler and a shower or just a crawler. I suppose you could be just a shower too....but what fun would that be ? My Cruise Critic handle is RFerrington Thanks !! Raye
  24. Hi Everyone, If you were to pick one speciality restaurant on Harmony for a 30th Birthday Celebration, which one would you pick? We never splurge on speciality restaurants, although came to absolutely love Coastal Kitchen while on Anthem a while back. We usually have a great time in the main dining and hit the buffet a few nights, but are looking forward to trying something different. While the atmosphere at Wonderland seems really fun and unique, I'm not sure the food options are what we are looking for. Chopes Grill looks like it is has the best menu, but the wine and atmosphere of Central Park 150 might win out. Has anyone tried Central Park 150? I know there are several Chopes Grill fans here! Thanks! Mel
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