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  1. Harmony has it, just recently added - Facebook roll call confirmed with photos
  2. What is the average cost for these while onboard anyone share an experience, photos and menu.
  3. Matt in another post you mentioned working on a updated list that have star link currently going, Still in the works? need any help?
  4. I’ve seen online and in this thread of people getting the Barefoot Beach cabanas for the following prices; Over the water cabana: $495 Hilltop cabana: $395 Beach front cabana: $395 Standard beach cabana: $295 However when I go to my planner they are in the thousands, my family that lives in another state going on the same ship different sail date shows different prices as well….. Anyone else heard or seen this ?? Also is barefoot beach still only available for suite guest? As anyone can purchase it from the planner
  5. I’ve heard of bar crawls & cabin crawls…if anyone is interested in this let me know. If we can get ideas and how this works would be great. Punch cards or T-Shirts made? i know there’s 20 bars on the ship, 22 if we can get into the suite locations lol.
  6. Let’s hear your star class experiences!! the do’s and the Don’ts!! The craziest things you’ve asked for and the craziest things that have happened.
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