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LIVEish, 7 Days on Harmony (05/12/2018 or 12/05/2018 add to the mix May 12, 2018)


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If one picture could best describe the day it would be this one


With it being the last sea day Captain's Corner was held. Once nice thing is was held in Dazzles so there was plenty of space. Afterwards it was replayed on one of the TV channels in the room.

During lunch I stopped in Windjammer just for a quick recon. Stand out items was a "Thank You" cake, giant apple pie, and a jumbo sandwich.




Leaving I stopped for a few minutes to do a Scope of the band that had setup outside of Windjammer.


Some point I made it inside the Starbuck for a few quick pictures. For some reason I think I missed a menu board.

Just remember...





Then headed over to Pub. As mentioned previously I noticed a vodka that I haven't seen at any other bar.


Rest of the day was just a blur, final Windjammer Recon Dinner Edition (will be a seperate post), dinner, gift giving and other goodbyes, packing, and enjoying a final meal of champions.


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17 hours ago, Lovetocruise2002 said:

It poured on my last day on Harmony too.  So much so that they closed the upper decks.  It gave me an excuse to pack....

Also an excellent excuse to exhaust your drink package if you haven't done so by now. :27_sunglasses:

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So just cracked open the laptop and discovered the final Windjammer Recon had never been posted...

So a day late figured it would be better than nothing....

For the final day Chef's Special was the Mongolian Live station.


This time around the station was setup slightly different with the veggies at one of the larger counters and meat where everything is cooked.





For a first they had a small caviar station



Finally the main dessert display, and yes this post is Red Velvet free.


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25 minutes ago, henrysea13 said:

can someone tell me about the crystal blocks with the ships image are they for sale or do we have to earn them and lastly are they available for all the ships I have never seen them before

Earn them, first one at 140 points then addition one at every 70 points. Awarded on/of the ship you reached the points on.

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2 minutes ago, accio7 said:

Thank you for the great live review and photos, @CGTLH! Safe flight home ? 

Thanks, been back home since 9pm the other day.


Now suffering from post cruise depression... Will be 106 or 181 until the next one.

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1 minute ago, CGTLH said:

Thanks, been back home since 9pm the other day.


Now suffering from post cruise depression... Will be 106 or 181 until the next one.

Oops, I could have sworn today was disembarkation day ??? Time flies!

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