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Symphony Of The Seas 14-21 April semi live blog

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Day 2 part two.


So, after we finish with the C&A event (with some sparkling wine) we went up to get ready for the first official night.We had some spare time so we tour the ship again, I must say , the number of people that were dressed up to the official night looked to me much more than in  a Caribbean cruise.The dinner was set at Hooked(the second part of the BOGO deal) which is locate on the 16 floor with some view to the sea.


The restaurant looked very roomy with allot of space between the tables , it does not look too fancy but nice.We got the menu which does not include any extra payment items.The waiter came and recommended some dishes so we started to order , if we just knew how big the plates are we might order differently 😊

We stated with baked oysters, some mussels in wine and cream , it come with some bread that you can dip in the sauce which I liked very much.


Followed by  green salad with shrimps , the shrimp was huge and excellent the rest of the salad not so much, some will say the two items does not  correspond with each other (ops , its seems I watch too much master chef) the greens could use some better sauce, something light like like citrus based vinegar.


The waiter asked if we want also some  raw oysters , we did not answer fast enough so he said “why not” and brought six, I did not protest , you know … for the research. Apparently, they get the oyster twice during this cruise, at Barcelona and in Rome, so better to try them or in the firs/second day or I guess in the fifth/six day.


For main dishes, we took the surf and turf which was  a lobster tail and a tenderloin steak, both were excellent, the stake was very tender.


My spouse ordered  the captain dish which includes : Jumbo shrimps, big lobster tail and some fish filet, each one of them could be a main course. The dish comes with some vegs and lobster mac & cheese.


Everything was very tasty , but too much for us (maybe if we did not eat a big lunch before could help).I must say the service was very fast and everything arrived promptly , we liked it but I heard one table complaining that it comes too fast, well you cannot make everyone happy.They have four dessert to choose from we took the Boston cream pie and something  called Whoopie pie we could both skip the dessert as we were very full but hey , research.I am happy that we did not skip it as the Whoopie pie  was very good and different from the regular RC dessert.

 The chef and the restaurant manager came to ask how was it , they explained since it Is a new restaurant they still do some  fine tuning in the menu and to the size of the portions.All in all we liked it allot.

After dinner we somehow found are way to the room, to recovered and later continue the night by contributing some money to the casino and walk around between the different activities.

We thought to go to the silent party but the lines were huge so we skipped it and went to sleep.

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1 hour ago, Lovetocruise2002 said:

Too bad about "Flight" not showing.  I would have to say that out of all the RC original productions, this is the one I am looking forward to the most. 

Agree, I hope that by September time when we will be again on the Symphony they will have it

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Day 3


We waked up from the noises of the ship navigating to the Marseilles port.At this port you can take a shuttle to the city center (18 $ both ways kids ride for free).We eat a quick breakfast in the WJ , nothing really new here , same egg station, same lack of choices in breads and missing some fresh vegs but enough things to make almost everyone happy.

We booked a tour called Scenic Marseille , it’s a three hours long which start by driving between different interesting points in  Marseille with one stop in the old city water tower  and one stop at the city old port for one hour of do what you wand time. If anyone wanted to have some extra time at the city there was a shuttle station near by which allow you to catch a ride back to the ship.The tour was ok but I think it’s not really the best tour to take, I was missing some more stops and maybe some extra time , but hey I had to read better about what is offered..



After we stopped at the old port we went to find some macrons to eat , after all we are in France.We did find some nice bakery that had fresh Macrons and excellent almond croissants.The Macrons were good but I can actually get better back at home. As the bakery did not had coffee to go with the pastries we went to find us some good original French coffee , we found one next door , a small local French coffee shop called La Starbucks, so went outside to drink our fresh local coffee and eating the pastries. At that time the sun went out and it became another wonderful day.



After an hour or so we took our bus back to the ship.

We went to eat something in the park café , the park café here has the same exact menu as all the other ships have , the main change here is that RC organized more space to seat inside.

Next we went to play the mystery puzzle, we joined one of the groups and it was quite fun to try and solve it while knowing new people. We solved most of the puzzles but fail to find  the right criminal, apparently none of the other groups came to the right answer either.

It was SPA time ,so we went to the thermal suite to use the heated chairs, my partner was listening  to some music while I , to another podcast 😊.I must say this time the room was quite full but we found two spots.We had to go catch some rest before dinner (actually catching some rest its an excuse for me to return to the room and write the blog updates).Dinner tonight was in the MDR , we were seated near a nice Italian couple which did not speak a word in English which was nice as it let my spouse practice her Italian , I on the other hand had to communicate with my Taxi/restaurant Spanish, it was very funny as many words are almost the same but pronounce differently and some have other meanings.

We saw the comedy show which was what I was expecting, glad I did not missed it this time.The night was ended at the Casino with some more Mojitos  from the Casino bar (thank you sticker) , I got three of a kind in 3 card poker so it was nice ending to this long day.

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Today port was La Spezia.

We slept late today until 8:30 am as we have not booked any tour.From all our stops in Italy La Spezia is my  favorite one as it’s a nice small city which you can tour around without any issues.

To go to the port gate, you must take a shuttle bus as ship passengers are not allowed to walk inside the port.

Las Spezia is also the gate to Pisa (45 minutes ride) and Florence (90 minutes ride) .If you never been to Florence I would highly recommend to take a tour to this renascence city with many amazing sites to visit.Pisa on the other hand have only one attraction, and yes it is the leaning tower of Pisa , you come , you take the photo (with thousands of other people) you pose as if you support the tower and create a face book picture exactly like million people before you 😊

So I would go to Pisa only on the way to Florence.

Another excellent option would be visiting Cinque Terre , its actually  villages that are built on the cliff , they are very colorful and best view from the sea side although visiting one of them over the land is very nice.You can always take the tour from the ship but if you want to save some money you can find some tours operator in the port (There are many vendors inside the port building).The train station is 15-20 minutes from the port.

The best way to save money (for sure if you have 4 people in your group) will be to rent a car and drive were ever you want, for example you can drive to one of the small towns near by, park outside (parking available on the road side using parking tickets machines, make sure you bring enough euro coins) , please note some of the villages/towns are not allow cars inside. or even travel to Pisa (many parking near by). If you choose to rent a car please note , most of the cars that are offered in Italy (and in many other Europe countries)  has manual transmission , the automatic one are the more luxurious cars. Car rental with insurance (automatic transmission) will cost around 100$ per day. There are several rental cars in the city , I think the nearest one is the Avis which is 15 minute walk from the shuttle dropped.

I used this option last time I visit this port (We were group of four), I rented the car few month ahead, took the shuttle , walked to the renting facilities  and picked the car (do not expect to see US car renting like facilities , its actually travel agency with cars parked on the street). Once I picked the car I returned to the port to pick the rest of the group, It was quite easy. For sure it will be helpful if you will have access to Waze or other navigating application. If you just want to stay around the town you can walk and enjoy the seaside some parks and local restaurants There are many shopping option around (usually small shops)  , remember shops  can be closed between 1:30 PM To 3 or 4 PM for siesta time.




. There is also a mall in walking distance (1 mile from the shuttle drop). We walked in the city for a while and at the end we went to the mall to complete some of the must things in Italy :

Eat a pizza, drink espresso, eat a pasta and eat authentic Italian ice cream.

 There were many shops which offered mid session discounts ,My spouse bought some shoes and some T-shirts while I went to the supermarket (the local Walmart) and bought some aged balsamic vinegar and wine.

We eat a wired combo of pizza which come with soft drink and  espresso then went back to the ship (walking).

I love to be on the ship during port day , excellent time to relax and use the different facilities, its also a good option to take some pictures.


For dinner, we choose this time the WJ.

They had a lovely chocolate fountain, but I should have complained to someone that they located it in front of the window which facing the sun, it is bad for taking pictures, how inconsiderateness of them.



Later we went to sea the new ice show 1877, we came 10 minutes before and found some front seat , I must say they excel themselves , it was amazing , the effects is something out of the world although the level of skating was less than other shows over the different ships , maybe they need to run it for a while.

Here some pictures from the show , for better quality you will need to wait for @twangster  Trans Atlantic cruise in October :1_grinning:









Some observations: 

Internet is fast all around the ship, 

We have only 5100 people on board which can explain how there are always tables available in the WJ (tip , try to go to the middle of the WJ)

The break room is not available yet.

The CD is Michelle , BB is on the ship but he is not doing the morning show or most of the activities .

The ship looks really well maintained and not  showing her age at all :5_smiley:

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13 hours ago, Traveler said:

The ship looks really well maintained and showing her age at all

"Is Symphony of the Seas still a good ship? It's like 3 weeks old, but I'm worried she's showing her age"

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6 minutes ago, Traveler said:

Bad news , no Lobster tail on second official night :2_grimacing:

I hope its due to the route and not due to efford to push people to Hooked



From what I recall they don't do a lobster night on those runs. True test is once back in the US.

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16 minutes ago, CGTLH said:

From what I recall they don't do a lobster night on those runs. True test is once back in the US.

On Harmony at the same route they had lobsters not just in the MDR but even in WJ , but maybe it was a one time thing




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