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Symphony Of The Seas 14-21 April semi live blog

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Day 1 Barcelona  , part one

Wow that was a long day,

It started at 5 AM, hey who can sleep late during embarkation day, I started to browse the internet thanking someone that decided to wait with the fireworks until we arrived  Barcelona.

When my spouse finally waked up we organize our suitcases and the backpacks with the water and wine.

Quick breakfast ,some last minute shopping for some stuff  we found that we forgot and we did our way to the port.

The drive  took about 10 minutes and around 25 $ including the tip.

We arrive to the port around 10:30 AM , security and check in took about 10 minutes (just validating our CC) but the ship was not ready to board , they said it will be ready around 11:30AM but I knew better (I read this blog after all)  and waited in line. Funny thing about the terminal , once you pass security you arrive to a small mall with several shops , one of the shopssells wines and water, which mean you can bring to the ship  as much wine as you want unless they check the wine for you , I forgot to ask as I already had two bottles  (and 8 bottles  of water +4 Sodas)    , well will find out next time.

They open the gate to general boarding at 10:50 , so up we went.

On deck 5 they gave some free sparkling wine which was nice.


First thing we  done after we finished the first glass of wine was to go to the central park area to find an open restaurant so we can reserve the BOGO (again thank you RC blog).

CG was opened and I booked as planned Wonderland for first night and Hooked for the second one (you know , for the research)  , no issues and no extra cost was required for the BOGO deal.

Next thing we done was to eat something in the WJ , after all breakfast was a fade memory as it was two hours ago , one may call it second breakfast (Hobbits maybe)

WJ was quite empty, lots of open tables. Food was the regular WJ food, Hamburgers, some carving station, pasta station , vegs and even Indian food.





We went to take some pictures of the pool deck but since it was rainy we did not stayed there too much time and continue our tour inside.

At 1 PM we went to the room , I really wanted to get rid of our bags has for some reason carry 10 bottles  around the ship is not that comfortable.


The room is organized very nicely and feel bigger than the room we had few month ago on INDY.

It was time to try something new, so we went one floor up to studio B were they had the laser tag.

We had to wait few minutes until more people will arrive and started the session.

The way they set it up is using some inflatables dividers over the Studio B floor.

They divide us into two groups (aliens and robots) and a 10 minutes session started.

It was fun and full of energy but our team lost which made us decide we need to try it again 😊 .


I think it is a very nice addition to the ship. Like many other activities its better to try and do at the first day before everyone finds it.

To relax after running in the laser tag we went to the SPA to add our name to the raffle , they took us a to a tour in the thermal suite and it looked very nice so we decide to buy the pass for the week (200 $ for couple) you know , for the research …

We thought what to do next and it was time to check El Loco fresh , I took a beef Taco (the option are beef , chicken, pork , rice and beans) topped it with some guacamole and fresh cream.

I know we just were in WJ two hours ago but hey it was for the research …

It was quite ok , not Sabor level but still a nice free option.5ad307c694f3a_Elloco2.thumb.jpg.b5a82e7d39f98647dc6c88efe137dd55.jpg


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Day  1 – Part two.


After going back to the room we located our luggage , although it was not near our room I still recognize them, apparently they where  near a room number similar to us.So we started to organize our stuff  as quick as we could to be able and push the two suitcases under the bad.The muster drill was next , the same jokes , same spy movie and same can not wait for it to be over  , but it was over after 20  minutes which allow us 30 minutes to get organized for dinner.

For dinner we went to Wonderland , it was not the first time we were eating there , first was at Harmony OTC , we liked it then and we wanted to give it another try.The menu was the same , the food was still very good but the surprise effect was missing 😊.Do not get me wrong I still liked the food , mainly the shrimp and the slow cooked short rib.



The desserts are better looking than taste , I call them Facebook desserts (oh well I know now days Facebook is not that poplar so I will call them Instagram desserts).


Still , I do recommend people to try Wonderland at least for one time.We did a quick visit at the Casino , saying hello  to the host and getting the free drink sticker , it was  time to go and enjoy hairspray.We successfully found a wonderful seats at row five just in front the stage, all the other rows in front of us was reserve to star class . There were many empty seat for this show, I guess this is the first day effect .the show was nice, good choreography and sound. The 90 minutes pass quite fast.After the show we re visit the Casino for a while , 




Later on we watched the welcome show which in the end they have tons of balloons drooping on everyone  



Some observation :


No CA letter in the room

No meet and mingle letter

Free style machines exist at Sorentos, WJ and El Loco.

The ping pong table are at deck 5 outside neat the running track.

More , later 😊


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3 hours ago, Traveler said:

The ping pong table are at deck 5 outside neat the running track.

Did they put in that place where those extra loungers usually are on the other Oasis class ships?

If so, that would be a shame.  Some people love that quiet area along track.

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1 hour ago, ABFrenchie said:

Have you been on a Carnival ship with the Blue Iguana Cantina? If so, how does El Loco Fresh compare? My husband is obsessed with the tacos from BI although I much prefer RC a cruise line overall. 

Never been on a Carnival so I can not compare. But I think its decent Tacos. Hope you will be able to convince him :1_grinning:

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56 minutes ago, Lovetocruise2002 said:

Did they put in that place where those extra loungers usually are on the other Oasis class ships?

If so, that would be a shame.  Some people love that quiet area along track.

I will check it later on , but I think you are right , the put the tables and shuffle board over there

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19 hours ago, Traveler said:

I will check it later on , but I think you are right , the put the tables and shuffle board over there

Well , sorry to tell you but beside 3 chairs which not sure if someone was dragging it from somewhere I did not notice any chairs on deck 5 running track (or near it)  

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Day 2 part 1


After a few hours of sleep (although I consider sleeping as waste of cruise time) we looked at the window and saw we already in Palma de Mallorca , second look  showed us that the forecast was not that accurate as instead of nice sunny day it looked quite gloomy, or so we thought

As we did not have special plans for Palma we decided to take it easy and postponed our travel to the city.We took the regular breakfast at the WJ , I order some eggs (sunny side up , hey at least I thought here I will have some signs of sun)    As the weather was not that nice yet and since we already visited last year the main attraction of the city we just turned it to a sea day and stayed on the ship.If it’s  your first visit to Palma , I will not skip it , after all it is a nice small city with some interesting building and a nice cathedral.First thing we done was to use our spa access (yes the one from the research) , we did a quick check in , got our scrub packages and of we went to the thermal suite.We used the wet sauna which felt very good, helped to ease some of the non-sleeping enough pains.We tried also the heated chairs which was very nice. We were the only one there.



As the spa team were kind enough to allow us to take the rube out  we decide to do another thing new. believe or not until this cruise (our sevens one) we still have not any of the Jacuzzi's  or the pools in any of ships. We do not feel that comfortable with the public Jacuzzi which are usually very crowded but as it is a very new ship and most of the people went to the city we thought it is a good opportunity to try it.

So quick shower in the spa and of we went to the pool deck, we choose one of the jacuzzies with a nice sea view that was empty (from people not from water, I am not that weirdo). By that time the sun came out and it became a very nice day. 



We spent some time in the water and went to enjoy some PinaColadas near by (10 $ each, not sure how they got to it but after gratitude it was 23 something for both).

We took  another quick shower, changed and went to try another activity we never done (and I am not talking about napkin folding class) , yes it was time to go down by the ultimate abyss. No lines at all (wired for a sea day no ?)  just two girls that went down screaming all the way which made us think if we are going to do the right thing but no way back.



We both went down the slides on the same time , I can tell you it is much scary to watch the boardwalk from the top of the glass floor than to do the ride itself. It not felt too fast and was fun, will do it again for sure.As we already nearby we thought to walk for a while on the running truck to accumulate some steps and burn some of the calories before heading to the WJ for lunch.After resting a while in the room we visit the C&A event which was conducted at the aqua theater.So around 1500 CA , 900 gold , 18 Pinnacle , the person with most points had 2180 cruising points.

End of day2 part one  


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Just now, Traveler said:

If I am using hitted seat in the thermal suite while listening to RC blog poodcasts do you think I need to seek help ?:1_grinning:

Only if you're sitting in the heated seat in the thermal suite while listening to an episode about the thermal suite and how great the heated seats are. Then the meta might be a little overwhelming. :10_wink:

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