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  1. I believe we booked about 6 months out, and yes we are going in less than two weeks
  2. If your doing Symphony there is a Lavender tour they are doing. I have mine already booked for the end of June. Just hoping they will in bloom by than, actually my wife is.
  3. Did a Norwegian cruise years ago and din't realize it was a spring break cruise. Worst time I ever had on a cruise.
  4. Keep in mind, if your going to Barcelona in and around the 15-17 of June, there is a very large music festival going on. Will be crowded.
  5. Have stayed at the Jazz, and will be there again for the 3rd time next month before my cruise.
  6. This is what I found out, Re: Drink Pkg and Vat. Spain charges a 21% tax on all items sold on land or on board, with the exception of drinks, which is 10%. When you buy pre-cruise, you do not pay the VAT.
  7. Confusion reigns here, at least with me. When ordering a drink on Symphony out of Barcelona, do I pay a 21% VAT tax in addition to the 18% tip? ex. $13 drink + 18% tip, + 21% Vat, =$18.07. The burning question is, Do I pay a 21% Vat on drinks??? Getting multiple stories on other webs.
  8. Your absolutely right. I've been in many formal restaurants where jeans and shorts are worn. Most of the power steak houses, where I have gone I see both the business dress and the dress down attire, and I have dressed both ways myself. It's really no big deal anymore. Look at how people use to dress when flying, it was a formal affair. No more. With the cruise ships having more entertainment activities, such as rock climbing, ice skating, etc. who wants to do a day of those activities, than go down and get all dressed up. Things do change..
  9. A topic on another web site. Some people get different offers, specials in their cruise planner. I am noticing in the UK for instance, some are getting BOGO dinner specials, and others. I have not seen any of this on my cruise planner on my June cruise on Symphony from the states. Anyone else??
  10. I agree with the proper dress for formal night, however I have seen many in the MDR with shorts on other cruises, not on formal nights.. I have no problem with it, and if RC has no problem, than what the heck...
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