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Just another Thanksgiving cruise live blog...on Celebrity APEX


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We went to Eden after dinner to snag seating for the show. Bar service was fantastic and attentative until about 30 minutes before the show started. Then the roaming servers vanished and never came back. Poor bar service has been a constant theme of the cruise for us so far. We shouldn't have to try this hard to get a drink.

They have a live painter onboard and she was part of the show.


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Went back to the room and our cabin steward...sorry "Retreat host"... had moved our fruit and cheese plate into our fridge. All about the little step above touches..

Chocolates again...


As promised by @SMOKEY0202 pool towels were left in the room. Tomorrow is St. Maarten.


** spoiler alert: we will hit neither the sand or the surf tomorrow..and possibly not even hit land ***


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8 minutes ago, AshleyDillo said:

Then it was time for another casino donation and we called it a night..not before my brother finally scored an elusive beer.


Per bartender, this was the last one of the night. Thankfully, not the last of the voyage.

I had been going with the Goose Island IPA. Was told they were out and thought I heard him mention something about Dogfish. My response was just a simple request of any IPA. That was when he came back with the elusive Dogfish.

Thankfully I was trying to be smart and not lose another slot voucher, so I had few one dollar bills to provide as a "thank you".

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Today is St. Maarten. Weather has been gloomy with patches of sun and rain..not that it matters for us as we have no plans to get off the ship.

We did room service for breakfast again. My brother ordered the fancy pants omelet with smoked salmon and caviar. He didn't save me any to try so no idea how it was but he was nice enough to send me a picture.


And no one asked for sautéed mushrooms and they were on every savory plate again.

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My mother sat and watched out the window with her eyes closed and when I finally decided to take advantage of the lull in action to pull out my laptop and get some work done she decided we needed to leave the room so the Retreat host could clean.

I packed up my laptop and we went up to the Retreat Lounge where as soon as I got my laptop set up and started working she decided she was hungry, so off to the Oceanview Cafe before it was scheduled to close.

Before we left the Retreat Lounge one of the Retreat concierges tried to convince us not to go eat there. She said we could order room service and get anything we wanted to our room. We took that opportunity to ask if the small menu of upcharge bar food items in Craft Social were an extra charge for Royal Suite guests. She had to call to confirm but we did get the answer that yes, it is included!

She did not answer my question on if we could order the Imperial Tower from Raw on 5 and have it delivered to Craft Social. Maybe she thought I was joking.

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It's nice to have a variety..the standard quality issues still exist, of course. Hot food could have been hotter...keeping certain foods under the heat lamp dry them out and make them hard and chewy, etc. Basically it's quite a step up from Windjammer but not perfection..and the real plates are heavy!

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53 minutes ago, AshleyDillo said:

so the Retreat host could clean.

So the "retreat host" is the room attendant...

The "retreat concierge" is like the suite concierge

And the "butler" is the butler (sort of like the genie, but not)

Trying to figure out the lingo as I learn more about X.

41 minutes ago, AshleyDillo said:

@Lovetocruise2002 Good luck keeping Justin out of here!

He would be camped out there for hours. I would just leave him there 😂

Is the upcharge for gelato waived for Royal Suite guests?

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20 minutes ago, Lovetocruise2002 said:

Is the upcharge for gelato waived for Royal Suite guests?

Yes...no upcharge for anything as far as I've seen food-wise.  Haven't ventured outside the $17/drink premium package limit yet to see how that's handled.

Also Elite members all have one free scoop of gelato per sailing loaded to their accounts, so that's always an option if you are slumming it 😂

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7 minutes ago, asquared17 said:

sheep’s milk gnocchi! lobster!!

So many exciting things! My brother and I have the adventurous palettes and love this menu. We live in an area with limited diverse restaurant options but we have 6 different chicken strips chains, so it's exciting when we see menus like this!

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Apps...portion sizes feel like a little late night room service may happen.

Pan roasted carabiner shrimp


Crab cakes had really crab..Genie Michael said it was the best cruise ship Crab Cake he has ever had.



They gave us all a piece of the steakhouses leftover rules with our fancy butter but then brought out this Naan and yogurt that was amazing 🤩


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