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Just another Thanksgiving cruise live blog...on Celebrity APEX


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2 hours ago, Ampurp85 said:

Well, this has had a bad effect on me. I just booked the Ascent for 2025. I won't be super fancy because the type of room I prefer are aft rooms and a chunk of the retreat rooms were midship. I was able to do the math and the drinks and Wi-Fi add-on was a very good deal. So you can count me as a defector. 😂😉

Did you contact the casino to see if they would extend you an offer ?

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Apps up..we got the dry rub chicken wings and the "crispy" cauliflower. Spoiler alert.. crispy got lost in translation.



But the flavor!  Both dishes were served hot and had so much flavor and even a little hint of heat. The wings had crispy skin, too..perhaps they stole it from the cauliflower.

Then there was this mediocre Caesar salad since I'm on a health kick.


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There was a delay in entrees. My mother ordered the ribeye and at the last minute someone finally caught that the steak was marinated and had the offending onion or garlic in it. They had to find a replacement steak and cook it. Then it wasn't cooked medium enough. And then it was too tough and she gave up.

The seafood kabobs were seafood on a stick, nothing to write home about. The dirty rice it came with was good with flavor and heat.


The beef cheeks were basically unflavored hunks of beef..zero seasoning and relied on the barbecue sauce.


The ribs were a lot of meat.


Mac and cheese was done right, though. 


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After the show we stopped at the casino again. You get free house drinks while gambling on Celebrity. Roaming bar service was hard to find, though.

We were told the ABBA singalong was a big specialty Celebrity event so we popped in The Club to check it out. The Club is akin to Music Hall on Quantum class ships.




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Back to the room relatively early as there's really not much else available to do in the later evening hours...missing the Pub and Schooner Bar a bit..and the casino vibe isn't as exciting. I'd rather save my gambling dollars for Royal's casino program.

We had chocolates again on the bed..same brand as the first night.

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Despite the early evening I slept through breakfast. We didn't have any room service hangars and no one wanted to ask for any, so no room service delivery this morning.

Today's port visit is brought to you by Taino Bay with a rich history having been established in 2021.


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You can stay with the confines of the port area and keep entertained with shopping, dining, and entertainment. 

There's a great blog article that thoroughly shows what the port area has to offer


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wow i did not realize how nicely built up the DR port stop was. we were planning to stay aboard but now i think we will get off and stretch our legs at least.

1 hour ago, AshleyDillo said:

The port area gives Costa Maya vibes, but not crowded and without the pushy vendors. We are the only ship docked. 

this is what sold me 😂

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35 minutes ago, SMOKEY0202 said:

How is Thanksgiving over on Apex?  Your mother gonna have her American Turkey meal?  Nothing to rave about on Thanksgiving from this end.  Sort of disappointing.

Christmas decorations are making their presence around ship.

It's only 5pm. My mother has mentioned wanting traditional Thanksgiving foods for dinner but she doesn't want the MDR so we will likely end up at Oceanview Cafe.

She mentioned the Thanksgiving thing in front of the butler repeatedly and he never gave her any alternative options or suggestions on how to get it. This is where the personal butler server differs from the Star Class genie. You won't get something unless you ask. The butler won't go above and beyond to surprise and delight.

The Star Class Genie program sometimes appears to be leaning towards this service model. Not sure if that's the actual product, Genie personality/experience level, or a product of guests not asking for things or providing enough info for the Genie to act upon. At least you know with the butler you won't get it if you don't ask for it.

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9 minutes ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

Sorry if you showed the MDR Thanksgiving night menu and I missed it…..but the MDR isn’t offering a traditional Thanksgiving meal option ?

A traditional meal is offered in the MDR. However, one doesn't wish to dine within the MDR.

Menu from the app showing the Thanksgiving selections


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We are eating in Luminae tonight. My mom asked and they do have the turkey option off-menu in there. Luminae is Celebrity's version of Coastal Kitchen. Retreat guest have access for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They do not take reservations.

Definitely more fancy pants than Coastal Kitchen. I don't know what half of these items/ingredients are on the menu.


They also have signature cocktails and their own wine label.



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The meal comes with an amuse bouche. This was a breaded scallop on chimichurri sauce.


They thought to make my mother a diced melon medley since the chef's selection had one of her no-no foods in it. My mother doesn't understand fine dining. She was mad and said I didn't order this 🙄

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7 minutes ago, asquared17 said:

the lack of vouchers is the saddest thing to me 😭

The basic vs premium package is BS too..you only get a $10 limit with the basic package and premium is $17..so you have to upgrade the drinks package to really have fun trying drinks. I haven't taken advantage of my premium drink package as much as I would like, mostly because I get frustrated sitting around waiting for a roaming bar server and give up. Going to the bar it's usually 2-3 people deep and only 1-2 bartenders.

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yeah the levels for drinks and internet are… Not Ideal, to say the least. 

i was just telling @Ampurp85 that our ascent booking has the classic drink package but that doesn’t include “premium water” like evian and pellegrino, which is all we really drink. wondering if it’s possible to swap out to the zero proof package instead, so we can get the water 🧐🧐🧐🧐

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37 minutes ago, AshleyDillo said:

I get frustrated sitting around waiting for a roaming bar server and give up. Going to the bar it's usually 2-3 people deep and only 1-2 bartenders.

As someone used to sailing on full Oasis class ships, that’s just bizarre to me. I’m not even a huge drinker but I definitely enjoy using my vouchers & can’t remember ever having an issue getting a drink.

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15 minutes ago, asquared17 said:

wondering if it’s possible to swap out to the zero proof package instead, so we can get the water 🧐🧐🧐🧐

I recall hearing in the past it could be done, going from Classic to Zero Proof. Not sure the exact process if it can be done in advance or onboard.

Celebrity also runs sales where the Classic package can be upgraded to Premium for ~$10 per person per day factoring in the gratuity as well.

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