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Meet Us At the Oasis - The #MajorStarClassTakeOver Edition - OA 3/13/2022


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1 hour ago, ellcee said:

Just caught up on all of your adventures and loved living through you all. The last two years have taken their toll on me and I haven't been in a cruising mood. I'm now excited for my next one, thanks to you all. Thanks for sharing!

I totally get it. Between navigating through all the the pandemic took from us, all the complicated and not logical travel restrictions, it has not been easy.  This was cruise #2 post start up (coming from Canada), and all I can say as complex as it may be, it is worth it the second you step on board!

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I don't know how to say this, maybe just pull the bandaid off...I LOVED the STAR class experience, and I have designs on booking another Star Class cabin BUT and here goes, oh dear oh my....... Sky class is the perfect sailing experience for me BUT I had to experience STAR to understand this.

I enjoyed embarkation so much, I enjoyed Derick even more, he was very grounded and understood right away we wanted to be present in the experience and didn't want to ONLY check off boxes. 

I enjoy a large cabin and a balcony space I can spread out on, I'm content spending hours out there. We normally eat in a snack type way, my daughter and her weightlifting has us eating smaller things more frequently so while reservations for lunch and dinner were amazing to have, we did cancel a few lunch dates for a more brunch or even one time linner situation; as there was a great deal of time spent meeting Derick on time for things that were set and we sometimes sail a bit looser then that. 

**as suspected we canceled a dinner for the last night .... we eat sparsely the night before disembarkation for a more comfortable morning and drive home, we were just going to grab picky bland things from WJ I thought his head would pop off. He secured us an early table in Chops, so funny!

I thought I loved the laundry but good for pressing that's all. Several of my shirts and one cardigan were toddler sized when I received them back, shame on me totally on me I should not have sent them. Lesson learned, no biggie. 

I like to walk and I felt like a proper jerk on the golf cart going to and from Barefoot Beach beeping at people walking on the path, I was trying to disappear myself it's not that far but I did feel special at the same time, weird dynamic. Love the Bare Foot Beach experience. 

I enjoyed the seats chosen for us in entertainment venues but in Sky if I arrive at the proper time I can secure great seats myself. 

I LOVED how stress-free and easy disembarkation was, as no one ever dwells on this process the ease in which we arrived at our SUV was priceless.

I am so happy and blessed I enjoyed my STAR Class experience, I will do it again. But to say I will only sail STAR is just false, it's wonderful. But Sky class is my happy place. While my daughter will beg to differ, hahaha I created a Star class snob, boy does she miss Derick!

Our next sailing is on the Mariner so that will actually be a pretty proper shock. We are in that little Panoramic Suite 1804 for the first time, no balcony but two restrooms. 

Will I reach for my Star again?  Yes, but personally for me I hope you are sitting down reading this...... Sky is my sweet spot, my perfectly adequate happy place! I too am in shock by this admission, lol. 

Humble and kind, have you heard that song? That is my center, I tell myself that everyday and my blessings are to many to count. Thanks for sharing your time with me!


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On 3/23/2022 at 4:21 PM, Lovetocruise2002 said:

And the luggage thing was a great learning experience.  Had I asked Allan to look into it immediately (on Sunday) we might have gotten it back halfway. But I am thankful that I am Type A and pack the way we pack.  Otherwise, it would have not gone well at all.  In the end, I warned the SC gang upon landing in Miami that I am usually a way more fashionable dresser and I just had to go more casual on this sailing, but that sure beats not being able to go at all 🙂

There’s another way to fix the luggage problem…. Do like I did, can’t lose your luggage if you move to Florida and drive to the port. Heck, even if I went full home alone and left the kid at home, it’s only an hour over to port Canaveral. 

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