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LOL I've actually googled some of the acronyms I've seen reading all these blogs!  Not only the ones related to the ships but other ones as well...such as:  IMO (in my opinion) YOLO (you only live once).  I think there are still a few I can't figure out!!  I'm not on any social media and if I don't get a chance to ask one of my kids or grandkids what something means I just wing it!  Finding a huge list would make life much easier for me!!  so maybe I will finally get educated if some of our long-time bloggers decide to contribute to this!

Oh...BTW ( ? ) looks like you are new to the message boards...Welcome!!!

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On 5/27/2021 at 12:13 PM, BKauf said:

Not sure if we already have a post covering all the acronyms or not? It took me about 5 mins to figure out CK was Coastal Kitchen :P... Anyway, I tried looking through the first page of the search "Acronyms" and didn't see anything. If we don't have anything I will remove all of this nonsense text ? and start an acronym list (is this the right message board category for that?)



JS - Junior Suite



CK - Coastal Kitchen

Are you going to edit your original post so the acronyms submitted here can be arranged alphabetically?

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