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Would you volunteer for a test cruise? (Survey only - Not a place to apply)

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I would be proud to be a volunteer to help with the testing.  I have been a Travel Agent for 30 years.

I am with Travel Planners International, I am in Arizona and would like to be on a ship from California.

Myself and my partner would be so happy if you call us to help with the testing.  Thank you, I look

forward to hearing from you, have a great day.

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As a glass half-full kind of guy, I think @Matt may have accidentally provided RCG an invaluable service: a database of individuals who should ABSOLUTELY 100% NOT be involved on a test cruise due to a

This thread just gets funnier and funnier.  Best one in a long time.  I too would like to volunteer.  However, I think the best way to trial all of these protocols is to test them under the most sever

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Retired after 35 years in public safety/emergency management...healthy, no medical issues. Would love to be part of the process evaluating the new procedures and protocols. I think it would be a great experience showing Royal Caribbean is serious, capable and committed to bringing cruising back safely and carefully. 

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Yes I would volunteer, I am retired and can go any time I might or might not be asked. I am well over the age of 18, and even though I have not had to money to cruise in the past, I have for the past several years. I am a very healthy 67 year old and can swim (use to be a life guard in my younger years) and still very much in shape to do any task asked. Please consider me for the wonderful opportunity.

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