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  1. My mom was on a RCI coffee talk, with 1500-2000 attendants, and they were giving away 50 cruises on the Odyssey OTS, and she won one! She doesn't have the details yet, but she's pretty sure that its a 7 day Greek Isle cruise leaving from Israel. She gets to bring along one person too!
  2. Does anyone know if the crown (deck 17) is like the Haven, as in needing key card access to get into the halls? I watched a documentary and it kind of looked like it, but I just wanted confirmation. Thanks!
  3. Which shows are on the Oasis OTS? I'm talking every venue, comedy club, main theater, aquatheater, etc. I've gotten mixed results from different websites, but I trust you guys.
  4. Now why do they need 3 letter f's in a row? does it make a different sound? Calling all German speakers!!!
  5. Yeah, its right next to NY, and they'll probably be the last state to open up, but ig Cape Liberty is technically in NJ.
  6. @LizzyBee23 @RickinSTL Thank you for your service!
  7. Do you just love loft suites or something?!
  8. So cool, some of our good friends in Texas just had their pool finished!
  9. You have an odd level name, how many posts do you need for that???
  10. Have you seen the 8th Oasis-class ship? It's called the secret oasis, and it uses Harry Potter magic to make it look smaller.
  11. Oh, ok, I thought it was all of Asia.
  12. I didn't think they did Royal Suite Class in Singapore, China, etc.
  13. What are the different levels, and post amounts needed for them? @Matt
  14. Would someone sum up what is going on in this board? The creepy title intrigued me, but I do enough reading in school.
  15. I love humidity, it's just dry heat here in California.
  16. I have an Oasis cruise planned in June, do you think that if they don't allow Cape Liberty cruises, then they will move it to Florida, and take a stop at Labadee?
  17. Does anyone have any idea of which Genies are on Oasis ots rn? Or in June.
  18. This board has gone in so many directions.?
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