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If Lift & Shift request is submitted, do you have to accept their pick?

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My lift and shift experience went well. I called RC and told the date/ship. Specified what deck and part of the ship we wanted. Our current cabin was not available. He kept suggesting certain cabins on different decks and not anywhere near where I wanted. After many no’s he magically came across an available cabin in a great location very close to our original. Snagged that one up! 

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no mater how you did your L&S via phone or on line, why would you provide them with an option that your not willing to accept?

I had an Xmas 2020 cruise booked and did my L&S on line.  I put the same acceptable Xmas 2021 cruise in all 3 choices for option 1, 2, 3 as that was the only cruise i was willing to accept.  I was surprised the online form let me into the same cruise for all 3 options and initialy thought i 'd have to call in, but it worked.

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