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  1. Someone in the Wonder of the Seas group on Facebook posted some videos. Sprinkler malfunction in the Promenade. Not good…
  2. Pretty sure I sat in this exact chair doing the exact same thing on my sailing a month ago. Sure do miss that view and the ocean breeze!
  3. Was just on Symphony Oct 9-16 and it had 2281 passengers. I see it’s increasing each week. LOVED the lower capacity. So spoiled
  4. We were there Friday. It did not go up all day. The tram driver told us he rarely ever sees it go up and needs pretty much zero wind. He thinks it was a huge waste of investment by RC. His words…
  5. We went to Magens bay this past Wednesday on our cruise. Originally had excursion booked through RC which gave us 2 hrs there. The weather was looking rainy so we cancelled the excursion week before and got a refund. Made a good choice. Turned out to be nice so we ended up getting a taxi there and back. It was $10 pp and there were plenty at the port and at Magens Bay to return. We loved it and wanted to stay even longer!
  6. Just got off Symphony Saturday. It rained quite a bit but did not damper the fun! So much to see and do. We actually enjoyed the rain showers while in the Solarium in a covered area.
  7. I heard 2281 confirmed passenger count and it’s fabulous!! There were supposed to be more but due to the cancelled flights fiasco last Fri night a lot of passengers were not able to make it on the ship. Still feel so bad for all those folks.
  8. I never actually received the entertainment schedule sheet in our cabin so can’t share it. But this is Jeff Tracta last week on the ship. Flight begins tomorrow and a show on Friday
  9. Thanks! We have an excursion booked for next week to go to Magens Bay in St. Thomas. But now are considering just possibly catching a cab to and from there. First time there so we don’t really know what to expect
  10. I can’t seem to find a clear answer on this so thought I’d check this helpful group. How long before sailings are we able to cancel an excursion booked through RC?
  11. If you can find out, please post how many people are on this weeks sailing. I hear it’s been gradually increasing. Thanks!
  12. Sure, will try! I heard Flight was supposed to be starting with our sailing so we’ll see.
  13. Hello! For upcoming cruise we have the at home test ordered through RC. But getting a bit nervous about it and want to have a back up test scheduled at Walgreens nearby just in case. Since rapid antigen test is not available in my area, I see they have a test called ID Now which provides results within 24 hrs. Based on what I read on RC website I believe this test is accepted, right? Has anyone done this test at Walgreens and can verify it qualifies? Thanks!
  14. I’ll be boarding the ship the day you get off so thanks for sharing! I’ll be following along. Thanks in advance for keeping the ship in great shape for us
  15. Not sure for RC but in general it’s always been advised not to laminate the cards since there may be future booster shots to add, which looks like it’ll be likely soon.
  16. I even tried going through putting in stating i have symptoms and it showed no availability for any days from tomorrow to 2 weeks from now. I may call the store to see what’s up.
  17. I went to CVS a couple weeks ago for a rapid test due to some symptoms I had. Test was easy and got results within an hour. Negative, just a cold… But now since then I’ve been checking their site for openings for upcoming dates and there are no times available at all for 2 weeks out. Makes me think they ran out of rapid tests. I keep checking. My cruise is 3 weeks away. So considering this we ordered some at home tests through RC. Fingers crossed we have no issues with the at home testing. I’m nervous about it!
  18. I ordered my 2 pk on Friday. It arrived today within the timeframe they noted
  19. Curious, how many passengers on board? Also, I would love this balcony. How fun! Thanks for sharing your experience
  20. I am feeling the same for my upcoming cruise in October. I think we will schedule at CVS for the 2 days before sailing but also buy a couple at home tests online for backup in case the CVS tests don’t go as planned. I figure if don’t use the at home ones before, we can test ourselves 3-5 days after returning just to make sure we did not get Covid.
  21. I know how you feel. On top of it my hotel has cancellation policy of 48 hrs prior to stay so if by chance my test comes back positive then out the hotel $$. Also dealing with airlines. Ugh. This will be cutting it close.
  22. According to my app for Symphony sailing coming up, it is complimentary for breakfast/lunch/dinner. However there are certain entrees with add’l charges.
  23. I’ll be on Symphony a couple weeks after you (Oct 9th) with the same itinerary. Looking forward to your posts. Will be my first time on the ship and am super excited!
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