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#GTY (Guaranteed Room)

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We are currently 35 days out GTY with no assignment. 

Our eDocs now show the deck but no room.

Our cruise is over the New Year and popular so it is probably fully booked and that could have some bearing.

I found out the bar code on the eDocs  has the room embedded. A bar code reader for your smart phone camera can decode the bar code. The last 6 digits or so are the deck and room number. Checking the deck plan, the bar code for our cruise appears to be the correct deck and room type is correct. I guess there is no guarantee until your bags are in the room but this bar code trick just might confirm your room before it becomes official.


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We also have a GTY and are out 249 days yet.  This morning I purchased a photo package and just received a new Cruise Vacation Receipt.  It still shows GTY but now shows "Stateroom Obstruction 0%".  That was not on the last one I received.  Has anyone seen that before?  Sounds promising to me.  


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On 11/27/2019 at 3:25 PM, Curt From Canada said:

The sample set is still too small to draw any conclusions.  However, I have taken up the challenge to assemble the data on GTY Assignment.  Send me any and all experiences and I will prepare the data set this weekend.


Never ask an Engineer what the data might tell us.


Curt from Canada

130 DAYS OUT, got room assignment on interior GTY

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